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Step Inside Martyn Lawrence-Bullard’s Vibrant Hollywood Home

Designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard lets the history and heritage of his Old Hollywood residence shine through in luxurious details and effortless charm.



“There should not be anything in your house that you can’t use, drink from, sit on, or eat out of.” -Martyn

The world famous designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard derives inspiration from travel, is dedicated to the pursuit of the finer things, and has a passion for bringing beauty and serenity into the lives of the rich and the famous. It is only fitting, then, that he would have a Hollywood home with such a vibrant history.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

the dressing room takes inspiration from Martyn’s travels to India, and he adds pops of character with pieces he’d picked up while abroad—the designer calls this a traditional Englishman’s take on decorating

With trademark glamour and a flair for the exotic, Martyn’s clientele includes Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Tommy Hilfiger, to name a few. The designer has also worked with several premier hospitality properties such as the iconic Colony Palms Hotel in Palms Spring, the Chateau Gütsch in Lucerne, Switzerland, and is currently overseeing hotel designs in Santa Barbara, Istanbul and Miami Beach.
Martyn Lawrence-Bullard
For his home, though, he chooses something a bit more old Hollywood. Originally built in 1924 for a German silent movie director, the house’s first inhabitant was actually the illustrious Rudolph Valentino. Following Valentino’s stay at this Whitley Heights oasis, Gloria Swanson made it her home twice—once in the early 1930s, and then again when she was filming Sunset Boulevard.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

the dining room’s ceiling comes alive with stenciling inspired by a design by the Italian fabric brand Fortuny, while 19th century Italian chairs are arranged around a custom-made table; Martyn spends a lot of time outside decompressing after a hard day at work, so he worked to make the house’s yard lush and stylish. The thriving foliage was selected based on the plants you’d find in a 1920s garden, while the chevron-print upholstery and pillows are a visual contrast to the greens.

Subsequent to Swanson, William Faulkner, playwright extraordinaire and writer, lived in the house, utilizing it as a writing pavilion. It was on Martyn’s balcony that Faulkner wrote the award-winning screenplay for the film All About Eve.
Martyn, an artist in his own right, as well as a former model and classically trained actor, understood the drama, romance and mystique that this jewel of a property held. He came to find “Villa Swanson” while working with world-renowned photographer Tim Street-Porter, who at the time was shooting his work at the Pepsi-Cola Ranch for Architectural Digest.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Hollywood House

Off the dining room, double doors reveal a lion head relief framed by graphic tiles, continuing the play of prints from the interiors ; the curtains also came from a line he designed for Schumacher

The home felt “enchanted,” tucked neatly away in a cul-de-sac in Whitley Heights, and possessed an aura of old Hollywood romance that struck a chord with the designer. He purchased the home in 2003, but it became clear that the home would need a complete restoration.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Hollywood House

the patterned tiles and cabinetry were all original to the home, and is played up with white appliances and décor in the same hues; arches are a continuing feature, even in the bathroom. The retro sink is accented with Middle eastern-inspired décor

He started by replacing the damaged wood floors with exquisite reclaimed antique wood from an old barn in Idaho. Antique French limestone and terracotta were chosen for the magnificent lush patios’ floors, and in a surprising turn of events, an original 19th century tile was uncovered in the kitchen. The four tiered gardens, hidden nooks, and seamless indoor-outdoor space consistently served as an idyllic backdrop for wildly fantastic themed soirees, as well as intimate gatherings with celebrities such as Cher, Elton John, Ozzie Osbourne, Christian Louboutin, Tamara Mellon, and Christina Aguilera—to name a few!

 Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Hollywood House

Little nooks, like this path to the courtyard, are filled with graphic details that somehow all tell a story—the weathered religious paintings, the unconventionally shaped lamps, and the graphic black and white tiles that hark back to the house’s art deco roots.

For the interiors, Martyn felt strongly about allowing the architectural style of the house to act as his guide. Every inch of the space is covered in exotic luxurious objects, although the emphasis of the décor is on 18th century Spanish, Portugese and Italian furniture.  The designer meticulously selected each and every item, purchasing pieces from auction houses all over the United States, as well as in Europe. However, the color red serves as a unifying element in the space, and was important to keeping an authentic Spanish-Mediterranean flavor, along with the array of colorful fabric from his personal line.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Hollywood House

Martyn breaks up the black and white color palette in the more private spaces, he brings in warmer colors for the master bedroom. An intricately carved wooden bedframe is softened with a fur throw and printed linens for a cozy look

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Hollywood House

Martyn designed several of the pieces in the home, such as the cocktail table, stools and patterned chair in the living room.

Tobacco-hued carved woods, sexy vibrant fabrics, and shimmering details of crystal and silver all work in harmony to deliver an enigmatic grounded sensuality that is the hallmark of Martyn’s work. It’s an unusual concept to some, but everyone ought to adopt his philosophy of living: “There should not be anything in your house that you can’t use, drink from, sit on, or eat out of.”

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Hollywood House

the breakfast nook’s arch is emphasized with painted stripes that make for a very striking visual. An upholstered bench and mismatched pillows add to its strong look, while a Moroccan table follows the black and white palette

It’s sound advice, and in the case of this residence, Martyn steps back to let the house’s history and heritage shine through. There certainly is a fair amount of glamour here, but it’s welcoming and restrained—as if it takes a quiet satisfaction in knowing its luxury can only be seen with an appreciative eye.

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Hollywood House

vintage traveling cases serve as décor, while playing up the home’s old Hollywood glamour.




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Inside Cebu: The Velavana

In the 22 years that Zee has been around, countless homes have made it to our glossy pages, and as we turned digital, on our screen—but there’s nothing quite like the Velavana, a whimsical bahay kubo crafted from bamboo. 



Velvana Cebu Facade - Zee Lifestyle Cebu

The facade of the Velavana. Photo by Oliver Echevarria

In the 22 years that Zee has been around, countless homes have made it to our glossy pages, and as we turned digital, on our screen—but there’s nothing quite like the Velavana, a whimsical bahay kubo crafted from bamboo. 
Literally translating to “cube house”, the bahay kubo often serves as an icon of Philippine culture, and is mostly found in rural areas. It’s seen in many artworks that depict bayanihan, a Filipino value that refers to communal unity or a joint effort to achieve an objective, where a group of people are seen carrying the bahay kubo to transport it to a new location.
There aren’t many of these houses left standing in the urban sprawl of Cebu City; concrete is the preferred material for building properties, and contemporary architecture takes the lead. Although, that’s not to say that the bahay kubo is outdated in any way, as its architectural principles gave way to many houses and buildings that rose after the pre-colonial era, and even until now. 
Velvana Cebu Interior - Zee Lifestyle Cebu

The open area and high-ceilinged foyer easily allows the breeze to pass through. Photo by Oliver Echevarria

The Velavana proves that the bahay kubo is a beautiful remnant of the past. Its location makes it doubly precious—built atop a hill in Cebu’s most exclusive gated community, the Velavana sprawls across a half hectare property surrounded by native foliage such as trees of banana, coconut, and bamboo—the last one doesn’t come as a surprise, seeing as Velavana is a combination of the Sanskrit words vela and vana, which mean “bamboo” and “house”, respectively.  
Velvana Cebu Foyer Lamps - Zee Lifestyle Cebu

In the foyer, lamps made from rattan and bamboo hang overhead. Photo by Oliver Echevarria

Its owner, whose identity we shall keep under wraps for their requested privacy, built Velavana for them and their family to hang out. For them, it’s the best venue to relax and unwind.
“The design was visioned in my brain, executed by two carpenters,” they share. “[It] Did challenge my artistic skills to the test. The end result… [is] Pure joy in my unicorn—rare and highly-valued— hideaway.”
Velvana Cebu Stairs - Zee Lifestyle Cebu

Before entering the house, guests must take off their shoe use the handwoven slippers at the entrance. Photo by Oliver Echevarria

When you step inside, its chic and airy interiors might throw you in for a loop. Nearly everything is made from organic materials—the furniture, the tables, the hanging lamps, the decor. In the foyer, bamboo vases filled with large glossy leaves of the philodendron and bright white orchids sit atop a glass table with intricately-woven wooden legs. 
Velvana Cebu Dining Area - Zee Lifestyle Cebu

Velvana’s open air dining area. Photo by Oliver Echevarria

To the right is the open-air dining area, with the table and chairs woven from rattan. The same material is used to weave the charger plates and napkin holders, adding a native touch to the table settings. 
Velvana Cebu Sungka Flowers - Zee Lifestyle Cebu

Photo by Oliver Echevarria

Right in the center of the table lie a variety of Filipino elements. Green tundan (a variety of banana found all over the Philippines), along with white orchids, sungka boards and succulents are lined up to keep with the rustic theme. Hanging above the table are a swanky mishmash of white bougainvillea, ferns, leaves, more orchids, and succulents in terrariums. 
Velvana Cebu Living Area - Zee Lifestyle Cebu

The living area makes for the ideal place for a nightcap. Photo by Oliver Echevarria


On the left of the foyer is a living area, filled with the similarly-themed furniture. Clean white linen furbishing are offset by the woven elements, and greenery liven up the space. Sitting on the couch here gives you an unobstructed view of the city skyline, up until the sea surrounding the island. Everything about the Velavana screams serenity and relaxation, as if you’re on a retreat in tropical paradise. 

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