Head Over to Qube Gallery to Check Out Potencias

Potencias seeks to challenge its three featured artists to respond to the query, and present pieces that are answers to the same. As opposed to the aesthetic of communal engagement that has seen much foreground in the recent decade, Potencias is a return to the artist as individual, as person, as champion of self-critique where the conflict of himself versus his environment, culture, group and kin presents a kindling fire of strife that propels him to work and find expressions, statements to his fate.

The prevalence of pathos – no less referenced from colonial religious iconography – is ever present in the paintings and sculptures of Anton Del Castillo, Riel Hilario and Jerson Samson. Yet the purpose of appropriation of all three of the “pasyon” of Christian icons are not entirely religious, but as an emblematic means to amplify
their expressions of their personal loss, disenchantment and sacrificial pain.

Potencias seeks to present how these three artists contend with the existential crises and conflicts of their own lives and transform them, in signs, gestures and objects – with paintings and sculptures amplifying each other – in the exhibition space, seen as the arena of pathos.

You can check out the artists’ creations from October 9 up until November 4!

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