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As a lifestyle ecosystem, Zee is dedicated to creating relevant and engaging Cebu-centric content that spans a wide range of interests—culture and trends, travel and design, food and fashion, events and personalities. With more than 20 years of experience in editorial work and a team of dedicated storytellers, Zee aims to capture the pulse of Cebu and share it with the rest of the world.


Our Ecosystem

Zee Lifestyle

Launched in 1996, Zee Quarterly was the first regular glossy magazine committed to chronicling the people, places and events that represented Cebu lifestyle. By the year 2000, it was rebranded into a bimonthly publication Zee Lifestyle, and moved on to monthly releases by 2012.

In the same forward-thinking philosophy that we had adapted since its inception, Zee Lifestyle relaunched as a digital magazine in 2018. The title will also be producing four special printed issues a year, collectors’ items that are focused on a theme.

Zee Directory

The Zee Lifestyle Hotel Edition was first published in 2009, addressing the influx of tourists in the city by providing a comprehensive city guide.

Further down the line, it was renamed the Zee Directory, as distribution extended beyond hotel rooms and to restaurants, coffee shops, salons and spas, and other establishments around Cebu. Now, it is an information-packed title, with tourist tips and insider guides, that visitors can use to navigate the city.

Visit Cebu

An advocacy to strengthen Cebu’s in the international tourism industry, Visit Cebu was created to be a consolidated tourism and industry website. With the support of various local government units, we are an online guide for tourists, as well as a helpful tool for those who want to venture into business and invest in Cebu.

Zee Circle

Backing on our core strength of content creation, DZDS uses three-point storytelling to create digital strategies and editorialized stories for our roster of clients.