Why You Should Travel In Your Twenties

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Our youth is the perfect time to build ourselves, make mistakes and keep repeating them until we figure it all out, though it takes a lifetime of process in order to do that.

As the popular saying goes: “You cannot pour from an empty cup”, which translates to an individual being unable to give what one does not have. That is why in this world of a global village where everything is at the tip of our fingertips, it is easy to fall and compare our behind the scenes to someone else’s spotlight.

Traveling may not be the one stop solution to everything, but its rewards are better than staying stagnant. In doubt and in confusion, it is just to give yourself a break and learn to pat your own back for your hard work in order to give ample time to reflect and contemplate on things that truly matter.

According to Chad Corrin from aspiringmind.com, stepping on a foreign land brightens your perspective as you learn about the place and culture from immersing yourself with the locals. This way, you can easily compare and contrast their way of living to yours, giving you a new set of options on how to rewire how you perceive things.

Dr. Adam Simon wrote in pushdoctors.uk how being in a new environment is good for your mental health as it gives you a sense of excitement and therefore de-stressing yourself by giving you a totally different experience out of your daily routine. The stories you gather are also key in boosting your self-esteem as you feel a sense of achievement by finally ticking that area in your bucket-list.

Traveling also creates meaningful relationships, as a limited stay is synonymous to a limited time that gives you no time for negativity – this paves more room for a kinder tongue and an ear that listens to understand. Most importantly, this gives you the idea that though people may come from different walks of life, we share the same values such as love for our families and friends, as well as the need to be able to connect with each other.

“These memories make up what we are. They shape our identity. They make us smile. Most importantly, they make us feel alive” Louise Ronnerdahl, an avid traveller from Kiva.org says.

In a simpler sense, airtreks.com has provided one main reason to get you packing your bags in an instant: because you want to. Getting a taste of the world isn’t something to deprive yourself of as it helps you move forward wherever you are as it gets you reminiscing where you have been, where you are and where you’re about to go.

“Every trip changes you. Big or small. You never come back from a trip quite the same as before you left” Ronnerdahl adds.

There are a million excuses as to why most people are scared to pick up their bags and see the world: lack of time and money. Traveling does not need to be expensive and luxurious. Time constraints? Spend a weekend at a local area where the sea breeze caresses your face. Lack of money? Hop on a bus that you can catch at dawn.

It does not matter where you go and how you go about it, what matters is what you take back with you—a better you.

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