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Zee’s Pick for the Week

Tickle Your Palate with Father’s Eggs

ZEE picks an interesting dessert for our reader’s sweet passions.  Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop by the Beach created a dessert specialty that will tickle both your palate and naughty thoughts.

Pastry Chef Gerard Apurado presented a unique treat for this year’s Father’s Day, it is called Father’s Eggs.  However, Father’s Eggs received highly positive feedback from their clientele and from food critics.  And the people could not stop ordering them; so why not make everyday a Father’s Day?

Father’s Eggs are delicately crafted custard inside an eggshell; plus, it comes in six different flavors:  coffee, pandan, strawberry, ube, plain custard, and mango.  However, each flavor is given a playful name by Chef Apurado.  The amazing part is that every flavor is so distinct and crave-worthy.  Chef Apurado is keeping the recipe a secret; but everyone can order Father’s Eggs at the Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop by the Beach Facebook page.

For other food stories, please check Chef Gerard Apurado’s blog


Photos by:  Rene Amodia and Ephraim Basbas

Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop by the Beach presents Father’s Eggs


Pastry Chef Gerard Apurado and his masterpiece, the Father’s Eggs.

The pastry commissary of Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop by the Beach preparing hundreds of orders of their famous Father’s Eggs. (photo grabbed from PB’s bakeshop by the beach FB page)


Father’s Eggs in Ube and Mango Flavours.


Father’s Eggs in Pandan and Coffee Flavours.


Ube, Mango, Strawberry, Plain Custard, Pandan, and Coffee.



ZEE’s Pick for the Week

A Chocolate Love Story

By  Allain Dumon Fonte


If I am to choose between “sex or chocolate”, the obvious choice is chocolate.  Who would choose sex over chocolate?  Everybody loves chocolate!  Thanks to Dr. James Baker who discovered how to grind cocoa beans in 1764.  This started the chocolate revolution.  Now, chocolates have evolved from drinks to cakes.

The Baker Chocolate Company history book by author Anthony M. Sammarco

Speaking of chocolate cakes, my friends know how I love them and how picky I am with chocolate cakes.  I want them smooth and silky to just slip from my lips to tongue and down to the throat. They must be sweet enough to tickle my taste buds but not too sweet to hurt my tonsils.  I also like my chocolate cake to be soft and tender that they melt in my mouth.  Most of all, I want my chocolate cake to be very moist.

It is quite challenging to find the perfect chocolate moist cake.  In my pre-pandemic travels, The Le Don Bock in Rue Dancourt in Paris has a chocolate moist cake that brings happy thoughts in every bite.  During the lockdown, I craved for Le Don Bock’s chocolate cake; until I found a chocolate moist cake in Cebu that satisfied my cravings.  It has ticked every criterion in what I am looking for in a perfect chocolate cake, and it is Beanleaf Coffee and Tea’s chocolate moist cake.

Beanleaf Coffee and Tea’s staff slicing the café’s renowned chocolate moist cake.

Beanleaf Coffee and Tea’s chocolate moist cake is a must try if you are in Cebu City.  From the taste to the softness, and to the silkiness, Beanleaf Coffee and Tea’s chocolate moist cake will surely raise the bar higher on chocolate cakes.

Photos by:  Ephraim Basbas

A slice of Beanleaf Coffee and Tea’s chocolate moist cake

Beanleaf Coffee and Tea’s chocolate moist cake with heart designs

Beanleaf Coffee and Tea’s  a-must-try cakes in different flavors: (clockwise from left:  blueberry cheesecake, chocolate moist cake, mango cheesecake, chocolate moist cake, and red velvet cake)

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ZEE’s Pick for the Week

What Can You Sai?

The ensaimada is probably one of the oldest pastries being served and is still enjoyed by many of us today.  For this week, Zee’s pick for the week is the famous Filipino afternoon delight, the ensaimada.  The ensaimada can be traced back to the 17th century.  Its origin is in Mallorca, Ballearic Islands in Spain.  The name ensaimada is rooted from the Catalan word saim which literally means pork lard.  This is because the basic ingredients in making an ensaimada are flour, water, sugar, eggs, mother dough, and a reduced pork lard.  Hence, ensaimada is one of the legacies left by the Spanish influences.

When we talk about ensaimada in Cebu, there is only one patisserie in town that is known worldwide for the softest, cheesiest, and tastiest ensaimada, and that is Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.  The hotel’s ensaimada was initially offered as a dessert or an afternoon pair to your cup of coffee; however, guests are mesmerized by the perfection of the ensaimada that they want to share the experience with their family and friends.  Now, anyone can order the world-renowned Marco Polo ensaimada in a box of 3 or in a box of 6 to bring home or to give as gifts.

Please check Marco Polo Plaza Cebu for the flavours, prices, and promotions of their ensaimada.


Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s world famous ensaimada. (Photo grabbed from Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s page)

The ensaimada paired with egg and cheese. (Photo grabbed from Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s page)

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ZEE’s Pick for the Week

Delight in Every Bite

Photos by Ephraim Basbas


Zee’s creative writer, Allain Fonte, was treated to a unique and sweet but healthful dessert.  Celebrity chef Tristan Encarnacion of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino crafted a masterpiece like no other, and it is the Avocado Cheesecake.  The avocado cheesecake is Chef Tristan’s signature confectionary treat to his patrons and followers; and is now Waterfront Hotel’s most sought-after last course.

The Avocado Cheesecake is perfect for anyone who is craving for a creamy, soft, and out-of-this-world kind of sweet dish.  Truly, the avocado cheesecake gives delight to every bite.

The avocado cheesecake can only be pre-ordered at Café Uno at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino or at the Waterfront Airport Hotel and Casino for only PhP790.00.

Please also check other cooking videos of Chef Tristan Encarnacion at Weekly Eats with Waterfront Chefs youtube channel.


Chef Tristan Encarnacion’s Avocado Cheesecake


A slice of the avocado cheesecake, showing its perfect texture.


Truly, the avocado cheesecake gives delight to every bite.

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