5 Bag Essentials: What to Bring For Sinulog

We all know that on the day of Sinulog, roads near the parade route will be closed off, so everyone’s forced to go on foot around the city. Considering that, you wouldn’t want to carry a big bag full of unnecessary things. We’ve listed five essentials that you need in your bag for a hassle-free, full-fledged Sinulog experience.


Never leave your house with an empty pocket. It will help you survive all the way through. It’s also good that you don’t bring big bills; break it down into smaller bills and put it somewhere safe where pickpockets won’t get it.


After walking around the city the whole day, you’ll eventually need to replenish yourself. Bring your own bottle water or if you’ll buy one, make sure you throw it properly or put it in your bag until you find a waste bin.


You’ll never know if it’s going to rain on the Sinulog day. So to be safe, might as well bring your handy umbrella around or a cap if it’s too heavy. It’ll protect you from the heat.


Speaking of protecting yourself from the heat—bring sunblock. If you’ll be out the whole day, it will prevent your skin from getting sunburnt. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wet wipes/Tissue

It’s going to be hard to look for a clean comfort room on that day, so if you’re feeling like you really need to pee, it’s best to bring your own to ensure sanitation.

TJ Delima
TJ Delima

Tj creates videos for Zee. Sometimes she's on the streets painting or shooting a film either way she's still tries to balance being creative. You can find her having a glass of ice coffee with her friends in that old creepy bar/house along Gorordo Avenue.


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