Apps to Amp Up Your Instagram Feed

Fact: we’re all guilty for posting only the aesthetic and feed-worthy photos on our Instagram feeds. There’s just this unexplainable want or need to make our Instagram feed an awesome-looking one. Some would say it’s purely influence and conformity, but to us, a consistent prismatic feed is art.

Take it from one of our favorite Instagram infuencers, Kymberly Maitland-Smith

Having a consistent feed not only tickles the feed-OCD in you, but it also provides you an avenue to show a piece of yourself and your creativity. It’s expression in a form of pictures, an outlet for self-fulfillment. When you like what you see, it brings a sense of accomplishment and joy (especially when it is something of our own doing, like your pretty feed).

To Instagram newbies or for those looking a fresh start for their feeds, what does it take to make one’s Instagram feed #GOALS? For starters, the lifeline of an Instagram feed is a photo. Think of a theme that you’d like your feed express and apply that in editing your photos.

We’ve asked Instagram users on what photo-editing apps they usually use to create feed-worthy photos. These are a few apps they suggested to make your Instagram account the best feed ever:

Step up with Adobe Afterlight

Afterlight is one of the best photo-editing apps widely used by Instagram influencers for their photos. The app lets you create simple adjustments to your photo. You can even create your own preset with Afterlight! You can do that through the feature called “Fusion”. If you’re aiming for a neutral-themed feed, this app may be good for you.

The famous VSCO

This is a widely-used photo editing app by Instagram users. VSCO has various adjustable presets both paid and free you can choose from. Aside from that, you have the option to edit your photo’s exposure, contrast, saturation, and other settings by using the app’s toolkit.

Go pro with Adobe Lightroom CC

This app is part of the Adobe family. This module lets you retouch photos by adjusting your photo’s exposure, color, etc. This app also lets you organize and synchronize the edits of your photos, too!

Get creative with Snapseed

A photo-editing app developed by Google, Snapseed is also one of the most used editing apps by Instagram users. It is also viewed by most critics as one of the best editing apps for photos, so there is no disappointment once you try this app out. One interesting feature of Snapseed is that it gives you the choice to customize your photo through selective editing, so you can go all out with your creativity with this app. And the best part? It’s absolutely free!

Subtlety with Foodie

So you’ve decided to pick a mouthwatering food theme for your Instagram feed. Well friend, Foodie is the perfect editor for food posts! It has so many filters you can choose from that would make your food post look extra delicious. But if you wanna break the rules, Foodie can still be used for other posts and can make your photos a little more saturated in color. Bonus feature, it has a silent camera shutter. (Wink!)

Kawaii feels with Snow

Snow is more or less the cuter version of Snapchat filters, perfect for selfie fanatics. It’s very similar to the Snapchat app, but it has more varied animation filters that are fun and cute. The app instantly turns your face kawaii as it softens and enhances your features.

It’s good to experiment on a couple of apps, so try them out and see what suits your style and theme. Remember, your feed an extension of yourself, so choose the app that helps you express your photos the way you like them to look and feel. Put in mind that as long as your photos and feed fit your liking and personality, then it’s a sure-fire winner.

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