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The Best Trick to Looking Effortless Everyday

Don’t we all wish we could wake up, do our morning routines and go about our day without having to worry about how we look?

by Gia Mayola
Managing Editor


Don’t we all wish we could wake up, do our morning routines and go about our day without having to worry about how we look?

For people who spend a lot of time on makeup, most would find themselves wishing it was easier. In the fast-paced world we live in today, every second counts, and the time spent on making yourself look presentable before going out takes a good chunk of our day. The moments we spend retouching our makeup or fixing our appearance throughout the day notwithstanding, getting ready probably averages an hour each day. Imagine the things we could be doing with that hour—maybe taking our time to enjoy our morning brew or lazing around a bit more in bed—and you’ll find yourself thinking: how can we make it quicker?

Here’s the answer: eyelash extensions.

No, they’re not a new thing. In fact, eyelash extensions date back to the 19th century, when Parisians sewed hair onto their eyelids. Yes, sewn onto eyelids. As horrifying as that sounds, the methods used for eyelash extensions have drastically improved throughout the years (to the point that they look like one’s natural lashes) and most importantly, are painless. Eyelash extensions are available at many salons or clinics nowadays, and anyone—so long as they have the means—can book an appointment and get full, fluttery lashes in an hour or two.

The search

Allow me to tell you an anecdote. A month ago, I received an invitation to the launch of a certain name brand’s trunk show (read more about the trunk show here). Because this brand is popular among women, a lot of Cebu’s most stylish female personalities were in attendance. As with any social event, I did my introductory rounds, said my hellos to those I knew…and realized that every woman present was wearing lash extensions. Well, save for me and two others. Still, realization hit me like a bolt of lightning: eyelash extensions seemed worth it. I had always been curious about the procedure and wanted to try it out for myself, but never got around to it.

It wasn’t until I got home from that event did I do my research. Questions along the lines of “What are the pros and cons?”, “What should I expect before and after getting them done?”, and “Where is the best place to get lash extensions in Cebu?” were typed into my internet browser’s search bar. After extensive research, I had a place in mind to get them done, but I was a bit adamant since I knew this place better as a nail salon (in my opinion, I believe they’re one of the best nail salons in the city). That put my plans on hold. Was I really going to risk getting eyelash extensions at a nail salon? Despite the glowing reviews of their lash services, I wasn’t so confident.

While scrolling through Instagram days later, I came across a post of one of Metro Manila’s best lash places. Called New Lounge, they were a relatively new player in the field, having opened in 2017. Despite that, they’re the go-to for celebrities like Heart Evangelista (one of our favourite cover girls—read here for the nostalgia story!), Nadine Lustre, Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez and more. New Lounge announced that they were setting up shop in Cebu soon. After checking their reviews, I was wholly convinced that I would get my lashes done at New Lounge once they opened.

The wait didn’t take long. A few days before their soft opening on July 28, they were already accepting appointments. Booking a 5:30PM appointment on that day was a breeze; you can easily pick your preferred time and date, and fill in the needed information such as your name, email and contact number. From there, you’re sent an email and contacted by their staff to confirm your appointment.

The prep

Before your appointment, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t wear any eye makeup. This is to avoid taking up too much time. Base makeup and putting on eyebrows are acceptable, though. But for best results, make sure you’re freshly showered and come bare-faced.

Avoid applying any creams or oils on the eye area as well, since these might reduce the effectiveness of the lash glue.

The process

When the date of my appointment rolled around, I was buzzing with nervous excitement—and thirty minutes early. The lounge was pretty much unoccupied save for one lady; she was finishing up her appointment and then I was the only guest left.

Whether or not you’re new to eyelash extensions, a consultation is always done before anything happens. My lash specialist for the day was Kemberly, who spoke comfortably with me in Cebuano. I showed her a photo of the look I wanted to achieve, but requested a shorter length, as it was my first time trying lash extensions. She recommended their Signature Volume Eyelash Extensions, which was a full set, using a mix of 9mm and 10mm lashes.

When it came to the application stage, Kemberly noted that the lashes were the same length as my natural ones and asked if I would be okay with it. Since it was my first time, I told her that I didn’t mind.

“Anyway, if I really like it, I might ask for a longer length when I come back,” I added. She couldn’t help but laugh at that.

The results

It was a gloomy day because of the rain, but the sound of the raindrops added to the ambient sound of the lounge. The application took nearly two hours; I dozed off for a short time in between. It didn’t hurt at all, if falling asleep is any indication.

When Kemberly told me that we were done, she handed me a mirror to show how it looked. The lash extensions were very flattering, and complemented my eye shape well. While they weren’t very long, they were voluminous. Best of all, the lashes felt weightless.

I was floored. There was such a big difference. While my lashes were fairly nice prior to application (thank you for these genes, daddy), the eyelash extensions brought all the attention to my eyes because of how fluttery they looked.

The aftercare

To help take care of my lashes, Kemberly gave me some pointers:

  1. Use eyelash treatments such as coating & grower for long wearing lashes
  2. Brush your lashes regularly
  3. Avoid oil-based makeup
  4. Use oil-fee makeup removers in cleaning your makeup
  5. Use a clean mascara brush to separate your lashes after a shower
  6. Avoid rubbing your eyes
  7. Avoid pulling your eyelashes
  8. Avoid using mascara and lash curler
  9. Avoid steam and sweat
  10. It’s recommended to come back for 2 to 3 weeks touch-up or repair
  11. Change to new set every 3 months

The verdict

As of writing, it’s been a little over two weeks since my first appointment, and I just had my touch-up. Very little fallout happened, and I opted to go for a longer length. I wanted the 12mm lashes (which is the longest), but Kemberly advised that I do the change gradually so that the lashes blend as natural as possible to the previous application—jumping from a mix of 9mm and 10mm to 12mm would make it look awkward.

Honestly, lash extensions are definitely worth it. As someone who wears makeup daily, my time spent on applying it has been reduced by half (40 minutes is the average when I’m taking my sweet time). I barely have to exert effort now that my lashes look bomb. They don’t bother me at all, and I can even go sans makeup on some days.

Overall, I’d say that eyelash extensions help you look effortless. It gives you a confidence boost too. If you’re looking to get them done, I recommend doing your research and consulting with the lash specialists beforehand, and try to see what suits you best.

New Lounge Cebu is located at One Paseo Building, Paseo Saturnino, Banilad. They’re open from 10:00am to 9:00pm from Mondays through Sundays. You may book your appointment here.

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Drench Your Skin in Bespoke French Facials at Beaute Affair Luxe

Bespoke French Facials at Beaute Affair Luxe

By Kara Mae Noveda

When it comes to skincare treatments, one size does not necessarily fit all, shared Dr. Gwen Bagay-Matias, the resident dermatologist of Beaute Affair Luxe. This is why Dr. Matias, a dermatologist of 15 years, would begin a client visit with one-on-one face time. A consultation gives the dermatologist or specially-trained aesthetician the opportunity to listen to the concerns and take a closer look at a person wanting to indulge in some skin pampering.

Such a targeted approach in aesthetics is attuned with the skincare philosophy of the 40-year-old French brand, Biologique Recherche. This brand has developed an exclusive, customized methodology of cosmetic treatments and products which aim to address each kind of skin’s unique needs. And Beaute Affair Luxe deservedly boasts of being the first and only accredited center of Biologique Recherche treatments and products in Cebu.

Very much like the French fashion’s affinity for the classics—a facial with Biologique Recherche products is unlike every other trendy treatment that will shortly fade into passé. The brand’s methods and products are meant to be tailored after your skin’s age, texture, and of course, your own expectations over time. In other words, this skincare line is not just a one-time affair, but meant to marry into your lifestyle. After all, any expert will tell you—good skin is not just something one is born with, but it is something that can be built from curated habits and products. Your monthly facial (twice a month, if you are acne-prone, recommends Beaute Affair Luxe’s Dr. Matias) helps keep your delicate facial skin fresh and healthy.

What can one expect from a Biologique Recherche session? The brand observes three main skincare protocols: 1) Assessment stage (the aesthetician carries a thorough dermo-cosmetic diagnostic to narrow down to your treatment option); 2) Initialization stage (the aesthetician preps the epidermis—skin is rigorously cleansed, before lotion and face mask are applied) and; 3) Actual Treatment stage (the aesthetician incorporates products with the highest concentration of active ingredients, this helps the top layer of the skin be primed for self-regeneration). To conclude, a relaxing one-hour session well-spent on yourself.

During the session, Beaute Affair Luxe’s aesthetician expertly proceeded with gentle hands—massaging luxe organic products generously on the face and neck. It is good to be reminded that organic products are free from synthetic fragrance and give off a naturally herby aroma (be assured though that organic products are kinder to the skin). If there is one thing that’s apparent throughout the session: the Biologique Recherche facial is refreshingly void of any prickly or stinging sensation! No pain, only gain, with this non-invasive procedure. All in all, a truly satisfying experience we owe our skin and ourselves. After all, our face is the mirror of our well-being and the image we project into the world—let us give it the discerning care it deserves.

Book a session in Beaute Affair Luxe to see the difference thoughtful skincare brings. The clinic is located on the second level of The Space, A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu and operates from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., from Tuesday to Sunday.

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What Makes Your Coffee Truly ‘Guilt-Free’? Let’s Delve Into the Details.

Coffee, for most people, is an essential drink to kickstart or fuel up their day. There are probably more coffee lovers around the world compared to those who can’t tolerate this popular beverage. According to, coffee is a drink made from coffee beans, which are the roasted fruit of the Coffea Arabica bush. People most commonly drink coffee to relieve mental and physical fatigue and to increase mental alertness.

Although coffee has gotten some bad raps due to the side effects of its main active ingredient ‘caffeine’, which is a stimulant, it is believed the good side of it weighs more than the bad. Of course, everything boils down into not having too much of this beloved drink. ‘Drink moderately’, as the popular tagline goes.

According to Aaron Carroll, a professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine and health research blogger at The Incidental Economist, is taking a stand in a recent New York Times article: “It’s way past time that we stopped viewing coffee as something we all need to cut back on,” he writes. “It’s a completely reasonable addition to a healthy diet, with more potential benefits seen in research than almost any other beverage we’re consuming. It’s time we started treating it as such.”

Well, not all coffee are created equal. Some are carefully formulated so that you will be able to enjoy without the worry. So, what makes your coffee truly ‘guilt-free’? Aside from great taste, we are eyeing two important factors:

  1. It must be sugar-free. We’re all quite familiar on how too much sugar intake wreaks havoc not only to our inner health but also to our outside appearance. It can lead to some serious health problems like obesity and diabetes, not to mention how it destroys the natural collagen in our skin that is responsible in making us look young and wrinkle-free. Certain drinks opt for natural sweeteners like stevia, which is a healthier option.
  2. It must have benefits for both beauty and wellness. A lot of brands around the world has concocted unique formulations to amp up the benefits of coffee in terms of beauty and health. Natural and organic ingredients were used to provide benefits to the skin hair and nails and to the overall physical fitness of the human body. Most of these added natural ingredients contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to fight oxidative stress and provide boosted energy levels. Some of these claim to have therapeutic benefits and may help alleviate some health conditions.

EDITOR’S PICK. Good news for all local coffee drinkers! You can now indulge in your favorite morning brew without the guilty feeling! A local brand from Cebu, Philippines, Lumiché, has recently launched their inaugural product–’guilt-free coffee’, a carefully considered and researched beverage that promises all-day energy, with added benefits that will help you glow and flourish.

Long-time friends Michelle Lim-Cu and Janice Escario King started Lumiché in 2019.

These benefits are as follows:

  • Sugar-free
  • Helps maintain energy levels
  • Strengthens hair and nails
  • Acts as an appetite suppressant
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps improve skin texture
  • Aids in fat-burning and weight loss
  • Aids in better bowel movement

Lumiché guilt-free coffee is able to provide the above-mentioned benefits due to the natural ingredients it contains:

  • Collagen
  • Spirulina
  • Ginseng
  • L-Carnitine
  • Mangosteen
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Moringa
  • Stevia
  • Non-dairy creamer

Lumiché guilt-free coffee is indeed a must-try!

Lumiché  is available for online buyers on their official website, as well as on Lazada and Shopee. Starting April 6, 2022, lovers of coffee may also purchase in either take-home packs or ready-to-drink hot or cold cups in SugboMercado IT Park.

For more information and updates, like and follow their Facebook Page.

Lumiché is also looking to partner with resellers within Cebu Province, and distributors in major cities in the Philippines. For inquiries, call (+63.917.707.5279 or email them at

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Tea with Coralie

When a basket filled with tea goodies of macaroons, delicate cakes and sandwiches was delivered, it came in the signature purple color of this iconic brand. “Very Charriol”, as Coralie , the CEO of the Swiss brand, might have put it. She didn’t actually use that term to describe the savories. Rather, she was describing the cable bracelet that makes their products distinct. Avid Rustans Cebu shoppers will find the Charriol boutique just off the main entrance of the department store, near the familiar scented hall at the first level. On display are an array of earrings, bracelets and watches enticing to those looking for retail therapy with pieces that are timeless and yet not overtly breaking the credit card limit.

The tea Zoom party, as arranged by our host Ginggay Joven, and Luzanne Manlapit who is the brand manager of Charriol in the Philippines, was as good as any press-do from pre pandemic normal times. And an intimate peak at lifestyle editors’ lives as most of us were zooming from our living rooms, including Coralie who was answering our questions from her home in Geneva. Like most of us, she readily says, “I have a travel bug, and on weekends, I dream of where I can go!”.

Philip Charriol, Coralie’s father who started the brand in 1983, was a frequent visitor to the Philippines, making Manila (and Cebu) a side trip to his rounds of Singapore and Hong Kong. He made many friends in Asia and it was a sad day when everyone heard of his passing more than a year ago in a car accident at the Le Castellet racing track in southeast France.

These days, the company is in good hands with Coralie. She is set to debut a series of new collections building upon her father’s vision, including a reimagined Celtic collection, a line of watches first introduced in the 80s. The latest Celtic Legacy watch has a more striking face with two dials and bigger bezels available in gold or rose gold. The cable bracelet is made up of 6 strands of steel and titanium alloy that are flexible and durable. It comes in an elegant 30mm case, making it an equally perfect accessory for both a lunchtime affair as well as to a glitzy night on the town.

Also new are their ocean-themed pieces. The Forever Starfish watch comes in two iteration of stainless steel or rose gold case with a white mother-of-pearl dial. The second one is the Marina bracelet collection — the Charriol signature cable tied around a porthole and clasped together by a Charriol dial, it’s a fresh and young take for an everyday jewelry.

As a contemporary business leader, Coralie shared cautionary tales of polar bears and melting icebergs. Through their Charriol Living initiative, Philippe Charriol is a partner of the global organization Lonely Whale. It is a community of international businesses cognizant of the harming effects of disposable stuff in today’s world. Particularly single-use plastics, which are harmful to marine life when they end up in our seas. She co-produced a compelling documentary titled The Story of Plastic ( “a searing expose revealing the ugly truth behind plastic pollution and the false solution of plastic recycling”.

The company is committed to being socially conscious. Pretty soon, all Charriol packaging will be made of paper and sustainable materials. “We are interconnected tru our oceans”, she explains. In addition, part of the proceeds of selected ocean-themed Charriol pieces like the Forever Turtle watch, the Forever Waves and Ocean bracelets, will go to the Lonely Whale organization.

Philippe Charriol comes up with new design for watches once a year or once every two years to keep it fresh. Their jewelry line is much more frequent with bracelets and earrings. When asked if the company will be coming out with smart watches, Coralie was quick to reply that although other prestige watch companies have tried it, Charriol will not be producing one. “But I am coming out with something by October which is a kind of an accessory to a techie watch. To connect Charriol to technology.”


Coralie Charriol, the CEO of Charriol showing the Forever Starfish collection using mother of pearl face and their entry level cable bracelets in bright colors.


Screenshot of the Zoom tea party attended by top Manila lifestyle editors


The tea goodies for the tea party delivered by the Charriol team


The Charriol boutique inside Rustans at Ayala Center Cebu


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