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Zee designs and builds native
apps for iOS devices.
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App & Game Development

We develop native apps & games for iOS using the latest technologies and best practices. Our goal is to give you the best return on your investment in terms of quality and time to market for a much lower cost.

Native Porting

When you're ready to take the native route, we'll help you port your Android or Windows Phone apps to iOS for optimum performance. We can even breathe life into your old apps!

Objective-C to Swift

Embrace the next generation and the future of Apple software development. We can help translate your old Objective-C code into the modern and beginner friendly Swift language. Future proof your apps!

UX Overhaul

Modernize the look and feel of your apps. Improve the overall experience. Our UX design services will make your app standout from the vast sea of generic looking apps.

Training & Mentoring

We love sharing our knowledge! We can help turn a novice team to production ready developers through our intensive training bootcamp with a 1 on 1 mentorship approach.

Maintenance & Support

We are open to continuous and long-term partnerships. We can help keep your apps competitive by making sure it is always up to date and performance issues are promptly addressed.

Our Team

We've been in the technology and design industries for more than a decade and have deployed several projects from simple websites to large scale enterprise applications for clients ranging from startups to multinational companies.

Rico Zuñiga

Rico Zuñiga

Technical Director

Rico has led development teams for both startups and large corporations. He shares his expertise through SitePoint and teaching. Connect with him on LinkedIn or view his projects on GitHub.

Paul Rañosa

Paul Rañosa

Creative Director

Paul has led design teams for notable startups in the Philippines and has consulted for several companies. Connect with him on LinkedIn or view some of his designs on Dribbble.

Felix Zuñiga

Felix Zuñiga

UX Designer

Felix is a User Experience designer and Search Engine Marketing expert. He is also a Certified Public Accountant to complement his technical skills. Connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more about his professional career.

Our Approach

We strive to reduce friction as much as possible. Our communication is plain. We always want to get the message across with its intended meaning intact. We are driven by focus, efficiency and continuous improvement.

  • Communication


    Our communication is streamlined. We use email only before the start of a project. During development, we limit communication to using Slack and GitHub. We do not take Skype, video or phone calls anymore. We find them time consuming and unproductive.

  • Pricing


    We like being upfront about our pricing. Our rate is competitively set at $30/hour. The minimum engagement we require is 100 hours and we commit at least 20 hours/week. We do not take projects that we cannot handle and we do not bite off more than we can chew.

  • Focus


    We used to cater to several different needs. We were good at meeting those needs but to become truly great at something, we have to focus on one thing only. Our focus now is on native iOS apps built with Swift, Apple's new programming language.

  • Development


    We deliver milestones on a weekly basis. Everything is reflected and tracked on GitHub. Latest builds are available to test via TestFlight. We employ a test-driven approach so you can be confident in the code's performance and stability.

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