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Explore and Stay Cozy in the City With Seda Hotel

Wanting to explore the city? Check out this cozy hotel right in the center of Cebu! Click the video to see!


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The Ultimate Wine and Dine Experience at Enye

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There’s Only One Way to Go Korean

Designed to make travel better from the inside, out.

Of all the ways to go, what if you go Korean?

It’s hard to deny that South Korea holds a great deal of influence in the world today, so much that the term Hallyu Wave must have been something you’ve heard of at one point in recent years. While you may not be into the more-popular, colourful world of Korean Pop or well-written Korean Dramas, there’s a chance that you may be interested in the country’s fashion, skincare routines, makeup brands, or maybe even its cuisine.

The interest in South Korean culture has opened up a lot of opportunities for the country to proudly show the world what they have to offer—and the world wants to see it all, if the increasing number of tourists flying in to the country is any indication.

I’ve been to Korea a couple of times, and for trips, I’ve always flown with Korean Air. Speaking from experience, I found no parts of my voyages dissatisfying. When flying, surely you’d want everything to be in place for the whole voyage, beginning from the moment you book your ticket down to your arrival at your destination.

When you go Korean, there’s attention to every detail. While I typically don’t eat on the plane (as I prefer to take them before or when I get to my destination), I found myself appreciating the flag carrier’s in-flight meals, as they were clearly freshly-prepared and served with careful attention by the staff to suit each passenger’s needs. Comfort is a guarantee, and you get your own blanket should you feel chilly. All these create a memorable in-flight experience, which you can only get from Korean Air.

There are many ways to go, but only one way to go Korean.

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