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The Ultimate To-Do List Before Summer Ends

Add these adventures on your summer-ender bucket list, and make sure that next month you’ll be talking non-stop about how awesome your summer experience was before it ended.

There’s always room for adventure, especially when the sun is out telling us to get out of the bed and prepare for the ultimate summer experience. Add these adventures on your summer-ender bucket list, and make sure that next month you’ll be talking non-stop about how awesome your summer experience was before it ended.

Beach outing

Bird’s eye view of White Beach in Moalboal Cebu

Summer would not complete without a beach outing. Gather your family and friends and plan for the most awesome escapade for the weekend. Prepare your swimwear, tent (if you’re not up for a costly stay) and your food and drinks—lots of them. Always have budget for your transportation, food and accommodation. If you have a private vehicle, then set aside a budget for the gas. Others could either take the bus or rent a van. After preparing for your getaway, then get ready to take your vitamin-sea!

You can travel from North of Cebu to experience the luxurious beaches or you can travel to South of Cebu where you can swim with whale sharks, or you can even chase waterfalls if you’re not up for a salty summer experience. Despite the long hours of traveling, you’ll definitely enjoy the waves that are oozing onto the beach.

Another fun activity to do at the beach is surfing, scuba diving, cliff diving, collecting seashells or burying your friends in the sand. There’s nothing more satisfying than having tan lines and fun memories from a beach outing.

Food Trip

Enjoy Cebu’s best-tasting lechon in the market

Who doesn’t love food trips? In Cebu, there’s always food for a hungry stomach. Cebu can offer a budget-friendly food trip you can experience over the summer. A food trip wouldn’t be fun alone, so call your family and friends because the more people, the less you’ll spend.

Try roaming around the city and enjoy the place for its variety of food. Your summer food trip wouldn’t be satisfying without experiencing Cebu’s best-tasting lechon. Cebuanos love the crunchy skin and unique taste of the lechon. Travel around the city and there’s always a lechon restaurant in every corner.

Indulge yourself in the barbecues of Larsian in Fuente Cebu, especially when you’re up to small eateries where different stalls hawk their products. Don’t skip the famous siomai in Tisa, Labangon. The stalls are located beside the national highway and it only costs P7.00.

Shop for new clothes

Look for your outfits in these Ukay-ukay clothing for sale

Cebu has always been offering a variety of products, whether local brands or international brands. And since summer is almost over, it’s the perfect time to buy your last-minute summer and rainy season outfits. 

Always reward yourself with shopping after a stressful month. Before summer ends, you’re going to need outfits for the next season, probably your OOTD for a rainy day. You can also shop for new casual outfits for school or work. Maybe you would want to shop for shoes and bags, too.

You can stroll around the city’s malls to buy your outfits—dresses, jumpers, jeans, sweaters, etc. Here, you’ll find local brands that offer high quality products at a lower price.

You can also wander around the oldest and largest market in Cebu City, the Carbon Market. You can always buy your #OOTD goals at their Ukay-Ukay stalls without having to spend much. As it’s located in the downtown area in Cebu, it’s convenient and accessible. 

Night Out

Enjoy your night out with friends in the city’s many bars and clubs

Go for a night out! Dress up and put on your make-up. You need a break from work or school overload in the past few months. Summer is the season for self-healing, so go out with friends, drink and sing your heart out.

Nightlife in Cebu is still growing, even in this summer season. There’s often a new bar or pub popping up in the city. Sing your heart out at KTV bars, dance until your feet ache and sip on your favorite cocktail.

You can always enjoy a night out in Cebu; explore the infamous Mango Avenue, IT Park or even Mandaue City. Whether you’re a couple on a date or a group of friends looking for fun on a Saturday night, don’t miss out the Cebu nightlife to complete your summer experience.

Watch sunset

Stop for a breathtaking sunset view at Balamban Bay Walk

You know you’re enjoying the day if you’re able to watch the sun set with your very eyes. It’s that feeling of satisfaction that you’re making the best of your summer vacation. After having sand in your toes or climbing a mountain or driving to nowhere, you can sit back and enjoy watching an everyday miracle.

There’s something alluring about sun sets that will leave you in a state of awe. Sunsets are best at a beach or on top of a mountain. After checking summer adventure number one: Beach Outing, don’t leave the place until you witness a spectacular sunset scene.

For a few minutes, gather your loved ones and feel at peace and be drawn to the sunset’s raw beauty. To make the experience more enticing, take some stunning silhouette sunset shots.

There’s so much to do before the summer ends, and it’s up to you to enjoy until the very last day of the season. Catch up with friends, get sun-kissed and embrace the ocean waves before we can kiss the summer season goodbye


Cebu: Food and Conversation with Joel Binamira, A Dinner Series by AXA Philippines

The first out of four of the Dinner Series by AXA Philippines, Cebu’s esteemed personalities gathered together for a night of food and conversation.

For this specially curated dinner in partnership with AXA Philippines—the first out of four—held at Qube Gallery, Chef Raki Urbina of Café Laguna served a menu of reimagined Filipino dishes, highlighted by Zubuchon‘s bespoke truffle lechon.

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Mactan-Cebu International Airport’s Terminal 2: A Blend of Aesthetics and Efficiency

Touted as the Philippines’ only resort airport, Mactan-Cebu International Airport’s Terminal 2 is a lifestyle destination all its own. It’s poised to connect Cebu to the rest of the world.

By Carlo Rivera
This story is taken from our archives. Originally published in Zee Digital Vol 1.

If you need proof that Cebu is fast becoming a travel hub, you just need to check the numbers. More than 10 million passengers—domestic and international—passed through the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) in 2017. That shows a rise of almost two million people from the previous year’s nine million passenger traffic count.

As the country’s second biggest gateway, the MCIA had struggled with overworked runways and lack of passenger terminals, especially as it continued to accommodate more flights daily. It was timely, then, that GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation (GMCAC) came in and cemented the plans for expansion.

GMCAC won the 25-year public-private partnership contract to take over airport operations from the government. Since their appointment in 2014, they have put in considerable improvements to make airport functions more efficient. Previously cramped corridors were opened up and brightened, allowing for a smoother flow of foot traffic and airier interiors. Creature comforts like restrooms were updated, and thoughtful details such as the breastfeeding station were installed. Most notably, GMCAC
installed an electronic boarding pass reader, so passengers can move into the predeparture area more quickly.

Of course, that has been overshadowed by the buzz generated by Terminal 2. Its inauguration celebration was attended by President Rodrigo Duterte, and a number of prominent Cebuano personalities who were all curious about the new terminal. It officially opened its doors on July 1, and has since seen the opening of a number of new direct routes. The expansive development of terminal two is what the buzz is all about.

Terminal 2’s interiors boast of a resort-like design

“The construction of a new world-class passenger terminal is meant to drive further growth in passenger traffic, which translates to a more robust tourism environment for the region,” says Andrew Harrison, GMCAC’s Chief Executive Advisor.

Touted as the country’s only resort airport, the MCIA Terminal 2 is a lifestyle destination all its own. The design is a collaboration between the hong Kong-based Integrated Design Associates, and top Filipino interior design and architecture duo Budji Layug and Royal Pineda.

The terminal features a series of 15-meter high arches that evoke the image of waves, a fitting homage to the seas surrounding Mactan Island. Supplied by the European company Rubner Group, each arch was shipped in one piece and created with wood from a sustainable supply.

More importantly, the new terminal will also serve to highlight local Cebuano talent—world-renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue is coming in to create pieces for the interiors, while celebrated fashion designer Cary Santiago designed the airport’s staff uniforms.

On his end, Kenneth is excited to create a world-class terminal with his frequent collaborators Budji Layug and Royal Pineda, and believes the design will make history. “We are hopeful that this is going to be the best airport in the country.”

The aesthetic elements aside, it’s clear that efficiency was a top priority in coming up with the design. A two-level forecourt segregates the Arrivals and Departures area. There are 48 check-in counters, which are expandable to 72, and provisions for seven passenger boarding bridges. It’s also equipped with 12 escalators and 15 elevators, facilitating the easy movement of passengers, especially persons with disabilities.

To further enhance customer service, there will be a premium lounge at the International Departures area. Passengers who are either leaving or coming can enjoy a number of in-terminal activities, or visit the new retail and dining concepts. There’s even the option of enjoying Cebu’s famous lechon in one
of the stalls at the terminal.

Photography by Nath Ybanez

With Terminal 2’s completion, GMCAC is anticipating another rise in passenger count, especially as more routes are being opened from Cebu. After all, GMCAC shares that they can accommodate an estimate of 13 million passengers annually.

Since the beginning of this year, MCIA has already welcomed an addition of six airlines on its roster—Air Juan, Juneyao Air, OK Air, Lucky Air, Sichuan Airlines, and Pan Pacific Airlines. Qatar Airways also announced its return to Cebu during ITB Berlin, the world’s biggest travel trade show. On the other hand, airlines who are already servicing Cebu have pledged to add more flights to their current offering. Just recently, Air Asia introduced direct flights to Shanghai.

That said, GMCAC is also hyping up its penetration of the Chinese market. “We have four new Chinese airlines that opened,” said Avigael Maningo, GMCAC Corporate Communications Manager. “The Chinese market has become the highest spenders in Asia, and we are trying to bring them to Cebu.”

With all the brands coming in, GMCAC hopes the year will end with more direct flights from Cebu to destinations in Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe.

Furthermore, the new airport project has opened doors to foreign investment opportunities in the country. According to GMCAC President Louie Ferrer, they are looking to promote Cebu to other untapped markets. GMCAC credits the remarkable growth in MCIA’s passenger traffic to its destination marketing initiatives, and its positioning of Cebu as a gateway to the rest of the Philippines, and
as a major transfer hub to international destinations.

It’s clear that Cebu is fast becoming the international travel hub of the Visayas and Mindanao regions, with residents from neighboring provinces taking their connecting flights from the MCIA, instead of through Metro Manila. It would definitely be a more efficient option—Cebu is closer to the southern regions of the Philippines, and international flights here could free up the already highly congested Metro Manila airports.

The challenge, then, is making sure the MCIA does not fall into the same trap its northern counterpart did. Although there’s yet to be any concrete confirmation, there are already plans of reclaiming land to expand the runway. There’s also talk of designating runways strictly for take-offs and landings, which would make air traffic flow more seamless.

According to Branding head JR Torres, the next step is renovating Terminal 1. GMCAC is hoping to bring major upgrades by next year, with some noticeable improvements on the old
structure and its processes.

In the meantime, we are invited to experience MCIA Terminal 2. Although it’s not yet functional in its entirety, and we hear there are processes that need to be streamlined, we’re extremely proud to have such a monumental gateway in Cebu. Its towering facade of curves and glass is a promise—one of progress, development, and bringing the rest of the world a little closer to home.

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Enjoy a Funtastic Easter Sunday with the Kids at Rustans

Easter is just a skip away, and for kids it’s really a super fun holiday.

Egg-citing treats and surprises await them at the Rustan’s Easter Party on Sunday, April 21, 2 p.m. at the  Rustan’s Children’s Department, Ayala Center Cebu. For a minimum single receipt purchase of  P 3,000 from the Kids’ Department, come and enjoy the following:

Food Carts

Sure to delight kids are a selection of food carts filled with yummy sweet and savory snacks. 

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny hid many colorful Easter eggs at the barnyard for our precious little hunters to find. Hop along and join the search for a chance to win special prizes from our different kids’ brands. Each participant also gets a Kinderjoy egg!

Easter Egg Decorating

Kids get to design and take home their one-of-a-kind egg creation at the Easter egg decorating station.

Crayola Art Activity

Let your kid’s inner artist shine. Make a splash with pastel shades, bright patterns or rainbow colors. 

Lego Building Contest

Fancy building an Easter bunny or a giant Easter egg? Let kids’ imaginations take flight with the Lego Building Contest at the Lego Corner. Exciting prizes are in store for those with the most creative and imaginative Lego creations.

It’s going to be a very hoppy Easter celebration at the Rustan’s Department Store.

For more information and updates, visit https://rustans.com.ph and @rustansph on Facebook and Instagram

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