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According to statistics from the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, one in 13 Filipinas are at risk of having breast cancer. It is the most common type of cancer among women and the Philippines is among the countries with the highest number of cases.

For the ladies of ICanServe Foundation, Inc., an organization that advocates for early breast cancer detection, the disease is not a “death sentence” but rather a “life sentence” which gives them a new outlook in life as faces of hope, and finding strength and love they never knew were there from the very beginning.

Five ladies shared some of their takeaways and life lessons after their own battle with breast cancer. Click the Gallery to read more!

Having survived the “Big C”, the ladies are now strong advocates for breast cancer awareness and a face and voice of hope for those who are currently fighting cancer. For them, there is a silver lining amid the face of adversity and they are testimonies that with the proper self-care, treatment, outlook and support, it can be overcome.

This year, ICanServe celebrates their ten-year partnership with Ayala Center Cebu with a range of activities to mark Pink October.

Join the Pink Zumba sessions every Wednesday and Friday of the month at the ActiveZone by donating a minimum of P50 to ICanServe. Women can also get free breast examination at the Family Lounge on Level 3. To cap off Pink October, the region’s premier lifestyle destination hosted an evening of arts, crafts and music at the Activity Center last October 21.

To know more about The ICanServe Foundation follow @icanserve and @icanservecebulink on Facebook or visit www.icanservefoundation.org.

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