How to party in Cebu II: When to party?

In the first part of this Cebu nightlife guide, Zee Lifestyle contributing writer Rachel Arandilla discussed the norms and what to expect when partying in Cebu. On the second and last part of the series, she guides you through when and where to best experience the Cebu party scene.

There seems to be an annual trend in the party scene in Cebu, with a high peak and low peak season—so tourists, plan your trip accordingly. The night scene is a bit dead during the summer school break, around April time, before it starts to pick up again during July when school season starts and tourists coming in. It gets even busier during ‘-ber’ months, peaking on December and January, before winding down again on February.

Sinulog in Cebu (Photo courtesy of Spectrum Philippines)
Sinulog in Cebu (Photo courtesy of Spectrum Philippines)

The best time to come to Cebu to party is during December to January, which is holiday season leading up to Sinulog season. Cebuanos are on ‘party mood’ during this time, as many balikbayans and overseas relatives come home during the holiday season. This means an endless string of christmas parties, reunions, homecomings, family parties, and more. Lechon, lechon, lechon. And plenty of Jose Mari Chan.

Sinulog is a different experience on its own that i would like to immortalize in a separate future blog post. But it’s definitely something one needs to experience, to get to know what Cebu party life and hospitality is all about. I met the best people and had the best experience every Sinulog!

Off-peak season is a bit trickier. Unlike major Asian cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong or Manila where something’s always happening every day of the week, Cebu City still has some sleepy days. Nightlife is pretty good on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, Saturdays being the busiest time of the week.

Salsa Nights at Maya (Photo courtesy of Facebook)
Salsa Nights at Maya (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

On Wednesdays, the most popular activity is Salsa Nights at MAYA, a Mexican restaurant of the Abaca Group in Crossroads, Banilad. Salsa night is every Wednesdays from 9PM to 12PM every Wednesdays. The crowd is hip and international, sharing the same love for latin music.

Expect things to get livelier during Fridays and Saturdays, where most of the key nightlife spots are alive and kicking!



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