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How Shahana Uy is Making A Name For Herself in the Aesthetics Field

Despite her young age, Shahana already has a firm grasp on how she wants to run her clinic and the quality of services she wants to offer.

Dr. Shahana Uy’s journey to the field of aesthetics began very close to home. “My mom has always been very keen on having good skin. She always said that it could help bring out a person’s greatest potential,” she shares. “Growing up, I’ve had my fair share os skin problems and issues. My mom was always reminding me to go see a doctor, or book my monthly facials and laser treatments for the minimal scars I once had because of acne.”

This personal connection to the field of aesthetics has given Shahana a passion for aesthetics, something that she brings to the fore with the opening of Pearl Aesthetics next month. With chic and cosmopolitan interiors, the clinic is a way for Shahana to help people become the best version of themselves. “I strongly believe that everyone would feel more confident about themselves when they look their best,” she asserts. “I’ve seen a lot of people with low self-esteem and lost confidence because they were troubled with skin problems—once the condition of their skin improved, they regained their confidence and became happier. Being able to give someone the confidence to shine is what motivates me to open my own aesthetic clinic.”

The clinic is a culmination of years of studying and experience—after graduating from the Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine, she went on to get a Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine at the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Las Vegas, and Diplomas in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine in Bangkok and the Aesthetic Medicine Institute in Manila.

Despite her young age, Shahana already has a firm grasp on how she wants to run the clinic and the quality of services she wants to offer. “Given that we are actually the ‘new kid on the block,’ the first challenge for me was emphasizing the unique differentiating aspects of my clinic,” she explains.

Different, it certainly is. Pearl Aesthetics will be manned by a staff of well-trained license nurses, and use all-organic products that are picked to best suit each patient’s skin type. “It is an organic skin care line from Budapest, Hungary which uses 100% organically grown, hand-picked fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and pure spring water,” she describes, adding that this line of nourishing and rejuvenating products are USDA and Demeter-certified organic. “You’d actually be freeing yourself from all the toxic or harmful chemicals that might be present in other products. Remember, what you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body.”

Aside from that, the clinic will use state-of-the-art equipment and treatments that are backed by extensive research. “I had to carefully choose what to put in the clinic, giving emphasis on the importance of evidence-based aesthetic treatments,” Shahana says. “These are treatments that are proven safe and effective, rather than just following the latest trends.”

That timeless approach to aesthetics is something to take note of, especially because Shahana considers committing to skincare a complete lifestyle change. “The first place to start improving the health of your skin is improving your diet, and once you see the difference, you continue to make positive food choices as a way of life,” she explains. “You will want to be more careful in choosing the beauty products that you want to apply on your skin. Exercising daily helps your body to naturally detoxify and reveal more youthful skin.”

“Your skin often reveals your unspoken emotions to the world. When you’re stressed, it shows,” she continues. “Negativity has a way of manifesting in the skin, so you need to find a way to let go of that.”

If the woman behind it is any indication, it’s clear that Pearl Aesthetics will be offering beauty that is more than skin-deep. The holistic approach to skincare and aesthetics allows Shahana to truly make a difference in her clients’ lives. “It’s about helping people improve and achieve what they want,” she shares. “It’s about seeing them more confident and happy.”


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Tea with Coralie

When a basket filled with tea goodies of macaroons, delicate cakes and sandwiches was delivered, it came in the signature purple color of this iconic brand. “Very Charriol”, as Coralie , the CEO of the Swiss brand, might have put it. She didn’t actually use that term to describe the savories. Rather, she was describing the cable bracelet that makes their products distinct. Avid Rustans Cebu shoppers will find the Charriol boutique just off the main entrance of the department store, near the familiar scented hall at the first level. On display are an array of earrings, bracelets and watches enticing to those looking for retail therapy with pieces that are timeless and yet not overtly breaking the credit card limit.

The tea Zoom party, as arranged by our host Ginggay Joven, and Luzanne Manlapit who is the brand manager of Charriol in the Philippines, was as good as any press-do from pre pandemic normal times. And an intimate peak at lifestyle editors’ lives as most of us were zooming from our living rooms, including Coralie who was answering our questions from her home in Geneva. Like most of us, she readily says, “I have a travel bug, and on weekends, I dream of where I can go!”.

Philip Charriol, Coralie’s father who started the brand in 1983, was a frequent visitor to the Philippines, making Manila (and Cebu) a side trip to his rounds of Singapore and Hong Kong. He made many friends in Asia and it was a sad day when everyone heard of his passing more than a year ago in a car accident at the Le Castellet racing track in southeast France.

These days, the company is in good hands with Coralie. She is set to debut a series of new collections building upon her father’s vision, including a reimagined Celtic collection, a line of watches first introduced in the 80s. The latest Celtic Legacy watch has a more striking face with two dials and bigger bezels available in gold or rose gold. The cable bracelet is made up of 6 strands of steel and titanium alloy that are flexible and durable. It comes in an elegant 30mm case, making it an equally perfect accessory for both a lunchtime affair as well as to a glitzy night on the town.

Also new are their ocean-themed pieces. The Forever Starfish watch comes in two iteration of stainless steel or rose gold case with a white mother-of-pearl dial. The second one is the Marina bracelet collection — the Charriol signature cable tied around a porthole and clasped together by a Charriol dial, it’s a fresh and young take for an everyday jewelry.

As a contemporary business leader, Coralie shared cautionary tales of polar bears and melting icebergs. Through their Charriol Living initiative, Philippe Charriol is a partner of the global organization Lonely Whale. It is a community of international businesses cognizant of the harming effects of disposable stuff in today’s world. Particularly single-use plastics, which are harmful to marine life when they end up in our seas. She co-produced a compelling documentary titled The Story of Plastic (www.storyofplastic.org) “a searing expose revealing the ugly truth behind plastic pollution and the false solution of plastic recycling”.

The company is committed to being socially conscious. Pretty soon, all Charriol packaging will be made of paper and sustainable materials. “We are interconnected tru our oceans”, she explains. In addition, part of the proceeds of selected ocean-themed Charriol pieces like the Forever Turtle watch, the Forever Waves and Ocean bracelets, will go to the Lonely Whale organization.

Philippe Charriol comes up with new design for watches once a year or once every two years to keep it fresh. Their jewelry line is much more frequent with bracelets and earrings. When asked if the company will be coming out with smart watches, Coralie was quick to reply that although other prestige watch companies have tried it, Charriol will not be producing one. “But I am coming out with something by October which is a kind of an accessory to a techie watch. To connect Charriol to technology.”


Coralie Charriol, the CEO of Charriol showing the Forever Starfish collection using mother of pearl face and their entry level cable bracelets in bright colors.


Screenshot of the Zoom tea party attended by top Manila lifestyle editors


The tea goodies for the tea party delivered by the Charriol team


The Charriol boutique inside Rustans at Ayala Center Cebu


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5 Things We Love About Nailplay, a Luxury Nailspa

Tucked into a quiet area in the hustle and bustle of Banilad, you can find a haven where you can look fabulous and fresh in one go.

Nailplay is a luxury nailspa that was a brainchild of five ladies, who wanted a place that was clean, had a relaxing ambience away from the city, and basically, was their own secret getaway.

Upon seeing the studio, a lush landscape is the welcoming sight. To get into the nailspa, guests have to cross a little wooden bridge, above a pond filled with koi fish. Immediately, it’s obvious that a trip to Nailplay guarantees a relaxing experience.

Faye Louise Veloso, the woman who manages Nailplay, explains that the studio’s overall concept is more in line with wellness.

“It’s really a cross between an ordinary nail salon and a spa, so we refer to Nailplay as as Nailspa,” Louise says.

The nailspa, as it’s lovingly called, offers services such as their Luxury Urban Escape, which involves an hour of relaxation through their SpaPlay Mani and Footspa, followed by your choice of a deep back and shoulders massage, or their 30-minute hair treatment.

Of course, Nailplay also offers nail services, with a choice of regular or gel nail polish. For those who want a fancier take on nails, you may also get nail art done by their staff. To complement the massage and nails, try Nailplay’s Signature Mink Eyelash Extensions These are lightweight and natural-looking, as it comes in three different lengths to match one’s natural eyalashes. And, to round off the pamper session, they also offer eyebrow waxing and threading! There’s no need to hop from one place to another to get all these services done.

For those who want to have bridal showers or a pamper-filled birthday bash, Nailplay also offers packages that fit the client’s needs. The package includes the exclusive use of the venue for three hours, manicure and pedicure for all the guests and light catering for the event. During the event, guests may upgrade to any of the other services that the nailspa offers.

“It’s been quite popular with bridal showers, but we recently hosted a children’s birthday party,” Louise shares. “I’ve been told the kids had a blast!”

Louise believes that Nailplay’s venue plays a huge role in its success.

“The landscaping was done beautifully, and it doesn’t even feel like you’re in the heart of Cebu!” She says. “Our friendly beauty therapists are also what make Nailplay what it is—our top customer service is why our clients keep coming back.”

While Louise is often between Cebu and Sydney, she shares that treating herself is as simple as taking the time to eat well, do some exercise, or get a footspa—at Nailplay, of course. Her personal favourite service though, is their Signature Mink Eyelashes.

“One of the beauty therapists even thought I had naturally long lashes,” she recounts, “without realising I just had them done!”

While Nailplay has only one store in Cebu, Louise divulges that they have plans of expanding in the future.

“I think the wellness market in Cebu is ready for our luxury and boutique Nailspa services,” she states. “Hopefully within the next five years, you’ll see more Nailplay stores in similar unique locations.”

Check out the video below to know the 5 Things We Love About Nailplay, or visit their website at www.nailplayphilippines.com.

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These Four Women Show Us How They Empower Themselves Through Pole Fitness

Charmaine, Jane, Ginie, and Ant are four women who take women empowerment on another level. With their daily morning routine of working their day jobs and attending to other matters, they all meet up in the afternoon to do one thing – Pole Fitness. Inside their studio, Pole Sphinx, they practice and teach other men and women about the beauty and grace of Pole Fitness and how it has helped them achieve much of what they are today.

Zee takes you inside their studio to fully know how these women empower others through Pole Fitness.


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