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Fiona King: BLOQ Buster

Real estate developer Fiona King gives the young, ambitious and independent Cebuano a home he didn’t know he could own. Through BLOQ Residences, she fulfills her advocacy to encourage the young professionals of Cebu to invest in real estate.

 Residences. (Originally published in Zee Lifestyle February 2015: Photography by Jan Gonzales/Makeup by Wenwen Zaspa/Maxi dress from Zara)

“Real estate is a creative outlet,” says Fiona King, the founder of RFK Holdings Inc. “I started in the field of building and selling houses. It later grew to developing pocket-sized communities. The development process was always something I enjoyed—collaborating and sharing ideas with architects, doing site visits and seeing the final state of the house being lived in.”

After several years and a portfolio of select projects, Fiona recently embarked on a dream project that is causing a significant stir in the market—the BLOQ Residences. Fiona narrates that the concept of BLOQ Residences started when she asked her office staff where they lived. “I found out that most of them were renting,” she recalls. “This was when I decided to challenge myself to come up with a product that can fill the need for living space, which you can own paying with your rent money.” This philosophy led to BLOQ Residences’ too simple and powerful catchphrase, ‘Why rent when you can own?’

“We saw a need for young professionals to find an urban home that is safe, accessible, and something they can proudly call their own,” explains Fiona. BLOQ is an aspiration of the first-time property buyer who wants a home that feels just right for his lifestyle—nothing stiff, grand, or pretentious; but is not too small, too far, or just largely compromised. “It’s important because real estate ownership, in my opinion, is one of the best forms of investments. It appreciates through time and it is tangible. Through BLOQ Residences, we hope that we can give Cebu’s working population the opportunity to invest in real estate. With BLOQ’s price points and payment schemes, we’ve proven to the market that with creative thinking, real estate investment need not be capital-intensive.”

“We hope to raise the bar for real estate communities that are highly livable, personality-focused, and conversation-worthy.” – Fiona King, Zee Lifestyle February 2015 (Photography by Jan Gonzales/Makeup by Wenwen Zaspa/Pantsuit by Oj Hofer/’Constellation’ watch by Omega)

BLOQ Residences honors the new market’s inclination towards DIY home decorating projects, in the spirit of social media sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr. Future residents can customize their units from the moment you enter the front door—literally. “We start with letting our buyers choose the color of the doors. We strongly felt that giving this option inspires them to make their space uniquely their own,” states Fiona, who is a huge fan of tasteful design, especially in the fields of architecture and furniture.

Beyond the front door, BLOQ bypasses the standard practice of defining all the spaces in the unit, opting instead for an open layout design to maximize usage. “Our central concept of universal space also embraces the market’s want to personalize their units. Your own BLOQ is meant to be your personal space. This is then up to you on how you would like to accessorize it, as you would with jewelry or clothes,” says Fiona.

BLOQ Residences keeps things simple for their buyers by offering just two types of units. The studio units are designed to be comfortable on its own, while giving people who seek more space the option to combine units. On the other hand, the loft units have high floor-to-ceiling heights, with the main level designed to be the living area while reserving the loft level as a more private space. “I’m pleasantly surprised by the market’s enthusiasm for our loft units. I guess the layout just brings out the kid in us wanting to climb up our bunk beds.”

“We saw a need for young professionals to find an urban home that is safe, accessible, and something they can proudly call their own.” – Fiona King, Zee Lifestyle February 2015 (Photography by Jan Gonzales/Makeup by Wenwen Zaspa/Matching set by Harlan+Holden)

What makes BLOQ Residences unique is, considering its target market, it’s a balance of space and cost. Fiona believes that BLOQ Residences is able to deliver on its price points because of the size it offers. Amenities are stripped down to the basic necessities to minimize monthly dues. “We hope to raise the bar for real estate communities that are highly livable, personality-focused, and conversation-worthy,” she says.

Fiona, a Mass Communications graduate and currently taking up her Masters degree in Real Estate Management, is married to Richard Ray King, a Civil Engineer and the Managing Director of King Properties and RDAK Land. At first, Fiona was raising their three children and doing build-and-sell on the side, which is something she’s very passionate about.

“I believe there is something magical about developing homes,” she shares. “What started out as an idea that gets drawn on paper, eventually gets built and then finally becomes a home. What starts out as an idea becomes tangible through the collaborative efforts of our architects, engineers and contractors.”

Considering that, real estate was a natural direction. “Our dad Ric is a very active real estate investor. Dad is really a forward thinker with his choices of projects in real estate: residential subdivisions, condominiums, a memorial park and industrial parks. We are very fortunate to be guided by his business sense and experience. Our family has been very patient and supportive of our endeavors,” says Fiona, who serves as the first vice-president of the Philippine Association of Real Estate Board-Cebu Real Estate Board (PAREB-CEREB).

“Through BLOQ Residences, we hope that we can give Cebu’s working population the opportunity to invest in real estate.” – Fiona King, Zee Lifestyle February 2015 (Photography by Jan Gonzales/Makeup by Wenwen Zaspa/Cape blouse by Patty Ang/Jeans from Levi’s/’Speedmaster Chronograph’ watch from Omega)

As BLOQ Residences gains momentum, Fiona admits that she no longer has the luxury of time. When asked how she separates her working relationship from her marriage, she answers that she makes it a point to meet her husband for lunch for some quality time; they talk about what they want to do and their plans together. Evenings and weekends are usually reserved for the children, although sometimes they also make work a family affair. “On weekends, we take the children with us to the site, to check on the construction.” Fiona shares that their eldest daughter Renoa is their litmus test. “When she says, ‘Mommy, it’s so beautiful!’ it gets sold. She appreciates.”

More than anything, what inspires Fiona is their children. “My children are my driving force. We work hard so that they can pursue whatever they want in life,” she shares. “We want to give them the best opportunities. Our condition for the kids is, if you want to be an artist, if you want to be a singer, you might as well be the best at what you want to do.”

“Same for RFK Holdings,” she concludes. “We might be a small developer, but in the aspect of the niche we are catering to, we want to be the best.”


What is BLOQ Residences?
BLOQ Residences are affordable modern residential developments meant to address the rising need for a place to live in the city. BLOQ provides residential spaces which are strategically priced to equal an average person’s rent money. More than anything, BLOQ is a lifestyle. It is an answer to the evolving needs of our modern lives. BLOQ is a solution for young professional to balance work and everything else in life.

WHO is BLOQ’s target market?
BLOQ is for the young, inspired, and hardworking Cebuanos who are finally coming into their own.

HOW big is a unit at BLOQ? And what does it come with?
There are two (2) types of units for BLOQ:  STUDIO and LOFT. With much consideration for the needs of our modern lifestyle, STUDIO units are designed to be 18 sqm, while the LOFT units are to be 27 sqm. Maximizing on value and flexibility, BLOQ’s units are delivered with a fitted out bathroom, kitchen counter top, painted walls, and straight to finish concrete floors. Each unit owner is encouraged to personalize their space unique to their tastes and preferences, starting with a choice to pick the color of their door.

BLOQ Residences recently unveiled its news brand ambassador, Divine Maitland-Smith. Divine represents the uniqueness and individuality that BLOQ offers to the young and hardworking Cebuanos.

BLOQ Residences recently unveiled its news brand ambassador, Divine Maitland-Smith. Divine represents the uniqueness and individuality that BLOQ offers to the young and hardworking Cebuanos.

What amenities does BLOQ have?
BLOQ is unique. Because of the market it is for, it is a balance of space and cost. Decorative features are forgone in order to maximize on utility. In order to lessen the burden of monthly expenses to maintain the buildings, amenities are narrowed down to the essentials such as parking areas, laundry areas, janitorial services and security services.

WHERE are BLOQ’s projects located?
BLOQ developments are always conveniently placed in locations that are close to Cebu’s urban centers. Primary considerations are ease of public transport, safety, and overall livability.

  1. BLOQ Talamban: 8-storey, 126 units, turnover on 2Q 2016
  2. BLOQ Banawa: 16-storey, 148 units, turnover on 4Q 2017
  3. BLOQ Sikatuna: 16-storey, 161 units, turnover on 4Q 2017
  4. BLOQ Plaridel: 8-storey, 133 units, turnover on 2Q 2017

What makes BLOQ different from other residential developments?
VALUE. Most residential condominiums have been primed as an investment. The current market offerings are priced and packaged to be attractive for people looking for a property to earn a recurring income on or as a tool to hedge against inflation. BLOQ, however, is packaged and priced to be a development where the buyers themselves will live in their investment. BLOQ advocates for young professionals to invest in themselves. Instead of paying for rent, which is an expense, why not buy your own space using your rent money and having to enjoy all the benefits of real estate investment, in particular, value appreciation.


2F GND Complex, F. Cabahug St.
Panagdait, Mabolo, Cebu City

6332. 260-8099 | 63. 998 965 8115
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Zee Lifestyle February 2015by Patty Taboada sittings editor Shari Quimbo photography Jan Gonzales styling Blaq Mafia makeup Wenwen Zaspa production assistant Bea Prospero locale Bloq Residences Showroom

Originally published in Zee Lifestyle February 2015



Janine Taylor, June Alegrado, Jackie Lotzof, Frances Siao, Ina Ronquillo and Christine Pelaez

The NUSTAR Ballroom, a magnificent venue at the NUSTAR Resort and Casino in Cebu, sets the stage for last night’s first-ever NUSTAR Ball.

Black was the color of night at the Zee table.

Glamorous guests from Manila and Cebu converged at the NUSTAR Ballroom, an exquisite venue within the NUSTAR Resort and Casino in Cebu. The evening unfolded with a seated 5-course dinner. The opulent feast started with Beetroot Salmon Gravlax, adorned with caper berries, caviar, set with delicate edible flowers; and a main course of Compressed Pork Belly with Crackling Skin and Baby Scallops. Another highlight was the auction of coveted items like Dior and YSL handbags, a limited-edition Bulgari watch, and an exclusive 2-night stay in Nustar’s opulent 3-bedroom villa—complete with a private pool and a dedicated butler. The charity evening benefited the Cameleon Association, an NGO based in Iloilo City created in 1997 that developed a global approach to act on the causes and effects of sexual violence against children.

Nora Sol, Beth Go, Frances Siao and Marylou Ong

Ina Ronquillo, Maryanne Aboitiz and Jackie Lotzof

Designers Jun Escario and Philip Rodriguez

Philip Rodriguez with NUSTAR Malls two power ladies: May Adolfo and Joanna Salazar

Lana Osmeña with Mariquita Yeung

PJ Castillo and Kaye Abad with Cary Santiago

Drew Sarmiento with LV Manager Adrian Decuigan

Cary Santiago with Eva Gullas

Manila socialites Julie Boschi and Ching Cruz with June Alegrado

It was a night of elegance, luxury, and unforgettable memories as ladies in long gowns and gentlemen in black ties danced the night away.


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Filipino graphic designer makes history, joins Switzerland’s Museum of Avant-garde among genre’s greats

PJ Ong of Inodoro, an internationally renowned graphic designer, is the first Filipino whose work will be part of the permanent collection of Switzerland’s Museum of Avant-garde

CEBU CITY — In a groundbreaking achievement, Cebu-based graphic designer and art director PJ Ong of Inodoro Design Studio, is set to become the first Filipino artist permanently exhibited at Museum of Avant-garde (MA-g) in Mendrisio, Switzerland.

Cebu-based graphic designer and art director of Inodoro Design Studio, PJ Ong

Ong’s recognition at MA-g places him among over 250 avant-garde artists, including iconic figures like Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp, signifying a profound milestone in museum history.

“Avant-garde,” is a term that refers to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

“I am extremely honored and humbled. It is a remarkable milestone in my creative journey, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a prominent platform. The acknowledgment, especially considering Switzerland’s exacting standards in art and design, is truly fulfilling,” said Ong.


Part of a stellar contemporary collection

Under the museum’s Contemporary Collection, Ong will join global contemporary agencies such as M/M Paris (collaborator of Icelandic singer-songwriter and composer, Björk), WORK Pte Ltd (brainchild of the “Godfather of Singapore Graphic Design,” Theseus Chan), Bedow (Stockholm), BVD Stockholm AB (Stockholm), Socio Design (London) and Milkxhake (Hong Kong), among others.

Ong’s music packaging design for the Filipino harsh noise duo, White Widow, will be featured in the museum. The band’s album “The God Uterus Dissolves” — released under Melt Records — features an unconventional cassette tape packaging incorporating a hand-crafted wire mesh, elevating it into a unique and bespoke collector’s item.

The museum’s selection process for its Contemporary Collection involved three categories: Graphic Design, Photography, and Illustration. Swiss-Canadian Fritz Gottschalk, a prominent figure in contemporary graphic design, led the Graphic Design category.

“This is profoundly validating for me as a graphic designer. Being part of a museum’s permanent contemporary collection is a lasting testament to my capabilities as an artist,” said Ong.

‘Poetry you can touch’

The graphic designer from Cebu City further defined the album as a “deliberate departure from the ordinary,” stating that it was a testament to the artist’s and band’s dedication to pushing boundaries and offering the audience a unique and immersive experience.

“Careful consideration was given to every detail, including choosing a premium supplier for the cassette tape. Opting for a screen-printed cassette, where design elements were applied directly to the surface, gave it a contemporary and visually striking result, helping us reinforce the design narrative,” said Ong.

“From the cohesive placement of elements to using symbols instead of track titles on the spine and customizing fonts, every aspect was carefully thought out. Rather than opting for the conventional wire mesh treatment on print, I took a bold step by incorporating a hand-crafted wire mesh, adding a unique and sensory dimension to the album — almost like poetry you can touch.”


Profound honor

Established in 2003, Inodoro Design Studio under Ong’s leadership has garnered global acclaim for its bold design philosophy, spanning music, fashion, architecture, culture and technology. In becoming the first Filipino whose work will be on display at the MA-g, Ong stated that it is “particularly humbling.”

“Traditionally, these privileges are given to individuals who have amassed decades of experience, attained mastery in their craft, or even as a posthumous acknowledgment. To be among those selected is a profound and unexpected honor,” he said.

“Museums typically focus on visual artists, and for a graphic designer, especially within the realm of commercial work, recognition can be more elusive. I appreciate the challenges of this less conventional route and I am committed to proving the significance of graphic design in the broader artistic landscape.”

Art enthusiasts can anticipate viewing Ong’s work with “The God Uterus Dissolves” at MA-g, scheduled to open to the general public in 2025.


About The Museum of Avant-garde (MA-g)

The Museum of Avant-garde compiles an original body of work from private collections, providing a unique perspective on the cultural and artistic significance of avant-garde movements. These movements, synonymous with transformative ideologies and daring experimentations, played a pivotal role in challenging political and societal conventions. For more information, visit


About Inodoro

Inodoro is the creative moniker of graphic designer and art director PJ Ong, a prominent figure in the Philippine design scene. Established in 2003, Inodoro Design Studio, based in Cebu, Philippines, has garnered international recognition for its bold and distinctive design, with a focus on thought-driven imagery and iconic visual language. The studio specializes in identities, custom typography, graphic design and art direction. For more information, visit

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Ladies Who Support Ladies

Women’s Circle is an organization composed of Cebuano ladies who are successful entrepreneurs and top executives.  They recently held a fellowship event at the Sheraton Mactan Resort, with special guests from the Women’s Business Council Philippines. Chairperson, Rosemarie Rafael and Council Secretary Cynthia Mamon both flew in from Manila to discuss alliances between the Cebu and Manila groups.

Loot bag from Jo Malone, Sheraton, R&M Chocomanga, gift card from Maayo Clinic, sarong from Ferimar.

The half day event was organized by Perl Jacalan, Gina Atienza and Eva Gullas. Sheraton Resort through its GM Dottie Wugler Cronin supported the event as it is aligned with the hotel’s women initiatives.  The successful event was made more fun with generous give-aways, notably Jo Malone perfumes, Sheraton bags, R&M Chocomanga and sarongs from Ferimar.

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