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Six Best Places in Cebu to Satisfy Your Lechon Cravings

Zee Lifestyle takes note of the best lechon places in the city for your ultimate pig-out.

When it comes to savory roasted pigs or the popular lechon, Cebu has always been on top of the list. From special occasions and grandiose festivities or just a simple thought of craving, Cebu Lechon has its own taste why we love it more. Its delectable meat and crackling skin is undoubtedly one to look forward to—because it’s the best pig ever. Even Anthony Bourdain unabashedly says so.

Here then are the five places where you can indulge with the best tasting Cebu Lechon. (in random order)

Rico’s Lechon

(photo from the wires)

A popular choice among tourist and locals, Rico’s Lechon is believed to have pioneered spicy flavored lechon throughout Cebu. Mixed with special herbs like leeks and garlic, dashed with the secret spicy ingredients, the spicy lechon with its succulent and classical taste proves to be a big hit among its customers! Mactan Promenade, Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City

Carcar Town Market

(photo from the wires)

Aside from its usual delicacies of sweets, Carcar Town Market is also a concentration of the delectable lechon. Its own version of bathed in pig broth and roasted pig drippings, it produces a lechon with crispy golden red skin, thin layer of fat and extra tender meat which has been deemed as “Queen of all Lechons.” Come visit the Carcar’s market with an hungry stomach consider yourself full afterwards. Carcar City, Cebu

House of Lechon

(photo from the wires)

Close to Carcar’s familiar taste of lechon, is this. It serves one of the most raved about Lechon recipes. The amber-orange color of the lechon skin says so much about how it is evenly roasted and it gives off that perfect crackling sound people love so much to hear. Acacia Street, Cebu City


photography Kurt Fick

Zubuchon’s lechon is blended with herbs such as lemongrass and green onions, as well as seasonings, including sea salt, peppers and other secret ingredients, making its taste unique from its competitors. It also takes pride to serve additive-free and MSG-free lechon. Escario Central, N. Escario St., Cebu City

Alejo’s Lechon

(photo from the wires)

Tasty, juicy and oozing with goodness, that is Alejo’s. What sets apart their own take of lechon among others is the way it is stuffed with lemongrass to give off an aromatic effect. The sightly salty roasted pig is considered to be one of the tastiest and crunchiest among Cebu’s famous lechon recipes. Surely, Alejo’s mouth-watering lechon satisfies one’s craving to the peak. El Salvador, Labangon, Cebu City

Talisay City Lechon

photography Steffen Billhardt

The Talisay City was once the Lechon Capital of Cebu, but even that, its lechon still taste what’s the locales themselves identify tastefully the best. No wonder, the local government initiated a Lechon Festival of this city. Talisay City, Cebu

Where else to get the best Cebu lechon? Let us know!


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