Working in Creative Interiors with Sophi

Sophi is highly experienced in customer service, digital marketing, and back-office support. They’ve been in the industry for more than a decade, working with up and coming start-ups in Silicon Valley as well as established institutions both in the US and Europe And now they’ve open their Cebu Office.

Their edge? They only hire agents with extensive experience in your industry. Handpicked agents who fit your company’s vision, mission, and culture, so they can grow with your business! Also their office interiors are one of a kind. Not your typical office. a space for working stress free. I mean, who doesn’t love working in a space made to enhance your working capabilities and inspiring you everyday.

Check out the video to see more!

TJ Delima
TJ Delima

Tj creates videos for Zee. Sometimes she's on the streets painting or shooting a film either way she's still tries to balance being creative. You can find her having a glass of ice coffee with her friends in that old creepy bar/house along Gorordo Avenue.

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