Here’s Why You Should Listen to Juanita Romualdez’s Latest Single, “Inday”

Viva Records recently launched the first Binisaya song interpreted and written by homegrown artist Juanita Romualdez. “Inday” has a distinct pop reggae vibe that matches Juanita’s personality. The song is about a girl who tries too hard to be noticed by her crush who happens to have his eyes set on another girl. However, Juanita says that she had no particular person in mind when she composed the song’s lyrics.
The song is available on Spotify and iTunes while the lyric video is up on Viva Records’ YouTube channel.

Juanita is also a host and spoken word artist. She’s a familiar face at the Cebu Literary Festival, performing her songs and spoken word poetry. Spoken word is a performance art that “focuses on the aesthetics of word play and intonation and voice inflection”. She’s an advocate of the art, often found introducing it by hopping from one campus to another.
Her very first single, “We’ll Never Know,” is also published by Viva Records.  


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