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Lorde Is Back With New Music and a Brand New Sound

Lorde’s new album Solar Power is out this August 20 and we can’t wait for it.

After 4 years of no new music, the Royals singer is finally back with a new full-length album and two singles — Solar Power and Stoned at the Nail Salon — preceding the album. The first single Solar Power (which shares the same title as the album) was released on June 10 and the second single Stoned at the Nail Salon was released on July 21.

Both singles feature guitar-driven indie folk sounds, a notable departure from the singer’s previous works. For fans who listened to her first and second album, Lorde’s songs often have a sad and melanchonic feel to them, with heavy synthwave and electropop instrumentals. Her two new singles, however, feature themes of bliss and starting anew, suggesting that her third album is going for a breezier, happier, and more acoustic sound.

The album is also co-produced by Bleachers lead singer Jack Antonoff, who also co-produced Lorde’s previous album, Melodrama, the singer’s most critically acclaimed album. Antonoff served as co-producer as well for other notable pop songs and albums such as Carly Rae Jepsen’s song Want You in My Room and Taylor Swift’s 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore albums.

Simply put, Lorde’s new album sounds like it’s going to be fantastic. We’re eagerly awaiting August 20, so much so that when it comes out, we’re listening to it first thing! Can you reach us? No, you can’t! (That was a reference to a Lorde lyric, our website will still be up and running during the release date.)


by: Joey Rambles

Writer, Graphic and Web Designer.


Hilarious Series ramps up with Season 2

These two comedy series are now airing their season 2 programs.  Highly acclaimed and are must-watch rib ticklers in our opinion.

Resident Alien 2: starring Allan Tudyk



Space Force 2: starring Steve Carell


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The Batman… now showing in theaters.

The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz is now showing in selected local cinemas.  Critics’ reviews have been good and it’s a fresh intense take on the Batman story. They says it’s a thinking man’s version and I can’t  disagree.  Catch The Batman now showing at Ayala Center Cebu and  SM City Cebu cinemas.

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Scams on Netflix

Scams are everywhere these days and here are 2 trending Netflix shows based on true events that have viewers obsessed about scammers and con artists.

Inventing Anna

February 2022 | 18+  | 1 Season |





This February Inventing Anna began airing on Netflix. The drama series has a journalist chasing down the story of 25 year old Anna Delvey, who convinced New York’s elite she was a German heiress and came close to swindling New York banks and high society out of millions of dollars.

Between 2013 and 2017, Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin in real life) scammed her way across New York as a fake German heiress. She wore designer clothing, stayed at boutique hotels, and had dinners at expensive restaurants. She managed to swindle tens of thousands of dollars from friends to banks.  And she came so close to conning financial institutions into giving her $40million to fund her exclusive social club project, the Anna Delvey Foundation.  But soon after things began to unravel for Anna.


The Tinder Swindler

February 2022 | 18+  | 1 Season


This British true crime documentary follows the story of Simon Leviev, an Israeli con-artist who posed as the son of the “king of diamonds” Lev Leviev, a famed Russian-Israeli diamond oligarch in order to woo young women on the dating app Tinder and seduce them with travel by private jet, luxury hotels and expensive dinners.

Thereafter he manages to swindle them for millions and pay for his luxurious lifestyle.  This is the true story of  Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjöholm and Ayleen Charlotte, their heartbreak and financial ruin thereafter—just three of Simon Leviev’s many victims across Europe.



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