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Sugbu Wanderer

Your guide to exploring Cebu.

Your guide to exploring Cebu.



 1. Tops

Take a winding ride to Busay and find yourself 2,000 feet above sea level, in a circular viewing deck overlooking the Cebu metropolis. Once inside, there are kiosks that serve food and drinks. The view is especially breathtaking at night when the glittering lights from the city mimic the starry skies above. Entrance fee is PhP100.



2. Casa Gorordo
Immerse in Cebu heritage as you step into this preserved “bahay na bato” (stone house) from the Spanish colonial era. Located in the once well-heeled community known as the Parian district, Casa Gorordo tells the story of Cebuano urban living at the turn of the 19th century. The heritage house is also home to a modern art gallery in its basement that features the contemporary works of Cebuano visionaries. Admission fee starts at PhP15.



3. Larsian
Cebu takes pride in its sinugba, which translates to grilled meat. This famous street food arcade near the Fuente Osmeña circle serves a variety of barbecue selections and is open till the wee hours of the morning. Those with iron stomachs will want to try the chicken and pork intestines called isaw, or chicken feet, cleverly named adidas after the iconic footwear brand. Pair this with puso, or hanging rice and you have a meal at an average cost of PhP70.




4. Sky Experience Adventure
The tallest building in Cebu also happens to have the world’s first edge coaster. About a hundred and thirty meters high, you can tilt your seat up to an angle of 55 degrees as it circles the peak of the Crown Regency Hotel. The less adventurous can opt to wear a harness and stroll along the SkyWalk, a platform designed to make you feel as though you’re walking on air. The newest addition to the gravity-defying theme park is a 76-meter-long zipline connecting two towers of the hotel. Entrance fee starts at PhP300. For PhP1,000, you can try all three sky activities and enjoy a dinner buffet.




5. Colon Street
Ride a kalesa or horse-drawn carriage for PhP15-20 and relive the glory days of Colon, the Philippines’ oldest street. Named after the explorer Christopher Columbus, it is to this day one of Cebu’s commercial hubs and is considered the heart of downtown Cebu. The bustling street is also known as a shopping haven that offers the best bargains, especially for fashion merchandise.




6. Island Hopping
Cebu is surrounded by many outlying isles; so it’s no surprise that this would be a pastime. Take the Islands Banca from Mactan and visit the Talima Adventure and Water Park on Olango Island, which is also home to Cebu’s world-renowned bird sanctuary. Diving, snorkeling and fish feeding are also favorite activities in the surrounding marine sanctuaries. Cap off the trip by lounging on the white sands of Pandanon, which is already part of neighboring province, Bohol. The price varies depending on the boat size and package availed of.




7. Cebu Fish Spa
This non-abrasive alternative to a foot scrub has finally reached Cebu shores. Dip your feet in a pool filled with “Doctor Fish” and get an instant foot spa. Albeit ticklish at first, the fish eat the dead skin cells and leave a baby smooth surface. They don’t bite; they only suck at the skin and release an enzyme that softens the callouses. For PhP170, you can experience this natural foot spa for a good thirty minutes.





Jay Aldeguer for Islands Stay Hotel
President, The Islands Group


Modeled after the concept of a no-frills accommodation, this hotel can very well be the traveler’s best friend. For absurdly affordable rates and two great locations to choose from, you get a room with a quality bed, a rain shower, a flatscreen TV and free wireless broadband access. “Just because it’s a value hotel, it doesn’t mean you won’t be treated well,” says Aldeguer. Islands Stay also provides its signature cold towels and a personalized gift as you check in. Now that’s a Cebuano welcome.


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Cycling has been a growing sport and hobby for many years but it’s popularity has erupted since the Covid pandemic.  People biking to work and for recreation is an everyday sight in Cebu.  More and more are joining the ride.  Many are quite serious about cycling.  I know three ladies who are among those who’ve gone long distances across Cebu.

How did you get into serious cycling?  What was your motivation?

Blinky de Leon.  Event Host, Product Endorser & Influencer

“ I’ve been into cycling since I was a kid. A little backstory, I was around 10 years old when my dad surprised me with my first custom-made mountain bike. I still keep it until now, in fact I had it refurbished. It’s the most sentimental thing I ever received since it was his way/gesture to catch up with me after not seeing each other for almost 6 yrs. My dad is based in Germany and he also loves cycling and makes his own bamboo bike.”


“Just a year ago though, my friend Gazini randomly, out of nowhere, picked me up from home to bike with her to the South of Cebu. I felt really excited and motivated to get back on track because it’s very nostalgic and brings back so many great memories. And since then, the rest was history. We’ve been joining different groups, tried different routes and conquered different heights. I’ve met so many cyclists with very inspiring stories in the bike community who kept me feeling motivated too. I also look forward to the sights and the adventure that comes along with it.”


Yumz Mariot. Branding & Marketing Consultant

“I used to bike along with rock and wall climbing. I am lousy with ballgames which is why. Our usual route were Talamban and Mactan but one time, managed to ship gears all the way to Dumaguete for a quick ride to Valencia, the next town located at a higher elevation. Those were days when I did it for fun and what bike I was using did not matter.”

“Fast forward to 2021, a year after the pandemic lockdown began, I realized I have been lazy to do any fitness routine. Too caught up on juggling between house chores and Work from Home deliverables (I work as a Branding and Marketing Consultant), I started to feel my body needs to move as much as my brain does. A hysical fitness routine is as important as what I eat, or what I read or watch. So I decided to invest on a decent MTB, just very recently and got myself a much necessary restart. What motivates me even more is the area where I currently reside at. It is vast, fresh, green and safe for solo bikers like me.”


Prime Sarino. Digital Media Creative

“I started biking as a young teenager and I got the idea to start it as an adult hobby 3 years ago. I was already into running and I thought it would be great to venture into another outdoor activity to keep me occupied after work hours and weekends. I was set to travel for a year so I had to put aside the idea first but came pandemic. We were all forced to stay put and everything was put on hold. Cycling became my diversion. My cyclists friends invited me to quick and short rides. I enjoyed my first 50km ride and the sceneries and routes most of all. It also helped channel a positive mindset during the hard hit season of the pandemic. Not to mention it’s also another way to stay fit when we were forced into inactivity during the quarantine.”

Next in Part 2, we ask the ladies about their cycling experiences and memorable moments…

by: Zen

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Netflix Original Releases We’re Excited for This August 2021. Part 3

Our selection of Netflix Originals for August Part 3.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

Coming to Netflix: August 23


Netflix’s The Witcher series gets an anime prequel film focusing on the origin story of Geralt’s mentor and fellow witcher Vesemir. While we’re still waiting for the second season of the series, we’re sure this film will be more than enough to tide us over.


He’s All That

Coming to Netflix: August 27


From the director of Mean Girls comes another teen comedy starring TikTok star Addison Rae. He’s All That is a remake of the 1999 film She’s All That, proving Taylor Swift right in her theory of the 90’s coming back stronger than ever.


Sparking Joy

Coming to Netflix: August 31


We all remember when Marie Kondo helped us declutter our houses and better our lives with her hit show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. This August, she’s back with another show called Sparking Joy which follows her helping people struggling to balance work and home life.



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Netflix Original Releases We’re Excited for This August 2021. Part 2

Exciting Netflix Original Releases for this August 2021
Here’s the upcoming Netflix Originals we like for mid-August.  Great fun, exciting, and binge-worthy Netflix original releases.

Sweet Girl

Coming to Netflix: August 20

This is another Netflix action thriller film we’re excited for. This film stars Jason Momoa as a devastated husband determined to avenge his wife’s death while protecting his daughter and is sure to put us on the edges of our seats the whole way through.


The Chair

Coming to Netflix: August 20

Sandra Oh stars in this upcoming comedy-drama miniseries as the new chair of the English department at a major university, struggling to meet the demands and expectations of her new position. We’re sure this is another great binge-watch from Netflix.


The Loud House Movie

Coming to Netflix: August 20

The popular Nickelodeon animated series gets a film which features the characters of the series on a holiday trip to Scotland. This film is perfect if you’re a fan of the series or you’ve got kids who are.


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