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The Mukbang Craze: Sharing Meals Online

Mukbang gives such an important thought to ponder on: shared meals.

Communicating with large groups of people was usually just always a privilege afforded to the rich and famous through broadcast television. The advent of technology and the wonders of social media has truly changed this phenomena and provides one and all with the audience of probably the entire world. This is made possible through vlogs.

Vloggers and “vlogging”, the video version of the usual blog, has been one of the most talked about things on the internet. Budding artists, long time actors, and a handful of interesting people with a great number of followers have turned to vlogging as a way of communicating to their audience and fans.

Vlogger ThatsBella

Vlogging has been one way of influencing different people in different aspects of their lives such as the food they eat, the outfit they wear, the places they visit and the beauty products they use on a daily basis It has affected the lifestyles of many people, especially millennials, who are all eager to wait for a few days or even a week to witness yet another episode of the vlog they religiously watch.  

The Korean culture’s “invasion” is evident in the Philippines, especially here in the Queen City of the South, which is seen through various Korean-inspired cafes, shops and restaurants.

As many life-threatening acts and mind boggling pranks have been given a feature in numerous vlogs to gain coveted views, another trend influenced by the Korean pop culture in today’s vlogging scene is the Mukbang. This is when vloggers or talents broadcast themselves while eating large quantities of food whilst interacting with their audience. It’s a portmanteau of the Korean words for “eating” which is meokneun and “broadcast” which is bangsong. This first became popular in South Korea’s local TV show, AfreecaTV.

Due to the inherent love for eating, and the most often ardent desire only satisfied by food, viewers that are not only in Korea, or even Asia, but also around the globe, have come to love and show their support to this vlogging style. The warm welcome to this vlogging phenomena is also evident as viewers even pay to see the “eaters” do their thing.

Vlogger Bretman Rock

Many famous vloggers have stepped into the spotlight to try on the same style, one of which includes the half-Filipino beauty vlogger and make-up guru, Bretman Rock. He usually feasts on Filipino fast food, such as Jollibee. He talks about anything and everything under the sun—his usual make-up and fashion tips, his family dramas, childhood traumas and treasured memories, coupled with a handful of humorous banter between his sister and himself.

16-year-old vlogger Arabella Francesca Racelis, more famously known on YouTube as “That’s Bella”, also had her own take on the Mukbang by devouring her favorite fast food– McDonalds. From savory food to carb-loaded side dishes, fruity refreshments and a sundae for a sweet finish to a satisfying meal, Bella ‘Mukbang-ed’ it all. During her broadcast, she talked about her day at school and answered random questions from her viewers, who usually ask her about love or life advice.

Vlogger Anne Cruz

Emerging Cebu-based beauty vlogger Anne Cruz also joined in the Mukbang craze. Trying out this vlogging style was no problem for her, as it was a mix of her two favorite things, vlogging and eating.

“Everyone just loves food. It’s what we think of when we are sad, happy, angry and many more. It’s what comforts us when no one can. Food is usually a go to”, says Anne.

For her, mukbang videos are a whole new style of storytelling. Viewers usually would love to learn a lot of things about the vloggers they follow, and this happens when vloggers share real life events. Mukbang is a great way of talking to your viewers and at the same time share experiences whilst filling your stomach.

Mukbang gives such an important thought to ponder on: shared meals. Because of our mostly busy schedules whether it be because of school or our job and mostly having to live alone, we tend to lose the importance of communal meals, and sharing these moments, especially with our loved ones. Those who feel alone usually find this sense of community through this concept of shared meals, even if it were through a screen on one’s phone.



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Bringing businesses together: Lalamove paves way for SMEs across the globe to “Make a Winning Move”

The local episode #LalamoveItToWinIt to support MSMEs across PH

To inspire businesses around Asia and Latin America, Lalamove has launched a regional branding campaign “Make a Winning Move” to showcase its various B2B services, strong driver-partner network, and wide-ranging fleet for fast and reliable delivery solutions. Locally, the on-demand delivery platform has kicked off the campaign by inviting its patrons, old and new, to #LalamoveItToWinIt.

Now more than ever, businesses are focusing their efforts on an experience-led customer journey. With deliveries as undeniably crucial for businesses to fulfill their services and win over customers, the central creative idea behind the regional campaign revolves around such scenarios where Lalamove’s services and B2B features help entrepreneurs stay ahead of the intense competition.

Lalamove, as the trusted delivery partner, has been servicing businesses of all sizes in the Philippines. Lalamove’s corporate clients can enjoy the on-demand delivery platform’s variety of business solutions, such as multi-stop delivery, API integration, real-time GPS tracking, a wide variety of fleet for on-demand, same-day, long distance, and last-mile delivery, and a dedicated account manager.

“The Philippines has more than 900,000 businesses, over 99% of which are MSMEs. What Lalamove offers businesses of all sizes is faster, easier, and a more seamless delivery experience to help them save time and costs. Our dedicated partner drivers, the economic frontliners of today, are here to deliver to an even wider reach across Luzon and in Cebu. This campaign is the visualization of what we can do to help businesses jump over hurdles – simply put, just ‘Lalamove It to Win It!’” remarked Dannah Majarocon, Lalamove Philippines Managing Director.

First-time users of the Lalamove mobile delivery app can get up to Php 150 off when they sign up and use the code LALAWINIT. New corporate clients, on the other hand, can also receive a welcome bonus of up to Php 1,200 when they sign up and top-up their Lalamove corporate wallet. Moreover, with Lalamove Rewards recently launched, each delivery for every user is now made even more rewarding.

Find out more about what Lalamove offers by visiting, or follow the official Lalamove Facebook page, Instagram account, and TikTok account for more information.



Launched in the Philippines in late 2016, Lalamove is an on-demand logistics company that matches drivers with customers and SME businesses to fulfill same-day deliveries. Lalamove’s mission of making local deliveries faster and simpler across North, Central, and South Luzon, and in Cebu is achieved through innovations such as instant order matching, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 services, and a driver rating system. Lalamove also allows businesses to scale their deliveries and operations at an accelerated rate. Lalamove now operates in over 30 markets across Asia and Latin America. Visit Lalamove’s website:

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King-size Treats Await Dad this Father’s Day at Seda Central Bloc

Misto Restaurant at Seda Central Bloc

King-size Treats for the King!

by Ryan Daniel R. Dablo

Seda Central Bloc celebrates the hardworking hero and steadfast lynchpin of the home with its offerings for Father’s Day weekend. 


At the Misto, Seda’s restaurant, Dad gets to sample the delicious international cuisine for free when dining with five full-paying adults. If an evening dine-out is more the family’s speed, the Straight Up bar offers a dinner buffet with a continental menu and mocktails, all enjoyed amid a backdrop of excellent cityscape views from the rooftop. Staycation at the hotel comes packed with perks for the weekend as well, such as complimentary lunch at the Misto, drinks at the Straight Up bar, and breakfast for two.

Honor your number one hero and highlight the love you have for him this Father’s Day weekend. Celebrate at Seda Central Bloc!

For more information, please call  (032) 411 5800. Follow their Facebook page or visit their website at

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37 Years of High Fashion; Arcy Gayatin leaves a Legacy of Edginess and Elegance

Arcy Gayatin: A Legacy of Luxury in Fabrication


By:  Allain Dumon Fonte 


The brand Arcy Gayatin gave the Queen City of the South a distinct reputation in the fashion industry.  The fashion line of Arcy Gayatin sets the bar higher each year for clothing luxury and fabrication techniques.


April Duenas, Nikki Gayatin and Arielle Gayatin for Arcy Gayatin—Photos by John Paul Autor from Lifestyle


Araceli “Arcy” Ancajas Gayatin is the daughter Galileo Ancajas and Remedios Zanoria Ancajas who founded Cebu’s home brand, Gal’s Bakery.  Arcy went to the University of San Carlos and studied Political Science.  And just like Dr. Muccia Prada, who completed her Ph.D. in Political Science and established the luxury line of Prada, Arcy also got in touch with her artistic side and started her own fashion line.  However, it was not Prada that influenced Arcy.  Arcy was introduced to fashion and tailoring at a very young age by her mother, Madame Remedios Anacajas whom they dearly call Mama Eme.  Mama Eme was running a tailoring business back then.  It was called Arabel; named after Arcy and her sister Belma.  Ara from Araceli and Bel from Belma.  In those years, Arcy was fascinated by fabrics and was intrigued by how to manipulate the fabrics to come up with fashion-forward designs without compromising comfort and taste.


Arcy Gayatin (photo grabbed from Space Philippines Blog Spot)


After 37 years of creating haute couture pieces for the most fashionable personalities in the Philippines, Arcy Gayatin is now laying down her sketchpads and pens to rest.  As she enjoys her retirement, may be on a cruise to the Bahamas or a holiday to the Swiss Alps, Arcy Gayatin has left the fashion industry a legacy of elegant and edgy clothing ensembles that understand and define the shape of women; without compromising comfort and good taste.


Arcy Gayatin’s Pink Flamingo collection                                               Arcy Gayatin’s Sketch on a Terno


To salute the lady who brought Cebu fashion to the world, a retrospective exhibition of Arcy’s incomparable masterpieces can be seen today at Ayala Center Cebu’s The Gallery; curated by fashion editor and writer, Clint Holton Potestas, and interior and fashion designer, Jul Oliva.


BALANCE.  Arcy Gayatin is known for her perfect symmetrical lines when fabricating.  She knows how to balance edginess and class; understanding well the strength and the finesse of a woman.


RHYTHM.  Arcy’s expertise in draping and fabric manipulation can be seen in how she achieves rhythm between architectural lines and soft fabrics like silk and cashmere.


TEXTURE.  With her thorough knowledge on fabrics, Arcy Gayatin has achieved the perfection of fabrication by working on different types of fabrics and creating a single piece of art out of them. 


HARMONY.  The simplicity of the silhouette plus the intricacy of the details create a wonderful harmony, making Arcy Gayatin’s design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


The photos below show an up-close look at the intricacy and the exquisite craftsmanship of Arcy Gayatin’s fabrication techniques:


THE SPIDER WEB:  one of Arcy’s genius fabrication techniques.


MATCH and PATCH:  Arcy’s unique fabrication craft by patching layers of different types of lace and lace patterns


PLEATS: The perfection of symmetry in pleats on silk.


LA ROSE BLEUE:  U.P. student, Danielle Alessandra Deutsch, inspired by the artistry of Arcy Gayatin, designed this midnight blue dress.   The cabbage rose made from layers of silk organdy gave this evening ensemble a romantic appeal.

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