Christmas House No. 1

Check out why this holiday home is on our list of 12 Cebu homes this season. offers a glimpse of Cebu’s holiday homes from far and wide. Please follow our series as we bring you a different home in the next few days!

Perched atop the verdant hills of Maria Luisa Park in Cebu, the residence of a prominent fashion designer and his interior decorator spouse stands as a testament to the epitome of style and sophistication. A sleek plant arrangement and a Christmas wreath adorn the minimalist entrance, bringing a touch of festive charm to the elegant and simple design, creating a subtle yet welcoming holiday atmosphere.

This sleek house seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings while exuding a modern aesthetic that sets it apart as one of the most stylish homes in Cebu. Upon entering, the interior’s clean lines and minimalistic design immediately capture the essence of contemporary living. The couple’s home reflects their impeccable taste and dynamic lifestyle, which revolves around work and travel. Every corner of the house seems to narrate a story of the couple’s journey through fashion and design.

The living area is adorned with carefully selected holiday decor that complements the overall simplicity. Large glass windows invite abundant natural light, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor space from day to night. The choice of neutral tones enhances the sense of tranquility within, offering a retreat from the bustling energy of Cebu below. The residence is decked out in restrained holiday cheer, a curated canvas that mirrors the couple’s artistic inclinations. Every element, from bespoke furniture to curated art pieces, is thoughtfully chosen to create a harmonious environment that speaks volumes about the occupants’ creativity and global influences.