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Casing Point

Zee Lifestyle and custom mobile case printer InstaCasePH team up to bring you a slew of bright young artists to watch out for by setting their artwork on this generation’s new canvas of choice: the phone case.

Zee Lifestyle and custom mobile case printer InstaCasePH team up to bring you a slew of bright young artists to watch out for by setting their artwork on this generation’s new canvas of choice: the phone case.

63. 917 727 4166, whoiscarlgraham.com, carl@whoiscarlgraham.com

There’s more to typography than just letters, and 21-year old multimedia artist Carl David Graham makes art out of it. From cartooning when he was in elementary school to traditional and illustrative art in high school, he found interest in digital output and fonts when a friend asked him about the difference between Arial and Helvetica.

Now on his senior year of multimedia studies at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Carl identifies as more of a designer than an artist. “I’d choose to draw letters over people, but the occasional figurative painting or drawing always gives me a really great feeling,” he admits. But in truth, he does his best with letters—which come to life as he digitally renders calligraphy or sketches out his versions of fonts on paper. “For lettering, sometimes I’ll use a technical pen or paint.”

Carl’s graphic designs are on his website, showcasing his ability to transform 26 letters into various forms of literal art. His latest project Pancy Letter is a documentary website on Philippine hand-lettering in Metro Manila. “I hope to expand the coverage to the rest of the country and keep adding to the picture bank.” Pancy—a play on how locals say fancy—Letter showcases signage on jeepneys, taxis, pedicabs and ice cream vendors, all of which feature colorful letterings on their “wheels.”

With his design portfolio, Carl hopes to work with international clients and establish his own studio in the future. He also plans to give talks on design. “I’ll make sure that I’m talking about design somehow, even if that means teaching high school students.” He sees himself sticking to commercial design, but also promoting an awareness for typography in his own way. “The letterloving community I’m trying to start, Taypograpiya, will be an organization that people can go to learn about type and meet people who love letters.”

63. 932 697 4485, be.net/dawnviciousdiaries, dawnviciousdiaries@yahoo.com

Chrisley Dawn Durooya, a student of fine arts at the University of San Carlos-Technological Center, discovered her passion for art when she was in first grade. “Throughout my younger years, I would sketch on the back of my notebook and practice drawing when I had free time,” she recalls.

With the rising technology, though, Dawn refined her art with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. “I fell in love with it, sometimes it gets addictive when I start illustrating. Majoring in advertising arts, Dawn hopes to work in Singapore someday before establishing her own advertising agency in Cebu.

Like most artists, one of her prized possessions is a folder where she keeps photos that fascinate her. “I usually sketch or doodle first and ask my friends or teachers for their opinion, just because I’m so fickle sometimes with what I’m working on that I want to do it right,” she shares. “When I have everything in place, that’s when I start to transfer the sketch to Illustrator.”

Despite her youth, Dawn matches her creativity with an entrepreneurial spirit, selling handmade notebooks that feature her illustrations in Origamic—a word she came up with when combining origami and geometric. “It’s doing really well,” she beams.

When asked about her definition of an artist, she says that it is someone who expresses unexplainable emotions through their creative work. “Never lose that special ability, because it’s the only thing that keeps us going.”

63. 917 302 3888, eanissleepy.tumblr.com + cargocollective.com/eandacay, eandacay@gmail.com

Dubbed the Photoshop Guy, Ean Dacay has been playing around with the software since he was in the sixth grade. Although he didn’t have any formal training in fine arts, he liked the idea of creating something visual from his imagination. “As I grew older, I went into photography, but I’ve seen concept artwork or game illustrations that impressed me. I’m only recently trying this style out, and there are so many things for me to learn,” says the 22-year old artist.

For him, art is born with the use of his gadgets—namely a camera and his tablet, before Photoshop comes into the picture. His passion has earned him the “nerdy” title from his friends, but Ean is quick to defend the stereotype and says dating an artist would be cool. “They’re creative in many ways, and can give you meaningful and personalized gifts. Isn’t that sweet?”

Like many, Ean considers the internet a tool in discovering inspiration and uses it to juice up the creative side of his brain. Once inspiration strikes, he uses his imagination and sketching skills to continue on the creative process before transferring his sketches to the computer and render coloring, a task that he admits can be tiring. “Sometimes, I quickly move on to another illustration because coloring takes a while. But when I have to do the details, it’s still challenging but more fun.”

Ean describes his work as fantastical and surreal, and hopes to work in a gaming, movie or production company someday. “Marvel, DC, Pixar, Square Enix, Blizzard, anything from the big names,” he dreams, confident of his own talent. “If I could recreate myself, I would never trade away the artistic skills for something else. Be grateful that you’re artistic in your own way.”

63. 927 224 7051, jade_hoksbergen@yahoo.com

Although her pretty face would make a great subject for portraits, 17-year old Jade Hoksbergen goes for art that goes beyond just physical appearance. With over 80 works of art, Jade Hoksbergen values her artwork so much that she hasn’t sold any of them.

“It’s always been very difficult for me to let go of my paintings, because they mean so much more than what you see at a physical level,” she explains. “They contain so much more emotion, emotions that I’m not I’m ready to let go of just yet, but recently I’ve been considering the option to sell after exhibiting my work in Tymad Bistro.”

Behind the paint brush and the canvas is a beauty from mixed races—“My dad is half French and half Dutch. My mother is Taiwanese, but I have been living here in Cebu for 10 years.” A few years ago, Jade recalls going through a difficult period. “My weak health didn’t allow me to attend school—I couldn’t even stand up anymore. During that time, my parents dedicated most of their time to me.”

At the hospital, a friend who visited brought a copy of Discovering Art: Picasso. The painting Guernica— where the horse represents the people —touched Jade and stirred up her desire to express herself through art. “I started to sketch intensively. I had my sketchbook at hand at all times as I got spontaneous bursts of a need to sketch.” At the time, painting was a necessity for Jade and became a form of release. “My work became an exploration of my own mind, a channeling of emotions onto paper or canvas. It is a portrayal of emotions in angular lines. In every painting, there are different characters, each one is actually an auto-portrait of myself and they had played an important role in my life—both in awareness and the healing process.”

Although she’s interested in commercial design, she considers art a very personal endeavor. “An artist should not alter their style to feel more welcomed by the public eye. Art is supposed to bring an artist in contact with emotions and ideas that are important and meaningful to them.”

  • by Rhea Ruth Rosell
  • creative direction David Jones Cua
  • photography Christine Cueto
  • collated by Kay Busgano


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Rajo Laurel, Amina Aranaz-Alunan, and Bianca King Share Tips on How to Take Better Care of Your Clothes

To help keep your clothes in the best shape, check out these tips from Electrolux FashionCare Ambassador Rajo Laurel, along with the FashionCare Council members Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Bianca King.

Wear it well without wearing it out! That is the fashion philosophy shared by Electrolux, a
leading global appliance company from Sweden, when it comes to clothes. You don’t
need a lot of clothes to look stylish – just give them some TLC, especially when doing
your laundry.

To help keep your clothes in the best shape, check out these tips from Electrolux
FashionCare Ambassador Rajo Laurel, along with the FashionCare Council members
Amina Aranaz-Alunan and Bianca King. From washing to storing, these practical hacks
will help keep your clothes looking new for longer.

Check the Label
Acclaimed fashion designer Rajo Laurel shared that his number one rule when it comes
to caring for clothes is to check the care label, which teaches you everything from the
temperature, the kind of cycle and even instructions on drying, bleaching and ironing.
And if those laundry symbols look like hieroglyphics to you? Executive director and
teacher of SoFA Design Institute, and Creative Director of fashion accessories and bag
label ARANÁZ Amina Aranaz-Alunan’s practical tip: print out a guide that explains the
symbols for laundry instructions.

Caring for White Shirts and Tops
A staple in anyone’s wardrobe, the classic white tee is a great piece to build your
wardrobe around. It’s easy to dress up and down, going from casual to business-chic.
To keep your white shirt looking new, before washing, unbutton your shirt including its
cuffs and collar. Check the label recommendations for care guidelines. Use a laundry
detergent that contains bleach to really make your whites, white.

And if your white shirt or polo gets wrinkled easily, check if your washing machine has a
Steam or Vapour Care setting – this relaxes the fibres and removes odours to bring back
that soft, fresh feel to your white top.

Caring for Colours
Having coloured pieces is a great way to make a look pop but they are also prone to
fading faster than dark or white clothing. To help make sure your coloured garments
don’t lose their vibrance, sort your garments by colour before doing the laundry. Bright
clothes such as purples, reds and oranges can be washed together, so can bright blues
and greens. If a colour stands out on its own, consider washing it alone. Then check the
garment for stains and apply a small amount of liquid detergent to the stain and shake
gently in water. Turn your garments inside out to minimize rubbing of fibres. Choose a
low temperature and avoid hot settings that can cause fading. You can also use a gentle
wash cycle.

Caring for Jeans
Denim is durable but to make them last longer, especially the coloured and printed
denims or anything with a deep indigo wash, you need to give them extra special care.
The key to a long life is to wash at a low temperature and avoid over washing. First off,
be sure to wear your jeans for as long as possible before they are first washed to give
them a comfortable shape and a natural fade. Separate your jeans from white or other
brightly coloured clothes because they might bleed colour. Turn them inside out before
washing as well.

Dealing with Stains
The FashionCare Council members all share that it’s best to deal with stains
immediately. Soak or try to wash them off right away. For food and wine stains, Laurel
shares that he uses salt and soda water on the stains before washing as these help to
lift the stains.

Here are some other helpful tips to remove common stains: For ink stains, blot the
stained area with alcohol using a clean cloth and rinse thoroughly. For coffee stains,
first try using cold water through the back of the stain for 10-15 minutes. If the stain is
not fully removed, use liquid laundry detergent and a little cold water, or try using dish
washing liquid. Gently rub the liquid detergent or dish washing liquid with your thumb to
loosen the stain for about five minutes.

Proper Storage
The FashionCare Council members also shared that storage can play a role in keeping
clothes looking their best. Model and actress, Bianca King advised people to keep their
closets neat so you have a full account of everything you own and to know which items
should be hung or folded (if it’s a knit or weave). And speaking of hanging, Laurel and
Aranz-Alunan both mentioned the importance of using proper hangers – Laurel
mentioned avoiding those without foam defense as they could ruin the shape of clothes.
Another advantage of keeping a closet organized is it could help you plan your wardrobe
– you can rotate your pieces, as shared by Laurel, to help prolong their life.

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This Watch Collection by Seiko Prospex is Perfect for the Adventurous

With several outdoor activities for adventure-seekers, Cebu is never without any options. Take Seiko Prospex’s watches on your next adventure!

With several outdoor activities for adventure-seekers, Cebu is never without any
options. There’s skydiving in Bantayan; snorkeling, canyoneering and scuba diving in
Moalboal; and mountain climbing in Dalaguete, Cebu’s highest peak, to name a few. All
these activities require a quality timepiece that matches one’s active lifestyle.

With this in mind, Seiko Watch Corporation opened the first Prospex Boutique outside
Japan to provide quality outdoor timepieces for sports lovers and thrill-seekers. The
Seiko Prospex Boutique in Cebu is located at Level 2 of Ayala Center Cebu.

Prospex is Seiko’s leading sports watch collection renowned for its high functionality
whether on land, at sea or in the sky, and has won acclaim and the trust of
professionals across the world. It stemmed from Seiko’s introduction of Japan’s first
diver’s watch in 1965 which used innovative technology and changed global standards
in producing timepieces for diving.

Leading the opening of the Prospex Boutique in Cebu last September 27, 2019 were
Timeplus Corporation Vice President and Digital Marketing Officer Edric Dy; Timeplus
Corporation President Karl Dy; SEIKO Watch Corporation Director and Senior Vice
President Yoshikatsu Kawada; and Hana Harada from the SEIKO Prospex
Management Planning Department.

Guests were treated to drinks and cocktails in the exhibit area at Level 1, near Oh
Georg! where select Seiko Prospex timepieces were on display, highlighting the
collection's heritage, features and functions. The event was also graced by mom and
actress, Kaye Abad-Castillo; Cebu City Councilor and former Philippine Basketball
Association player Dondon Hontiveros; and Maria Noella Zosa, a member of the
Philippine freediving team—Seiko’s brand ambassadors who got the first glimpse of the
Prospex timepieces.

“I’m so glad to have opened the second Prospex Boutique here in Cebu because it is a
sacred destination for marine sports lovers,” said Kawada.

The Prospex collection features five unique series: the Sea, Sky, Land, Street and LX,
all of which embody wearability, comfort, the fusion of practicality and aesthetics, as
well as functionality for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

The Sea Series is the ideal timepiece for all types of water activities from swimming to
scuba diving, the Sky Series is designed for pilots and frequent world travellers, and the
Land Series is perfect for trekking and camping. The Street Series is a line of sports
watches for the urban explorer, designed with enhanced durability for everyday use like
exploring, shopping, or running errands in the city.

Seiko Prospex’s latest series, the LX Line, incorporates its Land and Sky models with its
classic 1968 divers watch, and features a spring drive movement in its timepieces,
promising reliability in various sports activities, from diving to mountain climbing.

The Seiko Prospex Boutique in Cebu is the seventh Seiko boutique in the country. An
eighth boutique will open in November 2019 at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Parañaque City.

For more information and updates, follow @seikophilippines on Facebook and
Instagram or view its collections at www.seikowatches.com/ph-en.

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