How Do People Spend Their Holidays?

‘Tis the season again to celebrate the happiest and most wonderful time of the year—and it will always be linked to spending it with our families, friends and loved ones, at home or elsewhere in the world.

We gathered up few of our friends again and asked them how and where they’d be spending their Christmas. 

One way to celebrate Christmas is simplicity, as long as it is done correctly and in order to connect in the most special way with a loved one. Xyla ‘s plan is an example of how she simply and intimately celebrates it with her boyfriend.


“I’m agnostic so I don’t really celebrate Christmas but since it’s an international holiday, I’d spend it in my partner’s place because he won’t have work that day and we made homemade dinner plans to have a date plus the kitchen looks nicer than my studio unit.”

Xyla Dishan

Because of how busy we are, sometimes we forget the people who have been with us since we were born, our family. For example, Vincent has always been busy with his student life and ends up missing important events, and he will make sure that Christmas is the best way to spend it with them.

“This Christmas, I plan to spend it wherever my family should. Be it in the mall, out of Cebu or even at home. It’s because these past few weeks, I’ve been leaving home early and going home late and that leaves me with nearly zero time for bonding the family. I figure that this Christmas break would be the perfect time to catch up with my family and to find out how they’re doing.”
-Vincent Dior Villanueva

Speaking of busy lives, we salute people who still choose to be with their families despite thriving and studying for their dreams. Risa chooses to juggle both, no matter how challenging it is, because her family is also her strength.

“I’m going to spend time with my family in Zamboanga City while I study for my board exam this coming January. My mom usually prepares everything, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have another perfect Christmas with them. I usually receive gifts every year but not this year because I asked them to not give me anything until I pass my board exam which I hope I will. Also, I’ll make sure to give more and receive less, Merry Christmas!”

–Risa Ai

Christmas at home with parents is one of the most fulfilling time of the year, away from stress and work. While making the most out of it, we might want to celebrate it with relatives as 

a reunion and have those hearty conversations. Archie wanted the traditional way of reunions as he plans to spend the Christmas season with his parents.

“I’m pretty old school so I’m spending my Christmas at my parent’s house in Talamban with my family. Share gifts, songs and cook some really good food and enjoy the healthy laughter.”
–Archie Abong

Exploration is also another way of celebrating the holidays with an appropriate budget. We rarely have the opportunity to celebrate it outside the country and Hana wanted to make a new discovery rather than a Christmas celebration.

“This year’s going to be a different because it’d be my first time not to spend Christmas at home with my loving family. I am hoping though to achieve a merry Christmas in Thailand. While Thai food is undeniably tasty, Bangkok is also known for cheap shopping experience. Perhaps my Christmas is going to be more of a food trip and shopping galore.”
–Hana Sala

It is indeed a celebration of food, travel or all the fantastic things we receive each year, but no matter how we celebrate Christmas, let’s not forget the essence of the holiday in which a child was born saved us. Love, forgiveness, compassion, reconciliation and joy are some of the important things this yuletide season. How will you spend your holiday?

Shawnn Villaflor

The geek videographer who loves anything from toy collections and niche hobbies like cosplay and boardgames, but can still switch out to be social when needed. When not busy, he usually does lightsaber sports or goes cafe hopping.

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