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Playing Tourist in Davao

There may be numerous tourist destinations all over the world, but the Philippines also offers more than enough of them—and they’re nearer too. Davao, in particular, has certain richness in its history and culture worth immersing in.

Check out a guide to the best Davao experience.



Eden Nature Park is a mountain resort located 3,000 feet above sea level. Spread out over an 80-hectare land in Toril, Eden offers numerous resort activities and facilities, such as a fishing village, a swimming pool, an amphitheater, flower and butterfly gardens, a deer park and a mountain trail.

MUST TRY: Skycycling. For Php 200.00 per person, get to ride a bicycle over a zip line.

Barangay Eden, Toril, Davao City

Verbascum thapsus, also known as Wedding Candles

Verbascum thapsus, also known as Wedding Candles

The Philippine Eagle Center is home to 36 Philippine eagles, 18 of which are captive-bred. It also houses grass owls, Brahminy Kites, the long-tailed macaque (monkey), Philippine deer and a crocodile. It simulates a tropical rainforest environment, offering visitors a glimpse of the country’s forest ecosystem.

MUST VISIT: Biasong, a majestic Philippine eagle that has an amputated wing.

Davao City

Biasong, one of the main attractions at the Philippine Eagle Center

Biasong, one of the main attractions at the Philippine Eagle Center

The fishing village at Adecor, Samal Island is famous for the 3,500 taclobo (clams) scattered around a 14-hectare area. Go snorkeling into the clear turquoise waters to see these clams and the pearls inside.

GETTING THERE: Take a boat bound for the Island Garden City of Samal at the Sta. Ana Wharf

The Public Safety and Security Command Center provides protection, security, safety and risk management to the people in Davao City. Likened to the homeland security in the United States, the Command Center houses the 911 services, as well as monitors the city through the almost 200 high-definition CCTV cameras stationed in Davao’s entry and exit points, and major intersections.

Daang Patnubay, Davao City

Davao City's Public Safety and Security Command Center

Davao City’s Public Safety and Security Command Center


Penong’s Seafood & Grill is a native-themed restaurant well known for its delicious and juicy pork and chicken barbeque. With several branches all over Davao, it pioneered the unlimited rice concept, which eventually became a fad with other restaurants in Davao. It also encourages diners to clap their hands twice to get the waiters’ attention, as opposed to calling out for them.

TIP: Not going to Davao anytime soon? Penong’s has a branch at the corner of Juana Osmena and Escario Streets, right across the Best Western Plus Lex Cebu.

Jack’s Ridge is a local hangout famous for is commanding views of Davao City at night. It used to be the headquarters of the Japanese forces during World War II, as the location allowed them to see when the American ships anchoring on the Davao Gulf. The main restaurant, Taklobo, offers Filipino favorites such as grilled tuna, sinigang and kinilaw.

CHECK OUT: The remains of an old Japanese plane that crashed into the ridge.

Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao City

Taklobo Restaurant at Jack’s Ridge (Photo courtesy of Jack’s Ridge Davao)



Davao’s most famous coffee shop, Blugré is known for serving the durian coffee, a truly unique concoction that samples Davao’s most polarizing delicacy, the durian. Whether you’re a fan of the fruit or not, the Durian Cappucino and the Durian Arctic Blasts are must-trys.

ALSO CHECK OUT: Their durian-infused pastries, especially the Durian de Leche Cheesecake.

Saging Repablik is a specialty restaurant serving ‘Sagingese’ cuisine—innovating the menu with the addition of bananas. The banana twist extends from the appetizers to the entrees, and from desserts to the drinks. Of course, a banana-inspired place wouldn’t be complete without bananaque, and at Saging Repablik, they elevate this street food favorite through the Create Your Own Bananacue Station.

MUST-TRY: Cavendish chips with your choice of two dips.

V. Mapa St., Poblacion District, Davao City

Make your own bananacue at Saging Repablik

Make your own bananacue at Saging Repablik (Photo courtesy of Saging Repablik)


The White House is the newest fine-dining restaurant, offering Asian-European fusion cuisine. It’s also a landmark, with the historical value of the European-inspired house that was faithfully restored and turned into a restaurant. The sprawling place, tucked into a quiet corner in the heart of the city, is the perfect venue to relax and have a drink.

MUST-TRY: Sashimi and bento boxes

Camella Northpoint, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City

One of the function rooms on the second floor of The White House

One of the function rooms on the second floor of The White House


A shopping market located at the heart of the city, Aldevenco offers all the possible souvenirs tourists would want to take home, including delicacies, malongs, woven bags and wallets, and jewelry.

CHECK OUT: For more unique souvenirs like chests and traditional weapons, check out their antique shops.

Claro M. Recto cor. Manuel Roxas Avenues, Davao City


Park Inn by Radisson Hotels offers a vibrant, friendly environment that provides both business and leisure travelers with the affordable hotel experience they desire. It has a bridgeway offering guests direct access to the SM Lanang Premier, one of the biggest shopping destinations in Davao.

Asian Highway 26, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City


The standard room at the Park Inn by Radisson (Photo courtesy of Park Inn)

The standard room at the Park Inn by Radisson (Photo courtesy of Park Inn)


The Seda Hotel Abreeza is located at the heart of the city, offering convenience and luxury for business travelers and tourists. It’s right across the Abreeza Ayala mall, another major shopping center in Davao.

Abreeza Ayala Business Park, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City


The twin room at SEDA Hotel Abreeza

The twin room at SEDA Hotel Abreeza (Photo courtesy of SEDA)


AirAsia Zest flies to Davao from Manila thrice daily, and from Cebu twice daily. For bookings, visit

text and photos by Patty Taboada


Club Serena: A ‘Serene Luxury’ Experience in the Heart of Cebu’s Diving Mecca

photography by GPA Art and Photography

A three-hour drive, or more, depending on traffic, the fishing town of Moalboal in the southwest of Cebu Island is an extremely popular destination for divers and weekenders who love the white sand and pink sunsets. It is also a favorite place to stay for expats looking for a laid-back life of endless coffees or cocktails.

Thankfully, the big chain resorts haven’t discovered it and places to stay are mostly small family-run resorts. But if pampering is what you are looking for, there is only one hotel to book in Moalboal. Club Serena Resort is a 1.7-hectare beachfront property perched above coral rocks, presenting a unique union of luxurious accommodations and a host of activities to be enjoyed. This hidden gem is reached through a dirt road away from the main highway. Fronting a wide swath of white sand beach, it is an easy walk past several smaller resorts to reach the main town.

Recently renovated by noted architect James Jao, the new Club Serena has 17 rooms, three swimming pools, a restaurant, and a beachfront event space, all designed with modern Filipino aesthetic. On the drawing board are more rooms to be added, an expansion of their modern dive shop, and their popular Kids’ Club program. Their food outlet, Mira, offers all-day dining, favorite among visitors and locals, as well as the growing expat community that has settled in Moalboal. 

Club Serena offers diving courses for adults and kids by their resident operator, Seven Seas Aquanauts Phil. Corp, a PADI 5 accredited diving facility operating since 1988. For a complete list of the courses and their rates, please call (+63) 917.872.6367 or (+63) 905.459.5307.

The resort encourages above-water activities as well, and they have several paddle boards and kayaks available for guests to use.

For rates and more information, visit or email or (+63) 917.872.6367 or (+63) 905.459.5307. You can also visit their Facebook page for updates.

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This is How the M.I.C.E. Alliance Initiative will Lift Boracay to New Heights

Leveling up Boracay in more ways than one

by Ryan Daniel R. Dablo

Saying the name “Boracay” instantly casts a spell, taking the listener to a daydream of immaculate, pale beaches, swaying palm trees, the music of breaking waves, and the vacation of a lifetime. The tropical island Eden is storied and renowned – a difficult enchantment to lift from any wayward tourist’s mind. But what if we were to tell you that Boracay is so much more? Can you build upon perfection? Yes, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is how. 

One is never too far away from the beach! BNCC is only a stone’s throw away from the Boracay Newcoast Beach front.

Boracay Newcoast Convention Center (BNCC), located at the heart of Boracay Newcoast will soon host the biggest conventions, exhibitions and other large-scale events in the island starting second quarter of 2022.

After the difficulties of the past few years, the stage is finally set for a massive Boracay reboot. The creative gears turn once more, and this time they will catapult our favorite beach capital to new heights. The cornerstone of this renaissance is the M.I.C.E. Alliance initiative, short for meetings, incentives, conferences and conventions, and events and exhibitions. The establishment of the Boracay M.I.C.E. Alliance will allow focused efforts in creating sustainable and eco-sensitive tourism development projects while synergizing with stakeholders to create long-term solutions and opportunities for all partners. The alliance is set to drive awareness, readiness, and expansion of product offerings that will be crucial in making the island competitive with other M.I.C.E. destinations. Working closely with the Department of Tourism Region VI and the Tourism Promotions Board, the alliance is primed to provide support to the areas that are involved in this major undertaking.

Cleofe Albiso, Boracay M.I.C.E Alliance Chairperson

BNCC enjoys state-of-the-art facilities and can accommodate about a thousand guests depending on set-up and conduct multiple events at a time.

No one is more emphatic than M.I.C.E. Alliance chairperson Cleofe Albiso in describing how the different sectors of Boracay are pivoting from tourism to tourism plus. In brief, Boracay is challenging its own boundaries to become not just the pre-eminent tourist destination but also a corporate and business mecca. Turns out, if a venue is grand enough to host a wedding, wouldn’t it be just as grand to host a white-collar conference? Sky’s the limit for possibilities like this. At this moment, the island is abuzz with networking and making connections, training and empowering the hospitality services, polishing the infrastructure, revving up the transportation facilities, and all-around gearing up to go toe-to-toe with other M.I.C.E. hubs and be worthy of the tagline, “the best place for M.I.C.E. in a tropical paradise.” All hands are on deck and – after the extended global hiatus thanks to the pandemic – everyone is ready, nay, eager to meet and greet the guests. And, of course, we would be remiss not to point out that Boracay is more than halfway through completing such a tall order. The island is as well-oiled a machine as it could be, boasting 294 DOT-accredited hotels and resort, a staggering 4,500 seating capacity for meetings and conventions, and 12,400 room keys available in the island. Talk about volume! Plus, Boracay is already postcard-perfect, the very stuff that vacation dreams are made of. Why not turn the dial up to eleven and let it become a compass point for more than a summer getaway? This is the logical next step in realizing its vision of being not just a place to be, but the place to be.

Savoy Hotel Boracay like Belmont Hotel, and the soon to open Chancellor Hotel is also walking distance away from BNCC making it an ideal spot for both business and leisure trips.

So, yes, by all means think of the idyllic strolls on the beach, the luxurious caress of the ocean as you free-dive, the sheer delight of sand and surf while island-hopping, the adrenaline rush of aquasports, parasailing, cycling, or driving an ATV up Boracay’s foothills, the psychedelic glow of fire-dancing and party lights at night, the breathtaking sunsets, the larger-than-life adventures, or the hundred other ways it can lavish or reinvigorate your soul. Think of all of that, and then some. Because Boracay has its eyes on something greater: it is poised to become the premier starting point and last stop for tourism, entertainment, corporate gatherings, exhibits, and any other event the imagination can dream of. 

Paradise Garden’s Mabuhay Convention Center can fit 850 guests at a time.

For corporate set-ups, a 60 person function room is also available at the Isla Function Room of Paradise Garden.

Think of your company meeting. Now, think of your company meeting and the fun that’ll ensue right after. Picture that in the most scenic of vacation spots. Tempted already? Who wouldn’t be? You’re already in paradise. With business here and leisure literally just a stone’s throw away – heaven on earth, wouldn’t you say? 

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For Our Next Travel Destination, We Dream About Koh Samui in Thailand

Impressive views of the Gulf of Thailand welcome you at the Arrival Sala

Silent Sanctuaries

Mayenne Carmona discovers the Four Seasons Resort in Koh Samui is a quiet oasis to recharge and rejuvenate…

What does one expect from a Four Seasons Resort? Everything! Firstly, it will definitely be ranked no less than a five-star hotel or resort. Most importantly, it would not fall short of all your expectations: excellent cuisine, topnotch comfort at your fingertips in a well-appointed villa, courteous staff who offer impeccable service, and every other detail you could possibly need—down to the last cotton bud. After all, a Four Seasons Resort is always designed by a top-rated architectural team and interior designers.

The moment I stepped into the Four Seasons Resort at Koh Samui, I felt all my cares washed away by the soft waves of the bluest sea. The fresh air cleared my sinuses in no time, and the gentle breeze was a much needed caress to a tired mind and body. It was truly paradise regained for me and my friends. We were a motley group of career-oriented people who needed a much-awaited break from work, and this was the perfect choice for us.

Each Villa has a butler to cater to the guests’ every whim. The afternoon we arrived, we requested a sunset dinner by the beach, and much like a genie, our butler whipped up a romantically set candlelit dinner for six. A five-course delicious Thai dinner was prepared by their well-trained chef.

Our days were spent languishing by the beach, having daily massages, attending yoga classes, doing water sports and enjoying every bite of Thai cuisine. Golf carts transported us wherever we wanted to go within the resort. This vacation brought all my senses to another realm, and restored a weary soul to perfection. 

Four Seasons Koh Samui, I look forward to seeing you again!

Koh Samui is the third largest island of Thailand in the scenic Gulf of Siam. It is a 45 minute flight from Bangkok. Sandy beaches, coral reefs, coconut trees and abundant tourist resources make it a popular holiday destination.

For more information on Four Seasons Resort, visit their website at

(This article has already been published in Zee Lifestyle’s March 2016 Travel Issue, “Silent Sanctuaries” written by our columnist Mayenne Carmona for La Vie En Rose on pages 32-33.)

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