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The seven steps to looking geek-chic

Steps to looking geek-chic - Step 6

Quick, stylish and affordable, Sunnies Specs is a game-changer in premium optical eyewear, making the whole experience of getting glasses simpler and more enjoyable.


Sunnies Studios received numerous requests from their customers to create prescription eyewear – and they made it happen through Sunnies Specs. Sunnies Specs offers high quality and stylish frames. You can get any Sunnies Specs frame, an optometrist conducted eye-exam and single vision lens for only P1,999. Here’s a quick how-to guide:

Step 1: Go to your nearest Sunnies Specs optical shop



In Cebu, Sunnies Specs is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Northwing, SM City Cebu. Kicking off their nationwide expansion, it is their first store outside the capital and fifth in the country.

Steps to looking geek-chic - 1

Step 2: Pick your frame

Customers can choose any frame from over a hundred styles that suit any face shape, personality and lifestyle, with more to come this month. All carry the trademark Sunnies brand and aesthetic. Frames are crafted from high quality materials such as acetate, flexilight and metal and are lightweight, durable and comfortable for everyday wear.


With over 100 different pairs to choose from, sometimes picking a frame that’s perfect for your look alone takes 30 minutes—or more. That’s why the team got together to try on various styles and curate a selection for every face shape.

Steps to looking geek-chic - RoundROUND 

Make your face appear longer with rectangular or square frames. Look out for bold, angular frames, and make sure they sit just above your cheekbones.

MUST TRY: The Venice

ALSO TRY: Ollie, Dillon, Harper, Irving, Kip, Mick, Reid, Spencer, Wes, August, Clarke, Crispin, Finn, Flynn, Gellar, Hans, Newton and Pascal


Steps to looking geek-chic - OblongOBLONG

Your slim face shape looks great with wider and taller frames. Opt for styles with a low nose bridge to complement your features.

MUST TRY: The Irving

ALSO TRY: Ollie, Mick, Reid, Spencer, Clarke, Crispin, Flynn, Gellar and Pascal


Steps to looking geek-chic - OvalOVAL

Oval face shapes can get away with almost any style, so play around with bolder colors in different silhouettes.

MUST TRY: The Crispin

ALSO TRY: Irving in Marine, Morgan in Maraschino, Gellar in Rhodonite, Kennedy in Caspian Sea and Venice in Gummy Bear


Steps to looking geek-chic - SquareSQUARE

Add some curves to your rims to soften your sharp features. Thinner frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones work best for your face shape.


ALSO TRY: Morgan, Wes, Dana, Inga, Kennedy, Margot and Walt


Steps to looking geek-chic - HeartHEART

Complement a slender jawline with a pair that is slightly wider than your forehead with detailing on the lower portion.

MUST TRY: The Dana

ALSO TRY: Dillon, Harper, Kip, Morgan, Gellar, Inga, Kennedy, Margot, Venice and Walt




Steps to looking geek-chic - Kennedy


Steps to looking geek-chic - Step 2Step 3: Fill out information sheet

Leave your name and contact details at the station so they can inform you when your pair is ready.


Steps to looking geek-chic - Step 3Step 4: Have your eyes checked by trained optometrists

You can get a quick eye exam with Sunnies Specs’ trained optometrists and state-of-the art technology. A few reminders to get the best results: Before undergoing an eye exam, make sure to remove soft contact lenses at least 30 minutes beforehand and hard contact lenses 24 hours beforehand. Also remember to have enough rest as tired eyes may affect results.


Steps to looking geek-chic - Step 4Step 5: Upgrade your lenses

All Specs lenses are multi-coated on all pairs and equipped with UV protection, anti-reflection and anti- glare plus are scratch resistant and have water resistant coating. But that’s not all. Sunnies Specs offers you four lens upgrades depending on your lifestyle: Blue Light lenses for those who are exposed to screens all day, High-Index lenses for those who prefer thinner lenses, Photochromic lenses for those would prefer specs that transition into sunnies outdoors and Polycarbonate lenses for those who have an active lifestyle and need more durable lenses. Progressive vision lenses are also available for extra.


Steps to looking geek-chic - Step 5Step 6: Check out at the cashier

You can get an optometrist-conducted eye-exam, single vision stock prescription lenses, and a fashionable quality frame for only P1,999.


Steps to looking geek-chic - Step 6Step 7: Pick up your new specs

Once you receive a message, you can pick up your new Sunnies Specs all on the same day. It’s that simple and quick.


What started off in 2013 as an idea among friends to create eyewear that is both equally stylish and accessible, Sunnies Studios has evolved into a lifestyle brand that includes Sunnies, Sunnies Specs and Sunnies Café.

Experience optimal visual clarity with Sunnies Specs, the exclusive line of premium prescription eyewear designed by Sunnies Studios.

Sunnies Specs Cebu is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Northwing, SM City Cebu.


Upper Ground Floor, TheNorthwing, SM City Cebu
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How to Manifest Pantone’s 2022 Hue “Very Peri” in your Daily Deals as Listed by Fashion Editor Oj Hofer

Winkling the Blues Away with Veri Peri

by Oj Hofer

Very Peri Pantone 17-3938 is the color of the year 2022. Pantone’s dynamic Periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying red-violet undertone symbolizes “transformative times’, displays carefree confidence, and daring curiosity. Its presence in fashion and accessories encourages inventiveness, creativity and optimism. It is the new happy, neutral color and here’s how to fashionably manifest it in your daily deals.


Pantone 17-393 Veri Peri (Periwinkle Blue)


Vinca flower of the evergreen Periwinkle shrub.



VENETIAN BAUBLE. Murano glass bubbles to enhance mental health and optimism. Order online: https://mianivenetianjewelry.com/products/bagolo-blue-and-periwinkle-murano-glass-bracelet


PERI-CROWNED. Set an appointment with Margie Zenz at Exposé Salon at Crossroads Mall. Landline 2316550 Mobile 09088852935 www.exposehairsalon.com


DUAL DUTY. Wear the Swissgear 3576 as your daily laptop backpack or a vintage doctor-style tote. Order online: https://www.swissgear.com/swissgear-3576-artz-dr-bag-laptop-backpack


HOLY FEET. Wear Mandalas on Low-cut sneakers from Zazzle.

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Awesome Online-Exclusive Deals and Free Shipping Await Shoppers at the Newly-Launched Old Navy PH Digital Store


By Danica Ronquillo

Nothing screams “Americana” like Old Navy!

From trendy denims and soft cotton Ts to statement graphics and fleecy pajamas, Old Navy has been the first name in fun, classic fashion staples for the whole family since 1994. Known for high-quality pieces that fit every size, shape, and budget, this heritage brand has found a way to reach even more hangers in the digital age: OldNavy.com.ph.

While no stranger to the digital sphere, OldNavy.com.ph is the brands’s first standalone e-commerce, making Old Navy’s vast array of on trend apparel and accessories available to customers 24/7. The launch of OldNavy.com.ph will not only feature styles that can be found in their brick- and-mortar locations, but also seasonal essentials and online exclusives, like Old Navy’s activewear line.

OldNavy.com.ph customers can enjoy free shipping with a minimum order spend of Php 4000, as well as various deals and e-payment options to ensure everyone can be a part of the Old Navy experience.

Shoppers will still be able to find new arrivals in all Old Navy Philippines stores, including Bonifacio High Street, SM Megamall, and Shangri-La Plaza, as well as in Old Navy’s Viber community.

With this launch, Old Navy Philippines continues to be the pioneer of making comfort, quality, and style accessible to all. There’s something for everyone at Old Navy!

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37 Years of High Fashion; Arcy Gayatin leaves a Legacy of Edginess and Elegance

Arcy Gayatin: A Legacy of Luxury in Fabrication


By:  Allain Dumon Fonte 


The brand Arcy Gayatin gave the Queen City of the South a distinct reputation in the fashion industry.  The fashion line of Arcy Gayatin sets the bar higher each year for clothing luxury and fabrication techniques.


April Duenas, Nikki Gayatin and Arielle Gayatin for Arcy Gayatin—Photos by John Paul Autor from Lifestyle Inquirer.net


Araceli “Arcy” Ancajas Gayatin is the daughter Galileo Ancajas and Remedios Zanoria Ancajas who founded Cebu’s home brand, Gal’s Bakery.  Arcy went to the University of San Carlos and studied Political Science.  And just like Dr. Muccia Prada, who completed her Ph.D. in Political Science and established the luxury line of Prada, Arcy also got in touch with her artistic side and started her own fashion line.  However, it was not Prada that influenced Arcy.  Arcy was introduced to fashion and tailoring at a very young age by her mother, Madame Remedios Anacajas whom they dearly call Mama Eme.  Mama Eme was running a tailoring business back then.  It was called Arabel; named after Arcy and her sister Belma.  Ara from Araceli and Bel from Belma.  In those years, Arcy was fascinated by fabrics and was intrigued by how to manipulate the fabrics to come up with fashion-forward designs without compromising comfort and taste.


Arcy Gayatin (photo grabbed from Space Philippines Blog Spot)


After 37 years of creating haute couture pieces for the most fashionable personalities in the Philippines, Arcy Gayatin is now laying down her sketchpads and pens to rest.  As she enjoys her retirement, may be on a cruise to the Bahamas or a holiday to the Swiss Alps, Arcy Gayatin has left the fashion industry a legacy of elegant and edgy clothing ensembles that understand and define the shape of women; without compromising comfort and good taste.


Arcy Gayatin’s Pink Flamingo collection                                               Arcy Gayatin’s Sketch on a Terno


To salute the lady who brought Cebu fashion to the world, a retrospective exhibition of Arcy’s incomparable masterpieces can be seen today at Ayala Center Cebu’s The Gallery; curated by fashion editor and writer, Clint Holton Potestas, and interior and fashion designer, Jul Oliva.


BALANCE.  Arcy Gayatin is known for her perfect symmetrical lines when fabricating.  She knows how to balance edginess and class; understanding well the strength and the finesse of a woman.


RHYTHM.  Arcy’s expertise in draping and fabric manipulation can be seen in how she achieves rhythm between architectural lines and soft fabrics like silk and cashmere.


TEXTURE.  With her thorough knowledge on fabrics, Arcy Gayatin has achieved the perfection of fabrication by working on different types of fabrics and creating a single piece of art out of them. 


HARMONY.  The simplicity of the silhouette plus the intricacy of the details create a wonderful harmony, making Arcy Gayatin’s design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


The photos below show an up-close look at the intricacy and the exquisite craftsmanship of Arcy Gayatin’s fabrication techniques:


THE SPIDER WEB:  one of Arcy’s genius fabrication techniques.


MATCH and PATCH:  Arcy’s unique fabrication craft by patching layers of different types of lace and lace patterns


PLEATS: The perfection of symmetry in pleats on silk.


LA ROSE BLEUE:  U.P. student, Danielle Alessandra Deutsch, inspired by the artistry of Arcy Gayatin, designed this midnight blue dress.   The cabbage rose made from layers of silk organdy gave this evening ensemble a romantic appeal.

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