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Eastern Communications Brings a Stronger Connection to Cebu

The internet nowadays has been an important of today’s generation especially on the business side of it and as far as for business starters, it is a necessity on transactions and their itinerary. As for the ones on the industry for quiet sometime now, they needed a very reliable connection so that they can give more service to both their supplier and customers.

Yearly, internet providers come up with various services to help them connect to their market, such as unique selling points and customized speed bandwidths or limits. Thus, companies are growing to give service to the public, whether it’s for their business transactions or home use. Eastern Communications recently launched their expansion at Mactan, Lapu-lapu city last November 7, 2018, at their “ToastTugan” filled with beach vibes, acoustics and tropical vibe at Blue Water Maribago Resort.

Eastern Communications is another innovation telecommunications company providing extensive service on internet, data, voice and managing services. Commissioned by the Spanish government, it provided the country’s first telegraphic service and centuries after, it’s still chosen as a solutions partner, particularly by big companies promising cutting-edge products that are effective for connectivity.

“The idea is to make an expansion and a strong one here starting in Mactan then to Cebu, widely,” said Michael Castaneda, sales division head of Eastern Communications. He foresees the potential of the growing businesses in Cebu.

Iris Moreno, brand management specialist, added that they will be focusing first on the business from manufacturing, hospitality and BPM companies or business process management. Seeing this, she said, “With various infrastructure developments and facilities, they are eager to push a stronger connection services with Cebu, which is also vital in online shopping, banking, government transactions and disaster recovery which are important and believed that Eastern Communications can do it better to assist on its own digital platform.”

Edsel Paglinawan, production and innovation head, highlighted the cyber security solutions also for its resiliency. This protects companies’ digital assets against threats like the distributed denial of device attacks, which is one of the fastest-growing threats in the cyber security landscape.

“The requirement of the enterprise is not just the internet and data connectivity. They also require data protection, threat prevention, mitigation of attacks; so cyber security solutions is one of such,” Paglinawan said.

“ToastTugan” was celebrated together with businesses from hotels, and IT solution firms of Mactan as starter point of its market. Along with unlimited beer and music from local bands to end the night, this is the start of a stronger connection for Cebu.


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