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Here’s how the OMEGA Constellation models have grown over the years

OMEGA Constellation series

OMEGA Constellation is one of the watch manufacturer’s most popular and distinct timepieces – a stunning combination of power and beauty. Here’s a look at how this line has evolved since it first saw the light of day in the early 1950’s.


OMEGA Constellation

The first bearer of OMEGA’s torch of industrializing precision – the very first Constellation model of 1952 – was powered by OMEGA´s chronometer-rated automatic calibre 351 and introduced the first of many features that would become legendary: the twelve-sided raised dial that was subsequently referred to as “pie pan”, the facetted massive triangular hour markers, a solid star riveted at 6 o´clock, the dauphine-shaped hands, the cross-hair decoration on the dial, the polygonal crown and the now legendary observatory-medallion on the caseback.



OMEGA Constellation

Driving the already-famous design to new heights, 1953 saw the introduction of the Constellation Grand Luxe: the 12-sided “Pie Pan” dial was made of 18K solid gold and was finely striated to accentuate the finesse of its manufacture. The 18K gold case included beautifully-shaped hooded lugs that integrated with the unique Reinhor brick bracelet with a semi-flexible folding clasp. Powered by the chronometer-rated automatic calibre 354, this model gave new a new meaning to the words luxury, beauty and precision.



OMEGA Constellation

Following the same path, 1957 saw the introduction of the Constellation DeLuxe. Assuring its certified precision was the rotor-wound automatic calibre 501, this model boasted yet another incarnation of the famous solid 18K gold “Pie Pan” dial, this time with highly polished bevels. Introducing a remarkably modern bracelet in solid 18K gold with flat links and a folding clasp reminiscent of later designs, this model was not only ahead of its time; it was also a remarkable success that confirmed the role of the Constellation within OMEGA´s collection for the decades to come.



OMEGA Constellation - 4

Encasing a member of OMEGA´s next generation of chronometer-rated automatic calibres, the 561, the 1961 rebirth of the Constellation Grand Luxe, continued with the introduction of the date-calendar within the line. A new rounded solid 18K gold dial accentuated the change and the addition of the framed date-window at 3 o´clock. The model´s luxurious design was further enriched by the newly conceived solid hour markers with unique Onyx inlays.



OMEGA Constellation 1964

The next step in the line´s evolution premiered in 1964 with the introduction of the Constellation “C”. The newly designed oval-shaped case provided beautiful protection to OMEGA´s chronometer-rated automatic calibre 564, a guilloche silvered dial with fine baton-shaped solid gold hour markers with Onyx inlays and black baton hands. Deriving from designs made for OMEGA by Gerald Genta, the Constellation “C” model defined precision and beauty for more than a decade.



OMEGA Constellation 1972

Following its pioneering spirit and keen to develop a watch that was even more precise, it was only logical the OMEGA chose the Constellation line to premiere its next technological milestone: the Megaquartz 2400. Debuting in 1972, exactly 20 years after the first Constellation model saw the light of day, it had a rectangular dial made of aventurine glass. This adventurous model was powered by the newly developed extremely high-frequency quartz calibre 1510 that featured a quartz crystal that oscillated at incredible 2.4 million times per second. Its proven accuracy of less than +/-1 second per month helped OMEGA to gain yet another important milestone: a derivative of this model became the world’s first wristwatch to be ever certified as a “marine chronometer” – and incredible achievement that has not been surpassed even today.


OMEGA Constellation  1982

Representing one of the most important facelifts (or “redesigns”) in OMEGA’s storied path, the Constellation “Manhattan” was launched in 1982, exactly 30 years after the original Constellation model’s premiere in 1952. By now legendary, it was with the “Manhattan” that the world first saw the Constellation’s new signature-feature: a set of aesthetically and technologically advanced system of four claws that graced the new model and have been a Constellation-reference ever since. Originally they were part of the novel case design and were used to hold the watch crystal in place, helping to ensure this model’s water-resistance. This model introduced another design element that has been connected with the line ever since: two half-moon facets on either side of the case ensured the smooth integration of the bracelet, ensuring a uniform “one-piece” look. An immense success, these features have continued to define the Constellation to this date.


OMEGA Constellation

Combining OMEGA’s watchmaking prowess with the brand’s social engagement, the Constellation ORBIS offers customers two opportunities to help ORBIS International give the gift of sight. The exquisite timepiece, with its sun-brushed blue dial and applied 18K white gold elements, is equipped with the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8520 and highlights the partnership between OMEGA and the international humanitarian organization. A portion from the profits of each Constellation ORBIS benefits ORBIS International and its efforts to fight preventable blindness around the world.



OMEGA Constellation 2013

Underscoring OMEGA’s dedication to product innovation and honouring its heritage, the brand introduced the Constellation Sedna in 2013, a sophisticated timepiece crafted from exclusive OMEGA Sedna™ gold and with a design inspired by the first Constellation launched in 1952. The Constellation Sedna features a “pie pan” dial and the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8501. This limited edition timepiece seamlessly blends the appeal of the legendary Constellation family with an innovative material.



OMEGA Constellation 2014
In 2014 OMEGA unveiled the newest addition to the Constellation collection – the Constellation Pluma, a striking wristwatch which takes its name from the Latin word for feather. The mother-of-pearl dials are engraved with a soft-wavy pattern cast from the iconic claws on the bezel and are graced with diamond indexes in 18K gold holders. Diamonds decorate the bezel of the stainless steel and bicolour models, adding to the watches’ extraordinary aesthetics. At the heart of the Constellation Pluma is the exclusive OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 8520.


37 Years of High Fashion; Arcy Gayatin leaves a Legacy of Edginess and Elegance

Arcy Gayatin: A Legacy of Luxury in Fabrication


By:  Allain Dumon Fonte 


The brand Arcy Gayatin gave the Queen City of the South a distinct reputation in the fashion industry.  The fashion line of Arcy Gayatin sets the bar higher each year for clothing luxury and fabrication techniques.


April Duenas, Nikki Gayatin and Arielle Gayatin for Arcy Gayatin—Photos by John Paul Autor from Lifestyle Inquirer.net


Araceli “Arcy” Ancajas Gayatin is the daughter Galileo Ancajas and Remedios Zanoria Ancajas who founded Cebu’s home brand, Gal’s Bakery.  Arcy went to the University of San Carlos and studied Political Science.  And just like Dr. Muccia Prada, who completed her Ph.D. in Political Science and established the luxury line of Prada, Arcy also got in touch with her artistic side and started her own fashion line.  However, it was not Prada that influenced Arcy.  Arcy was introduced to fashion and tailoring at a very young age by her mother, Madame Remedios Anacajas whom they dearly call Mama Eme.  Mama Eme was running a tailoring business back then.  It was called Arabel; named after Arcy and her sister Belma.  Ara from Araceli and Bel from Belma.  In those years, Arcy was fascinated by fabrics and was intrigued by how to manipulate the fabrics to come up with fashion-forward designs without compromising comfort and taste.


Arcy Gayatin (photo grabbed from Space Philippines Blog Spot)


After 37 years of creating haute couture pieces for the most fashionable personalities in the Philippines, Arcy Gayatin is now laying down her sketchpads and pens to rest.  As she enjoys her retirement, may be on a cruise to the Bahamas or a holiday to the Swiss Alps, Arcy Gayatin has left the fashion industry a legacy of elegant and edgy clothing ensembles that understand and define the shape of women; without compromising comfort and good taste.


Arcy Gayatin’s Pink Flamingo collection                                               Arcy Gayatin’s Sketch on a Terno


To salute the lady who brought Cebu fashion to the world, a retrospective exhibition of Arcy’s incomparable masterpieces can be seen today at Ayala Center Cebu’s The Gallery; curated by fashion editor and writer, Clint Holton Potestas, and interior and fashion designer, Jul Oliva.


BALANCE.  Arcy Gayatin is known for her perfect symmetrical lines when fabricating.  She knows how to balance edginess and class; understanding well the strength and the finesse of a woman.


RHYTHM.  Arcy’s expertise in draping and fabric manipulation can be seen in how she achieves rhythm between architectural lines and soft fabrics like silk and cashmere.


TEXTURE.  With her thorough knowledge on fabrics, Arcy Gayatin has achieved the perfection of fabrication by working on different types of fabrics and creating a single piece of art out of them. 


HARMONY.  The simplicity of the silhouette plus the intricacy of the details create a wonderful harmony, making Arcy Gayatin’s design a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


The photos below show an up-close look at the intricacy and the exquisite craftsmanship of Arcy Gayatin’s fabrication techniques:


THE SPIDER WEB:  one of Arcy’s genius fabrication techniques.


MATCH and PATCH:  Arcy’s unique fabrication craft by patching layers of different types of lace and lace patterns


PLEATS: The perfection of symmetry in pleats on silk.


LA ROSE BLEUE:  U.P. student, Danielle Alessandra Deutsch, inspired by the artistry of Arcy Gayatin, designed this midnight blue dress.   The cabbage rose made from layers of silk organdy gave this evening ensemble a romantic appeal.

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Cebuano Haute Couture Shines at 2021 Cebu Wedding Expo

Photography by Rene Amodia

Forever at Soltana

by Allain Dumon Fonte

Soltana Nature Residences host the grandest wedding destination expo for 2021. In their grandiose Events at Soltana venue, wedding suppliers, event coordinators, events stylists, fashion designers, and exhibitors gathered to showcase their best to excited couples and clients.  The grand expo was opened by the Chairperson of Lapu Lapu City’s Tourism Commission and first lady of this historic resort city, Madam Cynthia Cindy King Chan; she was with city counselor, Hon.  Queenie Malingin Amman; Taft Properties COO and Vice President, Myra Lynn Gilig; Taft Properties CFO, Feliz Tiukenhoy; and Mr. Justin Gaisano of Taft Properties. 

Philip Rodriguez

To set the event’s mood, AD models Kevin Lahousse and Gingie Alducente acted as newlyweds joining the expo and leading the guests to the exhibitors’ booths.  Yet, the highlight of the event was the glamorous fashion show set in the world’s most visited wedding destinations, as the mannequins of AD models paraded the haute couture creations of Cebu’s A-list fashion designers.

Dexter Alazas

The show was opened by Miss Earth 2008, Karla Henry-Amman, wearing a bridal gown designed by Hanz Coquilla.  Her wedding mood was the historic streets and sceneries of Vigan, Philippines.  Coquilla created a Filipiniana-inspired bridal dress with perfectly constructed butterfly sleeves, exquisitely clean lines, and masterfully crafted bias skirt of balanced cones and flows.  Valerie Alvez showcased a bridal dress made of vintage Chantilly lace.  Alvez proved her skills in manipulating laces to be impeccable; the bow detail at the back added glamour to the dress, exuding luxury to the bride wearing Alvez’s masterpiece.  Wendell Quisido set her wedding theme to the dreamy beaches of Ipanema; and as her model glided on the runway, everyone in the audience dropped their jaws to the intricately detailed bridal dress that Quisido made. Quisido designed a bustier dress with well-balanced panels that wonderfully fitted the model’s figure; but what made Quisido’s dress jaw-dropping are the countless Swarovski crystals that covered the dress.  Dexter Alazas joined the fashion show with a 1920’s inspired wedding dress of vintage tulle and embroidered in the decade’s popular baroque patterns.  Alazas has shown the wonders of working with delicate fabrics and the opulence of vintage embroidery patterns.

Wendell Quisido

Valerie Alvez

The fashions show also brought us to the rich sceneries of Mallorca, Spain with Ren Manabat’s three-tiered wedding dress.  The labor-intensive layers upon layers of soft English tulle made Manabat’s artwork stand out, among others.  Another head turner is a dress that was carefully planned and architecturally constructed, the bridal gown designed by Protacio.  Protacio has obviously studied well which fabrics to use and how each fabric is sewn to the other to create an illusion of nudeness under layers of vintage Italian mesh. The dress was architecturally constructed like the Burj Khalifa where every piece sits perfectly with each other in harmony and balance.  Fashion connoisseur Marichu Tan-Geson created an extremely detailed bodice lined with Swarovski crystals, and a skirt made from layers of dotted soft English tulle.  Tan-Geson’s manipulation techniques on the soft tulle and how she delicately draped every layer of the tulle upon the other is interesting and intriguing.  With a work of art as beautiful as that, I could say that Tan-Geson is the Madame Gres of Cebu fashion.  The show ended with a groom and a bride wearing a 19th century English-inspired wedding ensemble by master couturier, Philip Rodriguez.  Rodriguez has proven once again his artistry and expertise in fashion by creating an empire-waist gown with ruffled sleeves made from dotted Italian mesh of 100% silk and vintage silk taffeta.  Rodriguez presented a truly elegant wedding dress; lesser on the intricacy but more on the richness of the materials being used.  The rarity of Rodriguez’s fabrics already makes his dress worthy to a MET gala exhibition. 

Ren Manabat

Protacio Empaces

Philip Rodriguez

The models wore the timeless and recherche jewelry collections from Royal Gem to match the bridal dresses of the featured designers.  Every jewelry piece is made to complement a woman who loves fashion and whose self-awareness dictates her own style.  From green sapphires to yellow diamonds, every jewelry piece is stunning.  No wonder why socialite and fashion icon, Heart Evangelista, loves and promotes Royal Gem. All models are wearing Shandar bridal footwear.

Philip Rodriguez

Marichu Tan-Geson

Hanz Coquilla

The Grand Wedding Destination Expo at the Events at Soltana will run until the 24th of May 2021 with exciting activities:  a maquillage session with Jessie Glova, a bridal make-up competition and show, a financial literacy session for new couples, a talk on real estate investments, a session  with Rod Bautista and Eddie Jamin from the Centerpiece Weddings and Events about wedding destinations in Cebu and the new norms in wedding celebrations, and a whole lot more of raffle prizes from Plantation Bar Resort and Spa, Solea Mactan Resort, Savoy Hotel Mactan, and others.

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CEBU’S GALLERY OF ROUGE: Mistress of Disinfo, Vixen of Vexation and the Duchess of Disorder

Ogle La La
By Alexandra Fortabat de Hermès

Cebu’s own Lady Whistledown is back after a long hiatus and talks about the naughty ones who comprise the initial #TroubleTrifecta, three ladies who you may or may not know…

It’s been eight years since someone’s picked up this particular (jewel-encrusted) quill so thought it rather apropos to begin sharpening those French-manicured talons and polishing our sardonic wits once again. After all — dear amigas — there is only so much Netflix one can watch, or peloton one can engage in, or caviar-topped foie to prepare, while we’ve all been locked down in our kubôs for well over a year!

To be sure the last twelve months have been a rollercoaster of emotions, a carousel of follies and a series of blunders that have reversed decades of growth resulting in historical levels of unemployment while a very few have been channeling  Winston Churchill’s adage of “never waste a good crisis” a bit too much. While we can go on and on about the bungled and disastrous government response, we will limit our political commentaries here as we have no interest – nor inclination — to open that rather voluminous Pandora’s box. 

The armoires that we will explore will belong to three types of our island’s “alta” sociedad who – in this last revolution around the sun – made us cringe and bust out many tubs of popcorn through their sheer audacity, lack of sensitivity, and overall dopiness.  This –  ladies (and lady wannabes) – is therefore the debut edition of the  #TroubleTrifecta.

The first is that amiga who, by choice or plain predilection, just cannot keep her facts straight.  Let’s call her Mistress of Disinfo coz one simply cannot trust what comes out of her well-lined lips or read from her often convoluted (and run-on) status updates. In this age of ubiquitous and nearly instantaneous information and the proliferation of fake news, the least one can do is check the veracity of what one puts out in the social media realm.  As with anything else, quality is key!

The next Vixen of Vexation is that overbearing arriviste who is desperate to bowdlerize her courtesanal past by plastering her obviously enhanced and Gluta-enabled mug on every surface (and platform) known to modern man.  This self-proclaimed Madame Multiverse is quick to brandish her (dubious) accomplishments, has an affinity for B (or C?) rated actors and milks her closeness to certain members of the Old Guard.   In her perpetual quest for legitimacy and acceptance by the upper echelons, perhaps this Señorita aspirant should heed the advice of  Malcolm Forbes when he declared: “How to Succeed: Try Hard Enough; How to Fail: Try Too Hard.”

Our last Duchess of Disorder is definitely NOT the least in this Gallery of Rouge and has actually been the source of not just consternation but of many a disruption – and not in a good way.  This Soaper Woman is so-called due to her propensity to air out all her filthy lavada to anyone who will listen or bother to read her IG stories. Besides giving any Grammar Nazi a massive coronary, this Fräulein of Fracas has been known to commit acts of arson, has no qualms of engaging in online character assassinations AND seems to have a never-ending bevy of skeletons that are constantly feasting in her many closets. 

Ladies, please!  While we have to admit that we derive a certain guilty pleasure from your virtual explosions and implosions, they do get very prosaic – very quickly.  Discretion, like intelligence and proper manners, truly never goes out of style.

So there you have it folks. These tumultuous times we live in certainly do not need any more brouhaha so  please remember to be precise, don’t try too hard and always maintain a  certain sense of delicadeza. Not only will your lives be simpler and more pleasurable but maybe, just maybe, you may finally crack that clique that you’ve been clawing your way to be a part of.  

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