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We Celebrated Marco Polo’s 765th Birthday with an Italian Party

In celebration of Marco Polo’s 765 th birthday, Marco Polo Plaza is throwing an Italian party at the El Viento Restaurant and Pool Bar.

In celebration of Marco Polo’s 765 th birthday, Marco Polo Plaza is throwing an Italian party at the El Viento Restaurant and Pool Bar.

From September 11 to 15, eat and drink Italian at the hotel’s poolside restaurant. This is in collaboration with Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast where together with Marco Polo Plaza’s culinary team, we will feature the delectable Italian culinary masterpieces of Chef Giuseppe Genco and Chef Luca Genco. Enjoy traditional Sicilian comfort food and indulge in delicately prepared Italian pastas such as Spinach Ravioli, Rigatoni Pasta, Farfalle Seafood pasta, Penne Pesto Genovese and Italian Sausage Cannelloni.

Hand-made and wood-fired cooked pizzas are a must try together with different kinds of Sicilian Roasts. Of course, this fete would not be complete without a glass of Italian wine to complete the Italian experience.

The La Dolce Vita menu will be available at El Viento Restaurant & Pool Bar from September 11 to 15. Discover more gastronomic adventures here at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu.

For inquiries and reservations, call (032) 253-1111 or email mpplaza@marcopolohotels.com. Like facebook.com/marcopolocebu and follow instagram.com/marcopolocebu to stay updated on all hotel activities and promotions.


Cebu: Food and Conversation with Joel Binamira, A Dinner Series by AXA Philippines

The first out of four of the Dinner Series by AXA Philippines, Cebu’s esteemed personalities gathered together for a night of food and conversation.

For this specially curated dinner in partnership with AXA Philippines—the first out of four—held at Qube Gallery, Chef Raki Urbina of Café Laguna served a menu of reimagined Filipino dishes, highlighted by Zubuchon‘s bespoke truffle lechon.

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What to Expect at Cebu Design Week 2019

Cebu Design Week 2019 is two days away! Now on its second run, CDW is out to highlight local talents.

Check out the schedule below for the main events:

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What Bibliophiles are Reading at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Cebu 2019

We talked to bibliophiles at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Cebu 2019 and asked what’s in their carts!

by Raizza Alividao

Hold your carts, the infamous Big Bad Wolf (BBW) Book Sale finally returns to Cebu after its
huge success in 2018!

“Cebu has been petitioning for us to comeback since early this year. Actually, even when we
ended our Cebu [book sale] last year, we already received requests.” Jacqueline Ng, Founder of
BBW Book Sale, said.

The long wait is over and it’s time to take out your credit card or the cash you have saved up.
But with over a million of good books available in affordable prices, choosing which books to
purchase becomes a dilemma to every bibliophile. The massive collection of books ranges from
children’s books, fiction, non-fiction and premium books for all ages. If only you could take
them all!

Just like preparing for a battle, some readers thoroughly prepared a list of “must buy” before
going on a book hunt at the world’s biggest book sale. Here’s a tip! When looking for good
books to read, clicking around Goodreads, watching book review videos from your favorite
YouTuber, and browsing the bestsellers lists is your way to go.

Sheila Calog, a book worm who enjoyed collecting books since she was young, prefers
discovering new books and concepts rather than just having the popular ones. She took Fiction
books such as “Kumari: Goddess of Destiny”, “The Secret Life of Bees”, “The Witch of Salt and
Storm” and others. Also, she hoped to find books by Laini Taylor and Paulo Coelho.

“I gamble,” Sheila said. “In [Big Bad Wolf Book Sale], I like to get books with good synopsis and
obscure titles –titles you wouldn’t find anywhere else.” She added that she did the same at last
year’s book sale and it was worth it since she found unexpected amazing books.

A number of readers at the book sale flocked to the Young Adult section and grabbed books
from bestselling authors Rick Riordan, J.K Rowling, Stephen King and others. Carts had been
filled with novel series such as “The Maze Runner”, “Harry Potter”, “Percy Jackson and the
Olympians”, “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” and more. You can definitely tell that
fantasy books are well loved by Cebuano bibliophiles. For readers, fantasy novels serve as an
escape from reality, letting you experience something extraordinary. Who does not love
spectacular magical abilities and slaying monsters, right?

Sean Villacorta, a fantasy, crime, and science fiction enthusiast, picked up the books of Michael
Crichton, Dan Brown and Rick Riordan. His wide search focused on finding all books written by
them but unfortunately, only few were available.

“[It’s because of] childhood nostalgia. I’ve read [Rick Riordan’s] books before when I was young
so I bought it,” shared Sean when asked why he chose such books at the book sale. This
indicates that despite already knowing how the story goes, readers are willing to spend on
certain books they’re emotionally attached to.

It’s no wonder that the Romance fiction is one of the most popular genres. Whether you’re
happy being single or have already found your guy, romance novels won’t fail to excite and
captivate you. Readers loved swoon worthy reads from authors Nicholas Sparks, Rainbow
Rowell, Jane Green and others.

Readers are also checking out Arts and Photography, Reference books and others under non-
fiction but most especially, self-help books. A reader at the book sale even said it’s a must have
since this type of genre does well in motivating and inspiring you when you need it.
The books you’d want to read vary depending on your mood or own preference. However, if
you have no idea on which books to try, knowing other people’s favorites could be a big help.
We don’t know…you might surprise yourself and enjoy it as much as them.
Don’t waste the opportunity and get what you want at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019 at IEC
Convention Center, which will be open 24 hours throughout its 11-day run until August 26,
2019. Enjoy this perfect haven for book lovers and support BBW’s advocacy in spreading the
importance of reading.

“Reading is beyond knowledge and education. It’s all about inspiring, empowering and making
books accessible especially to those who needed it,” Jacqueline Ng emphasized during the
Preview Day of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2019 on August 15.

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