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Twinning: Luna van der Linden and Lotte Edwards

Luna van der Linden and Lotte Edwards give a sneak peek into the easy camaraderie of being twins, and divulge their individual fashion and beauty preferences—showing how to tell them apart despite being identical.

ON LOTTE Silk organza wrap by Jun Escario, gray maillot from Soak Swimswear and pearl necklace by Mia Arcenas; ON LUNA Organza wrap by Rei Escario, peach bikini from Soak Swimwear, and necklaces from Moy Studio; woven bags by Mia Arcenas)

ON LOTTE Silk organza wrap by Jun Escario, gray maillot from Soak Swimswear and pearl necklace by Mia Arcenas; ON LUNA Organza wrap by Rei Escario, peach bikini from Soak Swimwear, and necklaces from Moy Studio; woven bags by Mia Arcenas (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

The sun was barely rising over the horizon at Panglao Island, and already the Zee Lifestyle team is abuzz with activity. One of the Dream Villas at Be Grand Resort had turned into a boudoir of sorts—the four-poster bed had dresses hanging from its frame, while the comforter was covered with swimwear and accessories.

Despite the early hour, twin sisters Lotte Edwards and Luna Van Der Linden are cheerful and energetic, dancing to salsa music and admiring the outfits that were being laid out for them. The atmosphere is pretty pleasant, considering the good amount of traveling both women had to do the day before just to make it to the shoot—Luna had flown in to Cebu after an event in Boracay, while Lotte just got off a plane from Singapore.

Although identical twins, their individuality extends to their personalities. “Lotte is very feminine and glamorous, while I’m adventurous, spontaneous and sporty,” Luna explains. “As sisters, we challenge and learn from each other. She’s the best twin I could ever wish for.” To this, Lotte adds, “Our personalities are different, but we are also so much alike. Our cores are very similar. We are that close.”

The phenomenon of being twins will always stay interesting since most people will never know what it’s like to have, as Luna phrased, a wombmate. “There is an uncanny connection. I somehow feel what she is feeling,” Luna says. “When she is in pain, I know when to reach out and be there for her. It’s double the pain, but double the happiness too!”

“You’re never alone; you’ll always have that one person who connects with you at every level,” Lotte adds. And what’s the worst part about being a twin? “You’re never truly alone,” she laughs.

Their closeness is palpable as the two sit in for hair and makeup—Luna playfully teases Lotte for her looping playlist, and in return gets offered vitamins for sun protection by her sister. Now and then, they practice posing in front of the full-length mirror. “I haven’t done this in a while,” Lotte laughs. “I might not know how to do it anymore.”

Scalloped black maillot from Soak Swimwear (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

Scalloped black maillot from Soak Swimwear (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

Having modeled in their younger years, the twins are no strangers to the world of photo shoots. “Monch Ceballos groomed us,” Lotte recalls of their early days in the industry. “I’m very thankful for it—I wouldn’t know how the industry works nor the etiquette of the business without him.”

Although Luna continued on that path, Lotte found herself pursuing another passion, albeit in the same industry. “I became a buyer,” she shares. “After that, I realized I had a talent for design. It excited me. I would play around fabric and draping. Eventually, I got formal classes from
Oj Hofer, and with his support and my newfound talent, I opened my own business.”

With her breezy and elegant resort wear, Lotte’s creations were carried in Shangri-La resorts and hotels around the Philippines, and at designer Ana Liew’s SKYE Boutique at Orchard Central in Singapore. “My designs were very fluid and graceful, elegant and colorful.”

In pursuing another career, fashion designing had to take a backseat—Lotte is now the Brand Ambassador at ΟΝΕ15 Marina Club, an upscale marina in Sentosa Cove. “I handle all the events at Asia’s finest marina club,” she explains. “I handle the planning and creative stage, execution, inviting members and guests, and even hosting it. It’s mostly PR work, but I also do the planning of themes, which is really fun.”

Just last year, she brought in Cebu designers Jun Escario, Mia Arcenas and Dexter Alazas for a trunk show at the Singapore Yacht Show. Supporting Filipino talent on the Singapore stage means much to her. “I believe in the Filipino talent. I think it’s world-class and if we all work together—with none of this crab mentality—we can definitely show the world what we’ve got.” In the spirit of giving back, Lotte is an advocate of Style Your Soul, a movement which organized relief operations from Singapore for affected regions and victims of typhoon Yolanda.

Since starting out at ONE15 Marina Club, Lotte has been at the helm of several events and theme parties. “I also launched the only floating bar in Singapore, the Boater’s Bar, on weekends. So far, it has been successful—it’s become a weekend habit for some of Singapore’s glamorous set.” When she’s not busy working, Lotte does yoga regularly.

The position has landed her in what seems to be a beguiling lifestyle, but Lotte takes her work seriously. “Everyday always brings a new challenge, sometimes a welcome one and sometimes one I can do without. But I learn to cope,” she says. What’s one challenge that she usually finds herself facing? “For somebody who handles events and parties, the rain is my number one nemesis!”

“I love that [Luna is] very strong and loves adventures. I live vicariously through her. She always advises me to think positive all the time, and tells me the best is yet to come.” – Lotte

Being a Brand Ambassador in a yacht club where thousands come in from around the globe allows her to meet so many interesting people. “I like learning from them, seeing the world through their well-traveled eyes, learning about their culture. It’s very enriching!” Lotte shares. As a wine connoisseur, she finds meeting winemakers a particularly enjoyable experience. “I love learning about their wines and how each vineyard is different from another. It’s interesting!”

With everything that’s on her plate, she still hopes to be able to return to designing when she can. “I dream about going back, all the time. It’s always at the back of my mind. Maybe someday,” Lotte says, also admitting that her kaftans remain in circulation in her wardrobe. “It’s such a cliché, but they are perfect for Singapore’s humidity. But I guess I also designed them for lazy days when you don’t want to think too much about what to wear but still look stylish.”

For her part, Luna describes her occupation as, “Currently co-running the Chameleon modeling agency while being a housewife.”Although still modeling herself, Luna also manages models, booking them for events and shows. “More than that, I serve as their mentor,” she shares. “I teach them what I’ve learned over the years. It’s not just about grooming or walking the runway, but more about professionalism and how to handle yourself in public.”

Halter embroidered bikini by Soak Swimwear and necklace from Moy Studio (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

Halter embroidered bikini by Soak Swimwear and necklace from Moy Studio (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

Luna’s modeling experience certainly comes in to play as she poses for the lensman. “I actually enjoy photo shoots the most—from the creative aspect and the makeup, to playing with the lights and complex poses. But what’s important to remember, and I always tell my girls this, is that we shouldn’t be too critical of ourselves. In the end, we are all God’s beautiful creatures, flaws and all.”

With that in mind, Luna is actively pushing the Chameleon Modeling Agency into molding better talent. “The Chameleon Modeling Agency handles a number of beauties who all practice professionalism,” she shares. “We’re hoping to get our name out there for more collaborations
with top Filipino designers at the upcoming Manila Fashion Week, and we would like to participate in the Singapore Fashion Week more actively.”

Like Lotte, Luna is in a field that requires her to be extroverted, something she clearly excels at. “Meeting new people—models, designers and promoters—and being part of the creative aspect of the fashion world,” she enumerates as the things she enjoys most about her job. “It’s not all glitz and glamour, it’s a lot of hard work too. But then again, that’s the fun part.”

In between work, Luna remains on the move by subscribing to different fitness regimens. “Almost everyday is gym day, so I’m always in my sportswear. On any given day, I do yoga, boxing, running, skateboard, tennis, wall climbing—sometimes two things in one day.”

Their similar industries allow them to work together on some projects, an opportunity the twins thoroughly enjoy every time it comes up. “Some of the best events I have done were those with Lotte,” Luna reveals. “More recently, we did a fashion show for Fit for Fashion. We usually don’t walk for runways anymore, but it was for a good cause and it was styled by Queen Melo Esguerra in Singapore.”

The busy workload does take its toll as trials come with an active career. “Balancing my work life with my personal life is a challenge. We have to work around each other’s schedule and manage our calendars to make sure there is time for the things that truly matter,” Luna says, referring to Stephane Van Der Linden, her husband of almost six years, and their pets, ragdoll cat Paris and shih tzu Cosette. “In the end, I am aiming to combine a successful career with being a devoted wife. Luckily enough, we share the same passions—diving, traveling and trekking—which keep us closely connected.”

“There is an uncanny connection. I somehow feel what she is feeling. When she is in pain, I know when to reach out and be there for her. There is double the pain, but double the happiness too!” – Luna

Lotte too finds getaways the perfect time to connect with her husband Jason Edwards, and kids, eight-year-old Ethan Curtis and six-year-old Isabella Rose. “Family vacations are always the best! When I bring the kids to new places, they’re like me—they also love to swim, and play in the sand.”

Their close affinity to the sea becomes obvious in how comfortable they both are by Be Grand’s wide, sandy waterfront. “I remember how often we were at the beach when we were growing up,” Luna shares. “I learned to swim because my dad would throw coins into the sea, and we would dive down to get them. She also vividly remembers her tall Spanish grandfather, who she reckons was around 85 at the time, as he sat quietly by the pool. “I think he was either meditating or contemplating about life,” she muses.

With six other siblings in the brood, their childhood memories were ones of fun, as they recall how they developed an early taste for fashion and liked playing dress-up. Lotte adds, “We would dress up in our mom’s clothes and pose in front of the mirror.”

Both girls took up Tourism at the University of San Jose Recoletos, which had been their mom’s decision. “I was more attracted to the Arts, so I shifted to another course. My mom only found out two semesters after!” Luna laughs. “I guess it does somehow match what I do now, since I have dabbled in modeling, interior design and also took up makeup artistry classes in Singapore. All of those speak of my love for art and anything creative.”

On the other hand, Lotte ended up taking Political Science as a secondary course. “It’s pretty different from where I am now,” she admits. “Instead, I went on to open my own business in design, and designing is my passion.”

“I believe in the Filipino talent. I think it’s world-class, and if we all work together with none of this crab mentality, we can definitely show the world what we’ve got.” – Lotte

Although based elsewhere now—Singapore for Lotte and Manila for Luna—Cebu remains very much their home. “Cebu will always be home,” Lotte says. “My mom, my family and my loyal friends are there.”

“We are very lucky to have properties in Cebu, so we usually fly back on weekends and take the car to Mactan and buy fresh mangoes, lechon manok and hanging rice by the road, and hire a boat to go diving in Pandanon, Mactan Wall or any of the nearby sanctuaries,” Luna enthuses. Speaking of Cebu’s food and restaurants, she says, “My husband and I recently discovered a hole-in-the-wall on the road leading to Mactan. I’m not sure what it’s called, but they sell the freshest fish and seaweed at very reasonable prices.”

Lotte in turn mentions, “Anzani. The view from up there is amazing, and they serve really good wine. They have Quinto do Zambujeiro, my favorite wine. The food is always good, and you know that everything they serve is fresh.”

ON LUNA Off-shoulder pink dress, necklaces, cuffs and earrings by Mia Arcenas; ON LOTTE Yellow bandeau bikini from Soak Swimwear, fringed necklace from Moy Studio, and yellow cover-up, delicate chain necklaces and cuff by Mia Arcenas (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

ON LUNA Off-shoulder pink dress, necklaces, cuffs and earrings by Mia Arcenas; ON LOTTE Yellow bandeau bikini from Soak Swimwear, fringed necklace from Moy Studio, and yellow cover-up, delicate chain necklaces and cuff by Mia Arcenas (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

Their common favorite in Cebu is still the beaches. Both sisters would choose a tropical holiday over an adventure somewhere cooler, which explains their excitement about the shoot being at the Be Grand Resort in Panglao. “Something about the sound of the waves refreshes me,” Lotte confesses.

Luna found her second stay at Be Grand Resort equally enjoyable as her first time during the Christmas and New Year season, commenting about their friendly staff and the amazing facilities. “It’s beautiful,” Lotte adds. “The rooms are spacious and very chic. The staff are very welcoming and hospitable, and the seafood they served was mouthwatering.”

Having just opened the previous year, Be Grand Resort has become a preferred getaway place in Panglao, just off Alona Beach and tucked away in its own private cove. Its well-appointed rooms and a man-made river connecting the luxurious villas have all the makings of an indulgent beach holiday.

“It’s a perfect island paradise,” Lotte quips, also citing Boracay as another favorite. With those tropical vacation spots in mind, sunscreen and other skin protection products rank high on her list of travel essentials. “I also always bring my hats. They’re specially made in Ecuador and are perfect for any outfit.”

Both women are fond of wandering and Luna names Prague and Santorini as the next destinations on her list, while Luna shares that she’s always wanted to see the pyramids in Cairo.

The dynamic between the two is interesting to watch, their contrasting personalities actually somehow complementing each other. “Luna is the crazier one. She always love adventures and brings me for the ride,” Lotte shares about growing up together. “There was always some mischief everyday, and we never had a dull moment.”

That obviously didn’t come without a share of sibling squabbles. “My favorite memory of growing up with Lotte would probably be the fighting and the making up,” Luna laughs.

The differences they see in each other have actually become what they appreciate most now. “I love that she’s very strong and loves adventures. I live vicariously through her,” Lotte admits. “She advises me to think positive all the time, and tells me the best is yet to come.”

On Luna’s part, “Lotte’s very generous, direct and frank with me. She acts like my older sister, even though I was born ten seconds ahead of her.” She shares the best advice that Luna ever gave her: “Marry him.”

Both equally fabulous and hardworking, committed to career and family, and definitely empowered, the Delima twins may live separate lives in different cities but somehow stay connected. Despite being apart, that special bond that only twins share remains undoubtedly strong. After all, when you start your lives as “wombmates,” there really is no cutting those ties.


Halter embroidered bikini from Soak Swimwear, electric pleated top and palazzo pants by Mia Arcenas (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

Halter embroidered bikini from Soak Swimwear, electric pleated top and palazzo pants by Mia Arcenas (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

Everyday beauty regimen?
Luna: Sports. Sweating it out.
Lotte: I wash my face every night, even if I’m very tired. I always wash my face to let it breath while I’m sleeping.

A beauty product you can’t live without?
Luna: Chanel Les Beiges sheer powder.
Lotte: Tweezers. Grooming is very important.

Your favorite beauty look?
Luna: Dark eyes, dark red lips, dark hair and tanned skin.
Lotte: Curly big hair, dark smoky eyes and nude lipstick—dramatic and yet the nude lip gives a good contrast.

Whose beauty look do you admire?
Luna: J.Lo because she’s the best. I saw her at one of her concerts and she was amazing. She can get away with any look.
Lotte: J.Lo because she can just about get away with any look.

What looks makes you feel sexiest?
Luna: Tanned skin
Lotte: Red lipstick

Your personal style?
Luna: Elegant.
Lotte: Very experimental. I like mixing styles, trends and looks. I accessorize and dress to have fun and be myself.

Most used item in your closet?
Luna: Recently, I wear a lot of hats in different styles, shapes and colors.
Lotte: Not surprising, I suppose, but I wear my kaftans and other designs all the time.

Oldest thing in your closet?
Luna: I change my wardrobe regularly, so I guess the oldest thing I have in my closet is my wedding dress for obvious sentimental reasons.
Lotte: I still have stilettos from decades ago. They are good brands, so I can still actually wear them.

White kaftan and necklace by Mia Arcenas (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

White kaftan and necklace by Mia Arcenas (Photography by Jon Unson: Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016)

Your power outfit?
Luna: I don’t have a particular power outfit, but I believe that if you put a woman in the right shoes, she can conquer anything. So I do have power shoes—when I wear my YSL Tribute heels, I feel I can do anything.
Lotte: A suit from YSL. It’s all black, with slim pants.

Favorite brands?
Luna: Chanel and YSL
Lotte: Valentino and Balmain

Favorite local designers?
Luna: John Lasala, Oj Hofer and Jun Escario
Lotte: Oj Hofer and Jun Escario

Favorite place to bargain shop?
Luna: Bangkok
Lotte: Bali

If you were a fashion accessory, what would you be?
Luna: A hat, because it’s functional and pretty.
Lotte: I’d be a watch. You need it everyday, and the style always represents the wearer.

Best fashion advice you’ve received?
Luna: Be yourself and dress like a proper lady.
Lotte: Try not to wear brown with green—you will look like a tree.



by Shari Quimbo photography Jon Unson stylist Blaq Mafia makeup Lola Ley and Sumie Belbachir hair Jesse Egos locale Be Grand Resort Bohol
Originally published in Zee Lifestyle, June 2016. For back issues, subscribe via Magzter.


Cebu’s Young Professionals Share Fond Memories with Their Dads


by Allain Dumon Fonte

Each person has a unique relationship with their father.  Fathers become the world’s greatest ‘frienemy’ because they are usually strict and uptight while we are growing up; and as we mature, they become our coach, our drinking buddy, our conspirator against mom, and sometimes, our dads become our wingman.  For many of the generation XYZ and early millennials, bonding a strong relationship with their fathers can be challenging because their dads are the typical breadwinners who are always away for work, business trips, and office meetings.  However, these young professionals appreciate very much the tireless and selfless efforts of their fathers to provide more than what the family needs.  

In 2006, Jeffrey Rosenberg and Bradford Wilcox of the United States Health and Human Services for Children published a research about the importance of direct father-involvement in the mental health of children.  According to Rosenberg and Wilcox, “children who grow up with involved fathers are: 39% more likely to earn mostly A’s in school, 45% less likely to repeat a grade, 60% less likely to be suspended or expelled from school, twice as likely to go to college and find stable employment after high school, 75% less likely to have a teen birth, and 80% less likely to spend time in jail.”  

Yet, these group of Cebuano millennials and young professionals will prove this research otherwise as their share their fond memories and unforgettable moments with their dads.  Some of them lost their fathers at a young age while others developed closed relationships with their fathers after their dads retire from work.  But no matter how short or how rare they spend their time with their dads, these young leaders attribute their success and are incredibly grateful to their fathers for molding them who and what they are now.

Atty. Elaine Mae Bathan

Atty. Elaine Mae Bathan (Professor of International Human Rights Law and Assistant Dean, School of Law, University of San Jose-Recoletos)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: I am the youngest of 5 siblings with significant age gaps. I grew up with daddy being away for work, but he gave up his promising career in broadcast media in Davao to bring our family safely back to Cebu during the martial law. He also gave up his position in Manila to spend time with us. His greatest gift to us was his devotion to our family and always putting us first before himself. He strived to provide for our family, and we continue to enjoy the fruits of what he labored. To this day, we value family above all things and continue to live the legacy he left behind. 

I have been fortunate that even when Daddy was sick, he lived long enough to see me become a lawyer and continue his passion in broadcast media through my radio program. To this day, I feel a part of him in me every time I go on board or when I am asked to speak in front of an audience. Each time I take the stage, I make sure I give my best knowing that Daddy is comfortably watching over me in heaven. All that I do and all that I will be will always be in memory and honor of the man worth my tears but has never made me cry, my dad.

Drew Weigel Sarmiento with his dad, Congressman Edgar Sarmiento

Drew Weigel Sarmiento (International Disc Jockey, Fitness and Wellness Blogger, Entrepreneur)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: The most recent unforgettable moment with my dad is when he was first elected and formally proclaimed as the Representative of the First District of Samar. I remember how before his hand was raised, he approached the image of Our Lady of Fatima, prayed first silently and alone in the Provincial Comelec office which brought the entire room to silence. That to me was unforgettable because it showed his deep faith and character. That moment showed how important his faith is and that his public service is centered of being God fearing and sincere service to others.

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: My siblings and I got him his favourite libation. I personally got him sportswear since he is a fitness fanatic.

Lianne Sala’s Family: (from right to left) Nito (Dad), Josie (mom), Ivan (Brother), Pilar (sister) and Lianne

Lianne Sala (Musician, Artist, and Founder of Sistemang Filipino Incorporated)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: Hiking up a mountain with him and some educators when I was about 11. But also, the few moments we get to discuss faith or culture. 

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: We shall celebrate Father’s Day with his favorite dishes, and gift him with a mix of printed literature.

Jeric with Dad Richard Cervantes, and mom Jennifer Aznar Cervantes

Jeric Anjo Aznar Cervantes (Singer, Musician, and Jet Ski Racer)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: my most unforgettable moment with my dad was when we went camping in Kalanggaman Island in Leyte.  We traveled by boat and jet skis and camped there.  It was one of the best experiences.  We did not need cellphones or other distractions, just some good old-fashioned camping with the family.  My father has always taught us to be nature lovers, and indeed he has influenced us to be explorers of nature!

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: My dad is not really into receiving gifts since he is mostly the one giving gifts to people.  But, if there is one thing that I can give to my dad on Father’s Day, it would not be anything material.  I am giving my dad a letter to thank him for being the best dad in the world, and for teaching me and my siblings to value and love nature and this world we are living in.  I believe that it is the best gift.

Dr. Vida Redulla-Manapsal with her dad, Dr. Vidal Redulla

Dr. Vida Redulla-Manapsal (Medical Doctor)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: My dad, having 4 daughters, used to let us play “beauty parlor” while he took a nap. We would color his nails with crayons, put clips in his hair, etc. One time, in the middle of his nap, he got called to the hospital for an emergency. He took out the clips and went out. He could not understand why the resident doctors with him kept snickering. Turns out he had forgotten that each of his nails was a different Crayola shade. He did not get upset at all but rather he just laughed his head off. He still talks about it now.

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: I unfortunately was not able to buy a gift for my dad, so I am giving him the gift of time by paying him a visit. I am so glad it is now safer to do so since I and my parents are fully vaccinated already.

Atty. Wilbert Dumon with his dad, Former Provincial Board Member, Hon. Victor Dumon

Atty. Wilbert Dumon (Senior Partner for Dumon, Dumon-Fernandez, and Associates Law Firm)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: When he rushed me to the hospital when I was 6 years old after I had an accident at my grandfather’s ancestral home. I can still remember him carrying me in his arms.

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: I will give him all my love and attention as he is getting older together with my mom.

Bee Urgello

Bee Urgello (Supermodel, Fashion Blogger, and Financial Advisor)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: My most unforgettable moment with my dad was when he finally accepted me as a trans woman. I will always be thankful for that gift of love. No gift or moment can ever surpass that for me. 

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: It is always a struggle to find gifts for my dad every occasion. What can you get someone who can buy anything he wants? I cannot afford to buy vintage cars or aircrafts (hahaha).  The best gift I can probably give him aside from lunch or dinner are quality time and being an obedient and loving daughter.

Rowell Ucat visiting his dad

Rowell Ucat a.k.a. Medyo Maldito (Social Media Influencer, Songwriter)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: I remember the day when my Papa taught me how to ride a bicycle; at that time, he was my hero. He also taught me to appreciate the adventures in life. 

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: Father’s Day this year is also my Papa’s 16th death anniversary.  I am thinking a lot about him and reflecting on some of the memories we shared while I was growing up.  Since he is no longer with us, I will celebrate Father’s Day with my mama (who also stood as my papa) and by giving mama an iPad so she can watch more of our videos in a bigger screen. Happy Father’s Day in heaven, Papa!

Meme Dakay and her dad Mr. Benson Dakay

Mary Ann Rose “Meme” Dakay (Jewelry Designer, and Vice President-Operations and Creative Director at Shemberg, and Chief operating officer and New business Development at Shemberg marketing corporation)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: My most unforgettable moment with my dad would be when we flew to Paris together and explored the city! It was my first time there; I was 14 years old. He made me try a lot of his favorite food in the city.  It was definitely a father-daughter bonding trip!

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: A tribute about him on what an amazing father he is!

Rayland Duarte

Rayland Duarte (Proprietor and Managing Director of Sushi Mashita Co.)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: Most memorable moment was probably the phone call that I had with him. I was dead frustrated about my work, and I felt that I was not in the right place.  He told me to quit my job and its okay. You belong wherever you are happy and where you can utilize the talents you have. Money will always be money. Time is more precious my son.

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: Since he is staying in Manila, and I am in Cebu. I asked my friend to arrange a food delivery service to give him a Father’s Day surprise.

Atty.  Georgia May Herrera-Klepp

Atty.  Georgia May Herrera-Klepp (Television NEWS Anchor, Notary Public, and Partner at BOHR-SC attorneys at law)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: My dad used to travel a lot and he would make it a point to travel with just a hand carried bag. He hated waiting for his luggage at the airport. When I was pregnant with my first child and the first grandchild child in the family, Aidan, my dad was still in the U.S. for a long vacation trip.  He came home surprising Andy and I with boxes of gifts for Aidan. He hand-carried a sheep rocking chair because he already exceeded weight allowance from all the stuff he got for his first ‘Apo’. He even brought home a highchair that he said should be left in his house for Aidan to use when he comes to visit.   My dad is not big on words or display of affection, So I think that was the sweetest my dad has ever done.

Georgia Herrera’s father, Former Vice Governor of Bohol, Atty. Julius Ceasar Herrera with her husband, Andy Dumon-Klepp

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: There is nothing materially I can give that he does not have already.  He knows how loved and grateful I am for everything he has done for the family. The best gift that I give him every day and forever is my service to him.  Sounds weird but YES to always be sure to help him and to do what he asked of me. To take care of him and my mom just like they did when I was growing up.

Doyzkie with his siblings and his dad, Jose Buenaviaje

Doyzkie Buenaviaje (Blogger at Tasty Cebu PH, Marketing Communications Manager at Clover Creatives PR & Events and Owner/Blogger at Doyzkie Buenaviaje)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: When we were kids, my dad brings us everywhere! And when we were growing and studying, we were not able to travel as much. Just a few years back, my dad and I started a tradition to travel somewhere for his birthday, which falls really close on Father’s Day. The trip on 2019 before the pandemic happened to be the most unforgettable because we did a tri-country backpacking for 15 days, and I love how he enjoyed the experience. My dad is friendly, and he easily got along with my local friends on my favorite cities I have been. When we got back from the trip, he had so many stories to tell his grandchildren.

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: I got my dad a comfy sneakers to use for the upcoming adventures we shall be going when it’s safe to travel again.

Lakambini Chiu with dad and sister Kim Chiu

Lakambini Chiu (Managing Director at Julie’s Bakeshop and Managing Director at Potato Corner US)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: Unforgettable moment is when he give us the opportunity to live in this beautiful World that God has created. 

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: I will give Him back the opportunity to be grateful and thankful for what we have, and what we are now. And that is what you call TIME…

Chef Gerard Apurado presenting his famous FATHER’s EGGS pastry that is only available at the Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop by the Beach

Chef Gerard Apurado (Pastry Chef at Plantation Bay’s Bakeshop by the Beach)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: My father would always invite me to spend time with him over a bottle of beer—It is safe to say that  most of my wisdom came from my father, he has always been a streetwise (I’m sorry mom!) and probably the most unforgettable moment I had with him is our conversation right after graduation, and I can still remember his words, “as you embark in this new phase in your life, and when you found a job, I would appreciate if you don’t give me money, spend your money for yourself and your experiences for I am still well and able to finance myself, it’s never your responsibility to raise me”. Those words struck me.

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: I would not give any material things, when travel eases, I will visit home and spend more time with him over a bottle of beer again. I have always missed having those conversations with him. Time well spent and substantial conversations with an important person in our lives is something all of us long for.

Kris Janson with her dad

Kris Tiffany Janson (Former Financial Analyst for San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp., Beauty Queen, Ramp and Print Model)

Q: What is your most unforgettable moment with your dad?

A: I have so many fond memories of my Papa and I cannot easily pick but what comes to mind was when I joined my first pageant because he went all out in supporting me. Back then social media was not the top priority when you would think about promoting or advertising a product or the candidate you support. He printed out photos of me to show to his workmates and to ask for support.

Q: What will you give your dad on Father’s Day?

A: I will send him prayers like I do every night. I know he is in a better place, and I hope that he is proud of me and the woman that I have become.

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EXCLUSIVE: Never Been Released Behind-the-Scenes photos of Zee Lifestyle’s Emerald Issue Cover Shoot

Photographer Jan Gonzales, Margie Lhuillier, June Alegrado, Kryz Uy, Mia Arcenas, Amparito Lhuillier and Alice Woolbright

We celebrate the strength and resilience of womanhood in this year’s Mother’s Day by looking back at these never been seen before behind-the-scenes shots of  Zee Lifestyle Magazine’s Emerald (20th Anniversary) Issue cover shoot featuring the “Leading Women” of Cebu.



To celebrate the 20 beautiful years of Zee Lifestyle as the ultimate source of lifestyle news in Cebu, we handpicked 12 strong and stylish women of Cebu from every age group. These women show us that independently building one’s strength of character and living one’s passion knows no age. From the beginning, Zee has always been empowering women, providing the Cebuanas a platform to express their beauty and confidence, share their passions, engage in economic and political participation which yields to viewing women with equality and respect that we deserve.

photography Jan Gonzales
creative director Melo Esguerra
art director Doro Barandino
sittings editor Shari Quimbo
beauty director Romero Vergara
makeup Arnauld, Janice Barillo and Nicko dela Peña
hair Jessie Egos and Jake Arias
fashion styling Clint Potestas
production assistants Patty Taboada and Katrina Labra
locale Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Cebu

Twelve women, two sets and one afternoon. That is how the Zee Lifestyle team decided to celebrate the title’s 20th anniversary issue—with a challenge that, in some ways, is one of our biggest productions yet.

The idea came along when publisher Eva Gullas and editor-at-large Melo Esguerra were discussing a cover story that would best represent the magazine’s history. From commissioning artistic depictions on Cebu to playing with the anniversary’s emerald theme, no idea had stuck until Melo suggested putting a series of women who had already been on the cover of Zee, again on the cover all together.

Oj Hofer and Margot Osmeña

Kryz Uy

Coming up with the list of names, of course, was no small feat. Our covers from the last 20 years have included several strong personalities—from philanthropists and politicians, to actors, and names to soon watch out for, our pages have seen them all. The challenge, then, was to come up with a list of women who had been driving forces in their respective fields when they had first appeared on the cover, and remain as powerful players even today.

Amparito Lhuillier, Kryz Uy, Alice Woolbright, Margot Osmeña and June Alegrado all wearing MIRANDA KONSTANTINIDOU

Photographer Jan Gonzales and creative director Melo Esguerra

With input from editors, both past and present, we rounded up 12 women from different age groups, fields and industries, who are all strong and passionate at whatever it is they do—Amparito Lhuillier, who remains the doyenne of Cebu society as a picture of elegance and class with her continuing efforts in business and social causes; the always-stylish Marguerite Lhuillier, herself an example of sophistication in all her efforts, whether business or otherwise; Margot Osmeña, who as a Cebu City Councilor has spearheaded many urban projects directed for the betterment of living in the city; hospitality mavens June Alegrado and Alice Woolbright, who are deeply involved in the rise of their brands, Bluewater properties and Beverly Hotel, respectively; Christina Garcia Frasco, the current Lilo-an Mayor advocating impressively progressive efforts in the area; former model Fiona King, now a major player in homegrown real estate with projects like Bloq Residences; the fitness enthusiast Danessa Onglatco who has espoused wellness with the opening of Yogahub; restaurateur Carla Yeung-McKowen who is behind the city’s hottest dining outlet, The Pig & Palm; designer Mia Arcenas, whose signature resort wear and accessories are representative of Cebu’s laid back lifestyle; Kym Maitland-Smith, who juggles efforts in swimsuit design through SOLTI Activewear and is building awareness for the vegan lifestyle; and Kryz Uy, whose online presence was a strong one even before fashion blogs were on anyone’s radar.

Kymberly Maitland-Smith

Makeup Artist Romero Vergara, June Alegrado and Hair Stylist Jessie Egos

An impressive bunch, for sure. These women properly embody the characteristics that Zee Lifestyle looks for in one who makes the cover—beauty, yes, but also elegance coupled with individuality, and always a strong drive to succeed in whatever efforts they are directed.

This, it turns out, was the fitting tribute to the years Zee has been Cebu’s premier lifestyle bible, as well as a sign of the things forthcoming. Our 12 cover stars may have been on our pages before, but if their current efforts are any indication, our pages will continue to see more of them in the future. And as continuing purveyors of what Cebu has to offer, Zee Lifestyle will happily be seeing them in the years to come.

FROM LEFT Marguerite wears CARY SANTIAGO; June wears PHILIP RODRIGUEZ; Mia wears MIA ARCENAS; Kryz wears ELIZABETH HALLIE; Amparito wears MONIQUE LHUILLIER; Alice wears PHILIP RODRIGUEZ; Fiona wears VANIA ROMOFF; Margot wears PHILIP RODRIGUEZ; Danessa wears OJ HOFER; Carla wears ALICE+OLIVIA; Christina wears DINO LLOREN

(This article had already been published in Zee Lifestyle’s December 2016 Emerald Issue, “Leading Women” on pages 140-155.)

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La Liga Henerales: Shaping History Awareness Back Again in Cebu

La Liga Henerales is a community of young talents passionately promotes historical awareness through periodic costumes carefully researched for its authenticity and accuracy and promoted as well in events and schools.

Only few individuals before were into pursuit in this historical awareness project until the age of communication where internet is convenient in the palm of our hands through our gadgets. New information travel fast and data is retrievable, yet also possess a disadvantage with the plethora of different social media platforms carried by various makers as well. In a daily basis, historical backgrounds are unearthed making its trend until now as new discoveries are released, but the idea of these information being shown and shared is as close as not valuing or commemorating to its sources leaving this information just a trend.

There is a certain community of Cebuanos that are taking a quest to rewrite and restructure what was in the past, filling the gaps in facts with further research of variable sources that are made debatable but sticks to it true cause, to unveil the truths of our heritage and our origins, as Cebuanos and as Filipinos as well.

La Liga Henerales is a Cebu-based, non-profit organization composed of a group of talented, committed and respectable individuals from different walks of life, schools and profession whose primary aim is to promote both, Cebuano and filipino culture and heritage that was depicted before in pre-colonial and colonial eras via re-enactment with costumes vested in proper research and investigation to achieve authenticity. They also push their cause on schools and other social gatherings promoting and spreading awareness about our local, and national heroes that we look up to. With these said, they also portray a closer look of the lifestyle of the past to where they perform stories, perform forgotten dances and rituals and portray their individual roles, vital in the fight of our country’s future during those challenging times, and in honor to spread awareness of the lost practices we had in those times.

The Founder

Combining passion and education. Louis Villaflor re-enacts his way patriotism through his periodical costumes and expresses his love for Cebu and Philippines as a culture-centric country.

Louis Kenneth Villaflor, an entrepreneur and an avid history enthusiast and costumer, founded the group on the purpose of re-educating the youth about real local and national history, he saw the opportunity to combine his favourite hobbies which is costuming and story role-playing and the process to instill the historical awareness and value among the youth and in schools, along with a group of fellow enthusiasts who shares his passion about research and history, they took it among themselves to be purposeful in the advocacy in spreading historical awareness in schools or events by wearing periodically correct costumes and sharing the stories and its value to the youth.

Behind the Garments

With the its senior expertise of fashion design and a teacher of the field, his passion also of history caters also in his designs as he pushes through sustainable fashion and historical awareness combined.

Meet Rodney “Pee-Wee” Senining, who has been in the fashion industry since the late 90’s, strives  in concepts of avant-garde, innovation and cutting edge-fashion forward design. And also a teacher of Architecture, Fine Arts and Design of University of San Carlos, he had grown into research of books like the holy grail in the Library Resource Center and is always fascinated of the periodical times and how to preserve it; Hence, his interest had grown for the affinity of Periodical Costumes and Sustainable Fashion.

 Being part of the group La Liga Henerales, he was tasked to instantly be their mentor for the young talents and as the organization is still new and developing with limited funds, resourcefulness and research were done to come up with a good output of photo shoot and was quite proud of it and still promise on the next editions of pieces to be more historically accurate. Even as teacher for Fashion Design in SAFAD, his expertise comes hand in hand with the members as he helps them do research as well. His passion and interest somehow led him with enough knowledge to key the insights of the significant periods and historical backgrounds of it.

Historical Awareness in Cebu

The strength and progress of a country is anchored on how well they know and honor its history. The means of historical awareness in Cebu is almost non-existent among the Cebuanos, although we push forward in tourism and promote beauty through sceneries and other aspects of culture yet never commemorate deeply on historical icons such as our other local heroes, and ancient cultures as well that is almost been forgotten in an urban Cebu. Nevertheless, as long as communities’ like La Liga Henerales are now evolving in a learning state by real discovery by multiple resources, this will always reflect of how we appreciate love, patriotism and honor to our country and would look forward to progress.


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