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24 Hours in Cebu: Tourist Trail

In town for the Sinulog festivities? Make sure to pack your itinerary with stops that’ll make the most out of your trip. Zee Lifestyle recommends some places that are on everyone’s must-visit list.


True, it’s not the most local stop, but The Abaca Group’s favorite brunch hangout has a menu that’s definitely worthy of a visit. The Eggs Benedict and Biscuits with Gravy are enough to power you up for the rest of the day.

The A Cafe's Eggs Benedict (Photography by Genesis Raña, originally published in Zee Lifestyle Hotel Edition July 2011)

The A Cafe’s Eggs Benedict (Photography by Genesis Raña, originally published in Zee Lifestyle Hotel Edition July 2011)

10:00 A.M. – TOPS

No matter how often it’s mentioned, Tops remains a favorite stop on tours around the city for the stunning views of the city, the sea, and the neighbouring islands below.

12:00 N.N. – LUNCH AT CIRCA 1900

Circa 1900, located in a turn-of-the-century ancestral home, has become a must-visit dining destination not only for its cuisine, but also to experience history and culture in Cebu. Its menu features international dishes that pay homage to Filipino culinary heritage through the use of local ingredients—definitely something for the tourists to check out.

Circa 1900 (Photography by Robo Formacion, originally published in Zee Lifestyle May 2014)

Circa 1900 (Photography by Robo Formacion, originally published in Zee Lifestyle May 2014)


Planted by Ferdinand Magellan’s men upon arriving in Cebu on April 21, 1521, the Magellan’s Cross is the symbol of the Cebuano’s acceptance of the Christian faith.

Magellan's Cross (Photography by Snapholic, originally published in Zee Lifestyle June 2013)

Magellan’s Cross (Photography by Snapholic, originally published in Zee Lifestyle June 2013)


A first visit to Cebu will never be complete without a short visit to the Museo Sugbo. Take a short hike from the Magellan’s Cross and travel back in time with the century-old galleries depicting Cebu’s rich history and culture.

Museo Sugbo (Photography by Candice Ruiz, originally published in Zee Lifestyle June 2010)

Museo Sugbo (Photography by Candice Ruiz, originally published in Zee Lifestyle June 2010)


Once done with Museo Sugbo, take a detour on the nearby side streets and grab a bite from the numerous vendors that line it. You can find carts stocked with roasted peanuts, steamed corn, pork barbecue and delicacies like rosquillos, barquillos and chicharron.


Take a walk on the wild side—at 35 stories up, that is. Sitting atop Crown Regency right along the bustling Fuente Osmeña, you can walk around the building’s ledge, ride a coaster that can tilt you to the ground, or take a zip line from one tower to the other.


What better way to indulge with some succulent roasted pork? Although their version isn’t exactly the trademark Cebu lechon, Zubuchon’s roasted pork is crisp, full of flavour, and definitely worth the calories.

Zubuchon (Photography by Kurt Fick, originally published in Zee Lifestyle November 2014)

Zubuchon (Photography by Kurt Fick, originally published in Zee Lifestyle November 2014)


You can’t leave town without something to remember your trip by. Islands Pasalubong carries all the delicacies and products you’ll want to bring home, from dried mangoes and danger to Cebu-themed shirts and accessories.

Islands Pasalubong (Photography by Jean Yu, originally published in Zee Lifestyle Directory December-January 2015)

Islands Pasalubong (Photography by Jean Yu, originally published in Zee Lifestyle Directory December-January 2015)


If you have enough time for a nightcap, grab a drink or more at the Politics Cafe + Public House. A modern mix of industrial and brick walls complimented by plush leather seats and warm lighting make it an ideal place to wrap up an eventful day in Cebu.

Politics Cafe and Public House (Photography by John Ong)

Politics Cafe and Public House (Photography by John Ong)

This is an updated list from the 24 Hour: Tourist Trail originally published on the Zee Lifestyle Directory, December 2014-January 2015 issue.


St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Marco Polo Plaza

Marco Polo Plaza will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Festival with the rest of the Irish community! It’s not only a feast of greens and four-leaf clovers but of good food too! From March 17 to 19, dig in and enjoy traditional Irish dishes and delights such as Irish Stew, Potato Nachos, Cheesy Reuben Loaf, Guinness Beef Stew Pot Pie, Beer Mac N’ Cheese and many more. These on top of the international lunch and dinner buffet at Cafe Marco. Complete the experience in true Irish fashion with an ice-cold mug of Irish Beer, also available at Cafe Marco.

Gastronomic adventures await at Café Marco! For inquiries and reservations, you can call (032) 253-1111. For real time updates, like the Facebook page at facebook.com/marcopolocebu or follow on Twitter at @5StarInCebu. Visit the website at www.marcopolohotels.com.

For inquiries and reservations, call 253-1111 or email hospitality.ceb@marcopolohotels.com.

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La Liga Henerales: Shaping History Awareness Back Again in Cebu

La Liga Henerales is a community of young talents passionately promotes historical awareness through periodic costumes carefully researched for its authenticity and accuracy and promoted as well in events and schools.

Only few individuals before were into pursuit in this historical awareness project until the age of communication where internet is convenient in the palm of our hands through our gadgets. New information travel fast and data is retrievable, yet also possess a disadvantage with the plethora of different social media platforms carried by various makers as well. In a daily basis, historical backgrounds are unearthed making its trend until now as new discoveries are released, but the idea of these information being shown and shared is as close as not valuing or commemorating to its sources leaving this information just a trend.

There is a certain community of Cebuanos that are taking a quest to rewrite and restructure what was in the past, filling the gaps in facts with further research of variable sources that are made debatable but sticks to it true cause, to unveil the truths of our heritage and our origins, as Cebuanos and as Filipinos as well.

La Liga Henerales is a Cebu-based, non-profit organization composed of a group of talented, committed and respectable individuals from different walks of life, schools and profession whose primary aim is to promote both, Cebuano and filipino culture and heritage that was depicted before in pre-colonial and colonial eras via re-enactment with costumes vested in proper research and investigation to achieve authenticity. They also push their cause on schools and other social gatherings promoting and spreading awareness about our local, and national heroes that we look up to. With these said, they also portray a closer look of the lifestyle of the past to where they perform stories, perform forgotten dances and rituals and portray their individual roles, vital in the fight of our country’s future during those challenging times, and in honor to spread awareness of the lost practices we had in those times.

The Founder

Combining passion and education. Louis Villaflor re-enacts his way patriotism through his periodical costumes and expresses his love for Cebu and Philippines as a culture-centric country.

Louis Kenneth Villaflor, an entrepreneur and an avid history enthusiast and costumer, founded the group on the purpose of re-educating the youth about real local and national history, he saw the opportunity to combine his favourite hobbies which is costuming and story role-playing and the process to instill the historical awareness and value among the youth and in schools, along with a group of fellow enthusiasts who shares his passion about research and history, they took it among themselves to be purposeful in the advocacy in spreading historical awareness in schools or events by wearing periodically correct costumes and sharing the stories and its value to the youth.

Behind the Garments

With the its senior expertise of fashion design and a teacher of the field, his passion also of history caters also in his designs as he pushes through sustainable fashion and historical awareness combined.

Meet Rodney “Pee-Wee” Senining, who has been in the fashion industry since the late 90’s, strives  in concepts of avant-garde, innovation and cutting edge-fashion forward design. And also a teacher of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design of University of San Carlos, he had grown into research of books like the holy grail in the Library Resource Center and is always fascinated of the periodical times and how to preserve it; Hence, his interest had grown for the affinity of Periodical Costumes and Sustainable Fashion.

 Being part of the group La Liga Henerales, he was tasked to instantly be their mentor for the young talents and as the organization is still new and developing with limited funds, resourcefulness and research were done to come up with a good output of photo shoot and was quite proud of it and still promise on the next editions of pieces to be more historically accurate. Even as teacher for Fashion Design in SAFAD, his expertise comes hand in hand with the members as he helps them do research as well. His passion and interest somehow led him with enough knowledge to key the insights of the significant periods and historical backgrounds of it.

Historical Awareness in Cebu

The strength and progress of a country is anchored on how well they know and honor its history. The means of historical awareness in Cebu is almost non-existent among the Cebuanos, although we push forward in tourism and promote beauty through sceneries and other aspects of culture yet never commemorate deeply on historical icons such as our other local heroes, and ancient cultures as well that is almost been forgotten in an urban Cebu. Nevertheless, as long as communities’ like La Liga Henerales are now evolving in a learning state by real discovery by multiple resources, this will always reflect of how we appreciate love, patriotism and honor to our country and would look forward to progress.


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Christmas in Colonial Cebu: A Themed Exhibit by Teresin Mendezona and Eva Gullas for Stylescapes 2019

Ever wonder how the yuletide season is celebrated in colonial times? This year at Stylescapes 2019, Teresin Mendezona and Eva Gullas collaborated to showcase the elegance of Christmas during the colonial period, specifically most of the Spanish regime.
This pop-up radiated the ambience of Christmas in the colonial times through the various details used within the setting. Specific pieces like the gansilyo table cloth, oil lamp, and the sketches were from Ms. Mendezona and Gullas themselves.
Aside from that, various table and living room pieces were sourced from Rustans and Metro Ayala, and was curated by Doro Barandino.

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