Check Out These Makeup Tips from Raiza Contawi

Doing your make up can be a struggle, especially if you don’t know how. Raiza Contawi shares how she does her make up by matching the mood with the make up, it really does help too in choosing the right outfit.

If suns out, use lighter make up and light clothes. If feeling extremely feminine and sexy try adding something pink or red to add to the look. It matters on what your feeling first in order to pull of the whole look.  And since Korean style makeup has been in right now, it’s also a big hit for people who loves glitters and just by adding a simple brown eyeshadow or doing your eye brows can add a lot of pop to the look.

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TJ Delima
TJ Delima

Tj creates videos for Zee. Sometimes she's on the streets painting or shooting a film either way she's still tries to balance being creative. You can find her having a glass of ice coffee with her friends in that old creepy bar/house along Gorordo Avenue.


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