Experiencing Avant Garde Sounds with Meltdown 3.0

Music as an art form  is created or composed by various reasons; it may be for aesthetic pleasure or expression. Different kinds of genre have emerged through the years and surely enough, here in Cebu, music has evolved into something more. Noise/Experimental Music has made a kick around the music scene with Meltdown 3.0.


Faces of Hope

Having survived the “Big C”, the ladies are now strong advocates for breast cancer awareness and a face and voice of hope for those who are currently fighting cancer.


Working in Creative Interiors with Sophi

Sophi is highly experienced in customer service, digital marketing, and back-office support. They’ve been in…

Experience Luxurious Romance at Kandaya Resort

Offering a luxurious resort experience, an idyllic place to unwind amidst the northern tropical landscape…

Explore and Stay Cozy in the City With Seda Hotel

Wanting to explore the city? Check out this cozy hotel right in the center of…

Rustan’s Beauty Addict 2018: Highlights

The biggest beauty event  of the year returned for its third installment on Thursday, October…

Montebello’s Unique Glass House Turns 1!

An elegant and charming venue, Montebello’s Glass House has seen the success of many weddings, debuts, and other intimate celebrations throughout its first year since being built. 

Noted Photographer Pablo Quiza’s Love For Cebu

After deciding that an unsmiling environment just didn’t make him happy, he’s moved to Cebu to fully immerse himself in its vibrant island life—and has no regrets living here for the past three years.

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