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Life in the city is bustling almost 24/7—jumping from one place to another, getting stuck in traffic, and going to bed at night with the honking, whizzing, and revving of vehicles just right outside your home. It’s a hassle most people don’t ask for, but have to deal with. Give Amoa by AboitizLand a minute or two to show you that ‘life means more’ and one of the most anticipated projects of Cebu’s premier developer might just be the ideal solution to your geographical issues.

The riveting modern Filipino touch to its seven enclaves gives home to would-be residents of Amoa. Nestled close to the mountains and the sea, it promises an affable lifestyle to make way for richer memories within its large portion of open spaces and wide range of modern amenities to choose from. You can never go wrong with spending some time at the basketball court, grand lawn, central park and collective swimming pools to unwind—and these are just a few of many others worth checking out inside the five-star resort-like suburban.

Amoa’s first model home was launched to the public last February 23, giving a glimpse of Ananda, a single-storey unit with a living room that greets you the moment you walk in, as well as a small kitchen, a dining room, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. Two doors—the main door and the back door—are built aslant across each other, allowing fresh air to pass through within the house easily and conjuring a comfy lazy day. For a couple or a small family, Ananda is quite spacious to live in.

“Amoa is for start-up families who value a better way of life,” shares Raffy Potestad, the marketing officer of AboitizLand. “It is basically for families with three to four members who love outdoors and are planning to live in a vibrant, uncrowded area in the north of Cebu Province.”

Surrounded by larger cities such as Cebu, Mandaue, and Lapu-Lapu, Compostela is the perfect location for those who are looking to live in a tranquil and nature-centered
area. If you’re worried about worse traffic conditions, Raffy describes the drive to and from the metropolis to be tolerable, only taking an hour at bare minimum. It’s rest assured that you still get to stay close to establishments even by residing in a
province. Living in Amoa is pretty much like hitting two birds with one stone, as the old saying goes.

Within the premises of the 60-hectare residential community, a broad array of house-and-lot units currently cost P1.6 to P5 million. It is quite an agreeable price to pay in exchange for an exceptional experience in the neighborhood of your dreams.

Canvassing for a new house to relocate to is just as stressful as continuing to live in a crowded environment, but every bead of sweat becomes rewarding when the universe is in your favor and grants you the home beyond your expectations. Add Amoa by AboitizLand to your list, and you will certainly not dwell in disappointment.

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