Experience Great-Tasting Tradition at Chikaan IL Corso

Some days, all you ask for is a comfortable place to converse with friends and families over steaming plates of Filipino cuisine. Chikaan is just that kind of place.

More than three decades ago, Cebuanos took the first bite of authentic Filipino cuisine right at the heart Cebu. Chikaan, as it is known today, is a Filipino restaurant that features Cebuano cuisine that let customers feel the ambiance of an old-style Filipino home.

CRISPY PATA PA MORE! The center of attraction – deep fried until golden brown with tender meat and perfectly crunchy skin! Dip in soy sauce and vinegar para extra sarap.

In the year 2005, Chikaan was acquired by the Dytian family, whose other restaurant businesses now include Creative Cuisine Catering, Big Mao, Brique Modern Kitchen, Big Daddy Truck, and Ettas. Like many other restaurants, Chikaan provides an essential component among the lives of Cebuanos. Over the years, the restaurant has become a social fabric of the city, a gathering place of families who want to taste a rich variety of authentic Filipino dishes.

GUISA DALAWA TATLO! Make your everyday meal more special
with a serving of our special Pancit Guisado.

As a Filipino restaurant, we are known for our delectable dishes such as crispy pata, sizzling squid ala pobre, baked scallops, spicy shrimp in coco cream, mongo soup, and banana and langka among others. The restaurant’s menu is quite extensive. Whether your appetite is large or small, you will find something to satisfy your cravings. The food is also fairly priced, stretching the customer’s budget.

Spicy Shrimp in Coco Cream – A little spice makes everything nice. If you want a different kind of seafood dish, try the spicy shrimp in coco cream.

However, what made the restaurant memorable beyond its food is the atmosphere which provides the customers a straightforward dining experience, as if they are in the comfort of their own home. As displayed in the interior of Chikaan which was designed by none other than Ms. Sheryl Marinas, the atmosphere of Chikaan is a clear reflection of Filipino culture where its cuisine is basically rooted.

Dinuguan – Dinuguan is a classic Filipino dish also known as Pork Blood Stew. Let not the name scare you as this dish – savory pork meat, vinegar, spices and all – is surely a satisfying treat.

In an interview with Ms. Marinas, the design is “a clean and modern translation of the old intricate Filipino style to jive along with the simplistic characters of the on the go modern day Filipino diners. Modernizing while at the same time maintaining the traditional Filipino culture.”

The deep blue hues in the interiors help elevate the natural wood tones, as well as make the geometric patterned indigenous woven plates pop in place.The color also symbolizes growth and abundance, like the infinite sky and the deep blue sea which are predominantly abundant in our archipelagic tropical country.

With our opening in IL Corso this coming January 11, 2019, this gives us a great opportunity to showcase our variety of dishes rich with our very own heritage. Coupled with a cabana located just outside our restaurant, Cebuanos will surely look forward dining in our Chikaan IL Corso as they get to see the scenic coastal area located across the restaurant.

Currently, Chikaan has 18 other branches located all over Visayas and Mindanao in which some it are franchise-owned.  

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